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No.166 : Anonymous [2014-05-13 16:55] [Report] [SNAP]
>I was seven, visiting my dad in Vegas for the summer
>he asks a local girl (13) to babysit me whilst he and his stripper gf go out for dinner
>she shows up in roller skates, drunk off her ass
>he shrugs, they take off
>she proceeds to drink all the booze in the place, and knowing my dad that was a lot.
>she pees her pants and spends the rest of the night in her panties
>she pulls out a joint and blazes up while we watch a Meatloaf concert on TV
>round midnight I go to bed, she crawls in with me.
>She spoons me and tells me how she gave my dad some head for a joint once. I have no idea what she's talking about.
>Dad comes home, finds us in bed, empty bottles and piss all around.
>Tells her to go home, whips ME with his belt.
>good times
No.167 : Anonymous [2014-05-13 16:55] [Report] []
> be about 10
>supposed to go somewhere, don't remember what the occasion was
>mom is telling me and my brother and sister to take a shower and change clothes before we go
>ok mom, we'll shower one by one and not take too long, like you you've always told us to
>tears our clothes off
>grabs us and throws us in there
>couldn't get me in there, because fatass and too heavy to move
>we don't know what the fuck is going on. we're scared as shit and crying
>brother and sister are in the shower trying to cover themselves up because embarrassed
>im on the floor trying to cover my fatrolls because super selfconscious
>mom sprays us with scalding hot water for about a minute, then drops the shower head and leaves
>bro and sis run upstairs and get dressed
>im still crying on the floor
>finally get up, shower a bit and get dressed
>never talk about it again
No.168 : Anonymous [2014-05-13 16:56] [Report] []
>be 10/11 years old
>at school and need piss
>go to toilet and 3 younger kids are all at urinal
>all have pants and underwear at their ankles
>tell them youredoingitwrong.jpg
>i use it correctly and theyre staring at my dick
>got hard and looked at theirs
>all of them hard too
>leave before anything happens
>missed opportunity?
No.169 : Anonymous [2014-05-13 16:57] [Report] []
>Christmas Time!!
>playing hide and seek with cousins
>hide in closet
>cousin comes into closet with me, few years older
>completely dark
>wtf this is MY hiding spot, nigger
>why are you not leaving...?
>why are you kissing me
>my first kiss
>what is this
>wet, weird
>why are you putting your hand in my shirt?
>don't even have tits to grab..

A few years later...I don't know whta the fuck possessed me..but I fucking asked that same cousin to "play that game" with me again....he did not know what to do.

No.170 : Anonymous [2014-05-13 17:11] [Report] []
>be 8-10 i dont remember
>go to house of girl from girl scouts not really friends but at that age who cares
>hanging in her room until her parents call us for dinner
>"hey anon have you ever rubbed here" points to vag
>"no" totally innocent i dont know shit about sex
>"it feels good when someone else does it"
>spend the rest of the time till dinner fingering each other through our panties
>now im bisexual
No.171 : Anonymous [2014-05-13 17:16] [Report] []
>be me
>be 7 or 10, can't remember
>sometime around christmas
>setting up the tree n' shit because mom asked
>have idea
>run to room, get thing, run back
>insert magnet into prongs of plug
>outlet explodes, ash or some shit everywhere
>shocked and silent for about 20 seconds
>mom: anon, are you okay?
>burst into tears and shit
>outlet was never cleaned as a reminder for me

