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No.107 : Anonymous [10/11/26(Fri)10:18] [SNAP]

One time I was walking along my street. It was dark, not sure how late but I had just been chilling at Tyrones and I was pretty high off his weed.

Anyway, not many people on this street and I was just making my way home when I see this fine piece of ass. Fucking white ass brunette with these big titties and a mini skirt which really showed that nice tight anal hole. I just wanted to pinch it and grab those big ol' titties.

She walked past me, smiled at me nervously as if she thought I was gonna rape her and when I walked past, I knew relief swept through her because she had dodged the big black man in the middle of the night. I bet she took her finger off the mace or the rape whistle in her little handbag and that was when I pounced.

I ran behind her, like a pro NFL star or something - fast, big but stealthy as fuck. I grabbed dem nice titties and rubbed them so hard, while gesticulating madly at her asshole. She squealed but I knew she was loving it. I felt up her skirt and her panties were drenched.

I asked if she wanted to come back to my place. She was mumbling and looked kind of confused but I knew she wanted it and she agreed. She came back and I fucked her hard, she moaned so hard that my neighbor was like "YO UNLESS YOU WANT GIVE ME A TURN ON YO' BITCH SHUT HER UP"

So, anyway. I guess what I'm saying is, go for it OP.

No.109 : Anonymous [10/11/29(Mon)03:56] []

very touching story...


None right now!

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