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No.164 : Anonymous [2014-05-03 19:23] [SNAP]

I was turning 18 the next day. A gay friend who had just graduated lived near me and he asked to suck my dick. He was really horny and I was the only dude around. Eventually he talked me into it.

So he picked me up and we go to his house. He gets started right away. I'm not prepared for this. Only had one bj before and that was like 2 years before that. I wasn't getting hard at all, despite it feeling amazing. It just felt awkward. So he got really frustrated and ripped my pants away from me, then a bit after forced me to sit down and such. I got a half chub, I was really trying for this guy. It ended in disappointment and he took the change that fell out of my pants when he took them off saying I owed him that. I was like, "Whatever, I don't like coins anyway."


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