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No.4 : Anonymous Stalker [09/04/24(Fri)19:53] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

I was plodding through one more hour of homework at my study desk when I heard my sister's playful voice.

"Hey big brother. Whatcha up to?" Julie said as she leaned into my room.

"Killing myself with calculus."

"Calculus? School's almost out for the year! You've got to stop studying so hard Tim-bo, you make me look bad with your straight A-s."

She was on her way up from tanning in the back yard and had on one of her skimpy bikinis. The sight of her petite, sexy frame in that flimsy suit was a welcome break from my studies.

"Besides, I need an opinion on my new tan." She continued as she pulled one side of her bikini top over to show her small, evenly tanned breast. I noted the lack of tan lines. She'd been sun bathing topless as usual. She must have put the top on just to make a show of flashing herself to me.

"Got to think about college Jules, but I'll gladly take a break to check out a sexy body." I said as I eyed her exposed tit.

"Aw, Tim, You really think my body's sexy?" she asked and released the cup of her bikini top which slid back over but caught on her now erect nipple keeping her exposed. She slid her hands down her tummy and hips seductively, stopping to work her fingers under the hem of her bikini bottom and pull it up tight into her slit.

"Hey, who said I was talking about you?"

"Oooh! You are going to get it!" she yelled as she pounced over to my desk and put me in a headlock from behind.

The situation was a bit ridiculous as she was a petite 117 pounds and I was solid 170 from weightlifting. I grasped at her small forearm that was wrapped around my neck in mock attempts to free myself.

"Argh," I gasped "can't ...breathe..." I reached up behind her head and pulled the string that tied her bikini top and pulled it across my shoulder.

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No.5 : Anonymous Stalker [09/04/24(Fri)19:53] [Report] []

"I've never had anyone give so much attention to my tits before" she said, slightly out of breath. She closed her eyes with her head back and massaged one of her breasts, the other hand still stroked the back of my hair. "Steve, would always kind of ignore them and get my panties off right away, I think he thought my tits were too small."

Steve was her ex-boyfriend, an all around asshole. I never knew why she kept him around.

"Well Steve-o never was too bright in my opinion", I said, "although I can hardly blame him for wanting to get into your sweet panties." I said, thinking I may as well go for broke.

Julie smiled coyly at that. Her face slackened after a moment and she regarded me with narrowed eyes, both of us reflecting on this new development between us. I hoped that she wouldn't end the game now. She looked down to the crotch of her bikini, which had worked up into her slit and I followed her gaze.

"And just how would you know my panties are sweet?" she asked as she took one hand from around my neck and slipped it under the top hem of her bikini bottom. I could see the material being pushed out of her slit as she made room for her finger. The hand she brought out was wet, especially her middle finger. The smell of her sex was pungent as she waved it under my nose briefly. She pulled it away from my face and regarded her slimy hand for a moment before she closed her mouth over the girl-juice covered fingers, licking them clean in long smooth motions while looking at me. I almost came right there. Then again, as close as I was, a strong breeze may have done it too.

"Hmm, it doesn't taste sweet," she said smacking her lips, " a little musky maybe." With that she dipped her hand back into her crotch but this time brought it to my lips and I dutifully sucked her fingers clean, savoring the sex-sweat-cum taste of her.

"But I'm being selfish," my sister said smiling, "here you are sucking just about every part of my me and you've just been suffering there all along." She said as her hand went to my bulging crotch. "Did I do that to you big brother? If I caused it I should at least help you take care of it hmmm?" She pushed on my chest and I felt her thighs tense as she stood up. I scooted back from the desk and half stood so she could pull my sweat pants down and off, then settled back into the chair.

"Oooh, I'm flattered" she cooed, looking at my stiff member. I was so hard that it was jerking in time with my heartbeat. She knelt down and brought her mouth almost to the head of my dick then made her mouth form a little "O" and blew on it gently while giving me a look that said 'paybacks are hell'.

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No.6 : Anonymous Stalker [09/04/24(Fri)19:55] [Report] []

"Hey honey, where's your sister?" My mom asked leaning her head into my room as I sat back on my bed, thinking about this afternoon.

My mom and sister looked a lot alike. Mom was a bit heavier but still in great shape for her 37 years. Her shoulder length hair was darker than my sister's short bob-cut sandy blonde was, but both were petite and very pretty with smallish breasts.

"Hi mom, I think I heard her in the shower." I said and was glad I could give an honest answer. Ironically, the biggest regret I had about my encounter with Julie was deceiving mom about it. We were a close family (even before this afternoon) especially since our dad had run out on us after Julie was born.

Mom didn't talk about that early part of her life much. We deduced from family gossip and from doing the math with regard to my birthday and our parents wedding day that their's had been a marriage of convenience after she got pregnant with me at a young age. Beyond that, we just knew that dad left her when he found out that Julie was on the way.

"So what did you two do today while I was shopping with your Aunt Megan?" she asked with a half smile on her lips. The way she said it almost had me thinking she knew what we did, then I quickly dismissed the thought; no way would she be this calm about it.

Well mom, I sucked Julie's beautiful tits until she came, then she blew me and I shot my load in her mouth. Did I mention she swallowed every drop? "Well I got the front yard mowed and did some studying." I answered again truthfully albeit partially. Julie saved me from any more questions though as her voice came from the hall.

"Hi mom," My sister said as she suddenly appeared in my doorway for the second time today. She had on her bathrobe and her hair hung over her forehead in half-dried strings. She approached mom from the side and leaned in to kiss her cheek. Mom pushed her soft cheek out to accept her daughter's lips - the same ones that had been wrapped around my dick only a few minutes before; I couldn't help but note. Julie's mouth came away with a smack and I saw she left moisture on mom's face.

