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No.184 : Anonymous [2014-06-03 10:57] [SNAP]

who else enjoys ice sammies ? my granpa usd toeat them back in the war days in ww2

he's now 86 and we eat them 2gether on the front porch

who else eats ice sammies

No.185 : Anonymous [2014-06-03 10:57] []
>OP is retarded
>hears grandpa reminisce about ice cream sandwiches delivered to the front by USO
>TARDS OUT, screams for 'ice sandwiches
>Now whenever his grandson flips his lid, grabs ice and wonderbread, heads to the porch
>Feels awful as his grandtard full on cracks iceaagainst his teeth, laughing and kicking his legs
>I'm going to die soon
>Everything I fought for means nothing
>At one point, America had so much promise


None right now!

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