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No.148 : Anonymous [13/05/23(Thu)10:43] [SNAP]

Article directly mentions "Mother and son had a stormy relationship" and "Mr Crooks added that the mother and son would fight often".

In plain English- woman was being a typical man-hating feminist bitch to her own son, and so the son naturally started to hate her.

How's that misandry working out for you ladies? How's it feel when you turn an innocent young boy into a rage-filled person because of your constant abuse and hatred towards him?

Imagine how badly his mother must have treated him for the young boy to snap and kill his own mother like this. Looks like being a man-hating bitch didn't work out too well for her.

This is a glimpse of the coming hyper-violent society. You women have created entire generations of rage-filled and angry young men, and they are a product of YOUR man-hatred and abuse.

Funny how the article blames the boy, who was ONLY 13 fucking years old, but NEVER places any responsibility onto the mother. It's because in America, women are NEVER held accountable for their own actions. Even if a woman kills her own children, she will probably not face jail time.

When the hell are you women going to GROW THE FUCK UP and start taking responsibility for your own actions? You raised your child wrong, it's YOUR FUCKING FAULT, not the fault of society or video games or whatever.

Anyway, this poor boy was just a product of feminism, feminism brainwashed women into hating men, and women are such pathetic cowards, they take out their man-hatred on young defenseless boys. Then when the young boys who have been so badly abused and hated on by women and even their own mothers grows up and does something like this? Of course, it's NOT the mother's fault. No, women are saints, it couldn't possibly be the result of the mother's feminist man-hatred and abuse towards her son.

And notice in the comments section. Women are saying "That boy is evil, that boy is sick". NOT ONE SINGLE WOMAN criticized the mother or held her accountable.

Once the generations of young men who have been abused and hated on their whole lives by women grow up? What kind of society do you think they will create? Here's a hint. They will offer NO PROTECTION to women. In the near future, society is going to become so hyper-violent that women will be getting raped or beaten in the streets, and NO MEN will come to help them. Not even the police. And you women CREATED this hyper-violent society by hating on the young boys.

Have fun living in the hyper violent society, ladies.


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