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No.117 : Anonymous [11/11/12(Sat)03:21] [SNAP]

I like to think of gender confused people as weak.

The change seems to occur most in people between the age of 8 and 20, when the human body is most into it's stage of growth, when hormones are surging and the mind is most unstable.

The desire to switch gender usually comes from the idea that the grass is greener on the other side, for the majority it is that they wish to become a woman, so they never have to grow up, so that they can remain childish and mothered by other people - so that they never have to go through adulthood. Lazy, selfish. I find most traps are incredibly narcissistic too, victims of their own complex now that they have designed, in a way, their dream girl, having given up looking for her, they become her, then wear her like a corpse over their real identity, and act as her, fooling others.

Having others see you as what you want is manipulation, it does not matter how you put it, and traps are sly, damaged people who live through manipulation of themselves and their surroundings.

Even on the Internet they try their best to be feminine through their misguided view of women (":3" spam, etc).

You are a failed male.

You will not escape this in the eyes of people who don't sympathize with your immaturity and failure

No.145 : Anonymous [13/01/08(Tue)00:53] []

You are shaped entirely by a society in its infancy; and the social boundaries that come with it.
You are emotionally stunted, and carry out all activities with the sole ambition of pleasing and garnering acceptance of others.
Your only goals are to attain trophies of virility; in what is an ultimately feeble attempt at life after death. You will die, they will die, you will have meant nothing, and you will have experienced only what others found fit for someone of your status.

No.158 : Anonymous [13/12/12(Thu)20:07] []

this is the voice i had in my head which made me wait until i was 23 and had accomplished a "fullfilling" male life.

If it wasnt for this kind of thinking i probably would have been through all this terror by now and on towards living a real life


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