"Ooops!" Julie said as she wiped the excess from mom's cheek. "That was a wet one, sorry mom!"

"That's ok dear," she said smiling as she brought her hand to the spot where Julie kissed her, "we're family."

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No.7 : Anonymous Stalker [09/04/24(Fri)19:55] [Report] []

"Uh, mom?" I began, as Julie and I approached our mom seated on the couch in her nightshirt. We stopped at the edge of the pit framed by the couch and two loveseats on either end.

We had sat stunned and naked on my bed for what seemed forever, then Julie left to get dressed.

I went to Julie's room after I pulled on a T-shirt and jeans and she started to apologize but I stopped her as I raised my hand. After all, it 'takes two to tango' as they say, and I told her as much.

Neither of us talked about mom's bizarre, calm demeanor after she discovered us. We sat in my sister's room and listened until the water pipes in the house went silent and we heard mom walk down the stairs. Then we started down to find out the conclusion of this Twilight Zone episode.

"Oh, hi kids. Did you order the pizza?"

"Uh....I guess I forgot..." I managed, and mom smiled, leaning her head back slightly.

"That's ok, I actually ordered it myself after I thought about it. I figured you two would be pre-occupied."

I began to really worry about mom then, thinking she really lost it after discovering us like that.

"Ok, I'll stop being coy, I know you two are wondering why I'm not angry or surprised."

Julie and I fidgeted in sort of non-committal body language, as if to say 'maybe the thought crossed our minds'.

Mom patted the empty cushions on either side of her and we dutifully took our places as she spoke.

"Actually, I was a bit surprised when I came home from shopping and found your sister kneeling between your legs."

So she had seen us there after all. I mentally rolled my eyes and wondered if this was maybe a good time to tell her that I took two dollars from her purse when I was six, but shit, maybe she knew that too. I scanned Julie's face for a reaction to mom's revelation but my sister was maintaining a poker face.

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No.2 : Anonymous Stalker [09/03/15(Sun)13:07] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Loved it last night. Been wanting to have sex with my real dad for a long time and gets jealous when he brings his ladies home to fuck, moan and grunt while I listen to him in my room. My dad is 49y very hot, white muscular, hairy chest. Dad came home drunk last night after a night of drinking with his buddies. He went to his room and collapsed on his bed. I looked over and saw him naked with a huge hard on. I was turned on immediately. I went over and started playing with his cock, stroking and sucking it, sucking his balls and cock. I got naked and started riding his cock. It was a huge 9" and very thick. His cock filled me up completely. I rode until his woke up a little. He turned me over, I had one leg over his shoulder, his hairy chest pressing again my breasts and started pounding me deep and hard while kissing me and several positions after that. He came deep and hard inside me, what felt like 5-6 full, hard squirts and a series of softer ones, shooting his fertile sperm deep in me. I think he had a week's load in him. He collapsed and slept again. This time, I was on top of him, with his arms around me and cock still inside me, trapping his seed inside me with nowhere to go but deeper inside.. I slept on top of him for a while before sneaking back to my room before sunrise. I don't think dad knew what happened. He was too drunk. It felt so good having been fucked an bred by dad. I'd like to hear from you if you have incest experiences. It felt so wrong and yet so good and right at the same time.

No.1 : Anonymous Stalker [09/03/13(Fri)16:09] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

We met at a cafe in Berkeley called the French Hotel. She was quietly experimenting with chords on the old upright piano by the bar, interesting, dissonant chords that reminded me of McCoy Tyner, stacked thirds and such. I was seated at a small table in the back with my 17" MacBook Pro, downloading, as fate would have it, some late-fifties Coltrane, and as a joke I fired up Sebelius and started mimicking some of the chords she was playing. She smiled at me, and prestissimo, thanks to my Mac the ice was broken. We ended up spending the afternoon together, then agreed to meet again the next day. Long story short, she invited me back to her apartment. She asked me if she could 'explore' my Mac, she promised to be real careful. Would I be willing to give her a 'tutorial' ? Of course, I said. We ended up lying on our stomachs on her bed (actually it was tatami mats with really comfortable quilts and pillows) and I guided her through the eye candy and other nifty features until she suddenly giggled and said, ''wow, I grok this, this is like so totally liberating...'

Then she was off on her own, creating wildly with a sense of liberating exhileration that only the Mac cognoscenti can truly understand. While she was exploring new chord forms and creating remarkable drum loops in Garage Band, I lifted the hem of her skirt and gently touched the back of her thigh with my fingertips. She sighed and lifted her rump, exposing violet underpants. Parting her legs, I couldn't fail to notice the dark wet spot in the center of the bandeau of her panties. While she continued to type, email, and surf the net, I tugged at the waistband of her underpants until her buttocks were bare. She sighed again as I parted her cheeks and lowered my face into her treasure trove. The heat of her anus radiated bliss and I kissed, then moistened her opening with my tongue until she groaned and began to grind herself against my face. Moments later, my cock was pressed into her crack and she cried out as my glans pressed against, and then past, her sphinctre. By now she had figured out how to use iTunes and was browsing my library, emitting astonished gasps of recognition at my unusual and admittedly elitist tastes. She lingered over a rare recording of Scriabine's Opus 32 in G as I began to thrust leisurely, my cock deep in her rectum. There was no need to rush, the music inspired our rhythms, and although it was difficult, I didn't come until she had had three shuddering anal climaxes, her fingers clawing at the bedlinens until I emptied myself deep inside her, somewhere behind her solar plexus. Then she kissed me and her mouth and tongue and breath tasted of coffee. The MacBook Pro whispered a Bach Cantata as she tripped off to the small bathroom and sat on the toilet with the door open, smiling radiantly as I listened to J.S. and the staccato music of her spermy farts.


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