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No.13 : Anonymous Stalker [09/04/24(Fri)19:59]

Me ,my older sister and her boyfriend went on a summer trip on a island ,i didnt knew why she took me with her (also i hate her boyfriend he is a wigger) but i went just for the fun
3 days of boredom passed until the 4th day came....

I wake up and my sis had sent her boyfriend to the market to buy food ,drinks and stuff so it was just me and her.

I didnt even imagine what could follow......
i went to the toilet to take my morning piss and heard her steps behind me ,i said "coming out in a momment" and she replyed : "You dont have too"
just before i could say "Wha-" she was in front of my kissing me and jerking my cock ,i was totaly socked, she said to me that anything that will hapend now will not be told to anyone....
she took me a 10 minute blowjob....i couldnt believe that the first girl i cummed on was my sis....
she took me to her room when we got naked and had sex ,i wanted to wear a condom but she said but its better without it.....
after 20 minutes of sis-fucking i asked her why she did this
she only replied "I just cant stand the fact that you are a 17 years old virgin"

i'll never forget her......she died 2 years ago at the age of 25

why am i crying?


None right now!

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