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No.2 : Anonymous Stalker [09/03/15(Sun)13:07] [Report] [SNAP]

Loved it last night. Been wanting to have sex with my real dad for a long time and gets jealous when he brings his ladies home to fuck, moan and grunt while I listen to him in my room. My dad is 49y very hot, white muscular, hairy chest. Dad came home drunk last night after a night of drinking with his buddies. He went to his room and collapsed on his bed. I looked over and saw him naked with a huge hard on. I was turned on immediately. I went over and started playing with his cock, stroking and sucking it, sucking his balls and cock. I got naked and started riding his cock. It was a huge 9" and very thick. His cock filled me up completely. I rode until his woke up a little. He turned me over, I had one leg over his shoulder, his hairy chest pressing again my breasts and started pounding me deep and hard while kissing me and several positions after that. He came deep and hard inside me, what felt like 5-6 full, hard squirts and a series of softer ones, shooting his fertile sperm deep in me. I think he had a week's load in him. He collapsed and slept again. This time, I was on top of him, with his arms around me and cock still inside me, trapping his seed inside me with nowhere to go but deeper inside.. I slept on top of him for a while before sneaking back to my room before sunrise. I don't think dad knew what happened. He was too drunk. It felt so good having been fucked an bred by dad. I'd like to hear from you if you have incest experiences. It felt so wrong and yet so good and right at the same time.


None right now!

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