and that's how I electrocuted myself

No.172 : Anonymous [2014-05-13 17:22] [Report] []
>be 13ish
>have bro, 7ish
>have boy cousin, 11ish
>have girl cousin, 7ish
>at their house
>parents, aunt, and uncle leave
>I'm babysitting
>playing with older cousin
>decide to hide in his sister's room so we can scare her when she comes in
>under bed
>door opens
>bro and cousin come in
>gotta wait till they know they're alone in the room
>they get on bed
>clothes start falling on the floor
>hear moaning
>get out from under the bed
>they're shocked and embarrassed
>they think they're in trouble
>tell them that it's OK as long as we get to play too
>they agree
>older cousin looks at me weird but goes along
>every one gets naked
>start dry humping younger cousin
>tell older cousin that he needs to play like my bro's a girl
>doesn't want to homosex
>tell him that bro-sis wincest to fucked up
>tell him he needs to homosex my bro for things to be fair
>he finally goes along
>get hard
>start fucking the younger cousin
>tell older cousin he needs to actually stick it in my bro's butt
>he does
>both start crying
>cum with the force of a thousand suns
>first time cumming
>decide it's time to swap
>tell bro to fuck younger cousin
>start rubbing my dick on my older cousin's butt
>get hard again
>start barebacking him
>nut again
>not as strong or enjoyable as the first
>decide to only fuck girls from then on
>both bro and older cousin grow up to be gay subs
No.173 : Anonymous [2014-05-13 17:24] [Report] []
>Be around 10
>Friend is 10 too or so
>After school one day, go to his house
>His dad isnt home, nobody is
>We go upstairs, talk for a bit, can feel some sorta tension
>He asks me if I want to be his girlfriend
>Im a guy
>Tells me to strip naked
>He does the same
>We lay in his bed
>He places himself on top of me, griding his dick against mine
>We both moan until we get some sorta feeling that we cum I guess, no sperm came out
>We continue this in all kinda places
>We do it from 10 to 13 or so
>He moves
>Fast forward to now
>He has facebook, he is 100% gay
>Tfw he turned me into a sissy faggot
No.174 : Anonymous [2014-05-13 17:24] [Report] []
>Be 4yo. Very early memory here.
>Have a regular babysitting.
>Parents leave. Just me and 1yo sister with the babysitter.
>She sits down on the floor, lifts dress, takes panties off.
>Spreads herself open with full view of hairy pussy.
>Wants me to touch her and play a special game.
>I don't think the game is very fun so I don't want to.
>I think I touch her once and decide it's not very nice. I walk away to do some stupid kid shit instead.
>Lesson learned at an early age that vaginas can be voracious and hungry. All the stuff about women being chaste and not liking sex I saw in the media had to be false. Women are beasts for sexual satisfaction.
>20 years later I talk with my mother about babysitting arrangements when I was younger. The girl who I thought was an incredibly mature adult was in grade 8 and can't have been more than 14.
>Mind is blown.
>Am now suspicious about 13 and 14yo girls being left with male children.
No.175 : Anonymous [2014-05-13 17:28] [Report] []
> be 8
> At friends house, her parents are having a massive fight.
> too scared to out there but need to pee
> Her mother bursts in, tells my friend to hide under her bed and not come out, tells me to leave.
> I leave and begin walking home, still need to pee super bad
> Get around the corner, cant hold it any longer and piss myself.
> Want to just go back to friends house but im too scared, decide to just walk home like this.
> Piss is super gross and kinda making down there sting.
> Finally decide to go into a house after trying to just walk it home.
>Ring doorbell, a really fat, sweaty woman answers the door, has food stains everywhere.
> Tell her how I've had an accedent.
> She tells me to come inside, hurries me to the bathroom and insists I have a shower.
> Have shower
> Mid shower she comes in to give me a towel
> I'm pretty freaked out, finish shower, hop out, theres only a towel and shes taken my clothes.
> Wrap towel around myself and come out, shes there waiting and breathing heavily.
>She takes me into her room, opens her wardrobe, all different kinds of school uniforms in there.
> She makes me wear a high school uniform, gives me a bag with my clothes in it and sets me off on my way home.
> Get home, have to explain what happened to mother.
No.176 : Anonymous [2014-05-13 17:33] [Report] []
>be 15
>go over to friend's house
>his mom offers to take me home instead of having my parents pick me up
>she's driving me home
>asks if i have a girlfriend
>say no
>acts shocked
>says i shouldn't have a problem finding a girlfriend
>says she's too old and ugly to find a boyfriend
>say that's impossible
>asks what i mean
>say "all my friends thinks you're the hottest mom"
>get all embarrassed
>don't be embarrassed, that's a sweet thing to say. I'm flattered really
>she pulls into a random, empty parking lot and turns off the engine
>asks me if i really think she's the hottest mom
>gulp and say yes
>she leans over to me and says "prove it"
>she kisses me
>we make out
>she climbs over and gets on top of me
>starts taking our clothes off
>she starts fucking me
>oh shit this is awesome.jpg
>nut inside her
>oh shit!
>she says not to worry about it
>we fuck off and on until i move away for college
No.177 : Anonymous [2014-05-13 17:36] [Report] []
>be 9/10
>have friend 2 years younger
>neighbor has daughter around 5 or 6
>friend and I used to tell neighbor girl to lift her skirt and show us her panties and we will show her our tighty whiteys.
>one day she no wear anything underneath (as a the father of a little girl i now know that it's to let it "air out" sometimes)
>friend starts yelling "EWWWWW SHE HAS NO PENIS"
>thought it was interesting and tried diddling it.
>Fast forward a year, friend moved away cried many days for that. Girl and I become close friends
>Touching escalates into only doing "movements" that felt good, decides wat if i lick.
>discover 69, didn't know it at the time.
>still friends today, and still pleasure each other. She didn't want to have sex though, said it'll be weird. So i just drug and fuck her every now and then.
No.178 : Anonymous [2014-05-13 17:38] [Report] []
>be 4ish
>mom runs an in-home daycare/preschool
>takes one girl in exchange for her mom teaching me piano
>she stays later than the other kids
>mom lets us play on our own
>go into storage room
>eventually start playing doctor
>by the time I went into kindergarten I knew what a (loli) pussy looked like from memory
>dad builds a playhouse in the back yard
>all the neighbour kids my age are girls
>they all come to my playhouse
>they take turns being the mom and kids
>the "mom" and I get naked in the playhouse
>lay on top of each other
>get bored then say she's preg
>get dressed
>shove a doll up her shirt
>play a bit
>the "mom" goes into labor
>go back into playhouse
>this time with the "kid"
>take the "mom's" pants off
>squats down
>the "kid" crawls through the "mom's" legs and is born
>get dressed
>go play some more
>goes on till the wincest incident
>during this time I realise the dick goes in on of the holes
>at first try putting it in her pee hole
>doesn't work for some (then) unknown reason
>understand that shit comes out of the back hole
>try the middle hole
>great advances in the field of biology were made that day
>after the wincest incident I start fucking the neighbour girls both individually and while others watch
>eventually convince the watchers to eat each other out
>go to college
>lose track of the neighbour girls
>can't get a gf bc no idea how to go from just met to "let's get naked and fuck"
No.179 : Anonymous [2014-05-13 19:11] [Report] []
>Be 7 years old.
>Nanny has phat ass.
>I like to jump on her back when she doesn't see me and ride her like Arabians ride camels
>Be innocent child looking for fun
>Nanny be standing by stairs sweeping.
>Decide to surprise her like always.
>Jump on her back, but she buckles now.
>mfw oh shit!
>Fall down long flight of stairs to land hard on living room bare floor.
>Pass out.
>Nanny leaves me there, gushing blood from my skull, unconscious, until parents get back.
>Never seen mom so mad at someone before.
>mfw I now have a permanent scar on the side of my head.


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