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No.202 : Anonymous [2015-06-04 08:12]

In the last year I’ve occasionally seen posts or photos that have been taken regarding the reaction to school dress codes, but they’ve become much more frequent in the last few months.

High schools across the nation are under fire over their dress codes, and frankly I’m really fucking tired of it. I get that social justice extremists have no concept of common sense, decency, professionalism, or ethical standards; but I’ve read the arguments, and they’re all cop outs.

I read one article today with the headline “High School Crop-Top Dress Codes Send the Message That School Is for Boys”. Yes, because crop-tops, short skirts, and other scantily clad articles of clothing are the only things not banned from most school dress codes, right?

Here is a list of other items that are included in most high school dress codes
No sagging pants
No hats, caps, or sunglasses
No coats between 1st and 7th periods
Boys must tuck in their shirts
Shoes to be worn at all times
No chain wallets
No studded jackets
No clothing with inappropriate suggestive language on it
No dying hair unnatural colors

Do you know why these dress codes are put in place? For one, because it teaches and enforces a professional code of conduct. Secondly, because these things are typically a distraction of some sort, and are otherwise unnecessary.

Interestingly, though, these people who gripe about the dress code have nothing to say about any of these other things. I’m sure they would say more about their dyed blue hair, if it could have some sort of rape culture message attached to it for good measure and be considered legitimate because of it.

I’m over this “weather appropriate” argument when it comes to crop-tops and skimpy shorts. You don’t need to wear excessively revealing clothing to stay cool in the summer, especially when your school is air conditioned. It’s not like boys are allowed to walk around school without a shirt on, or shorts so short you can see their balls hanging out.

I’m even more over this “stop sexualizing me” argument. It’s the ultimate cop out from these spoiled brats. No one is “sexualizing you” any more than you are already sexualizing yourself. You’re wearing shorts that your ass hangs out of because you want people to notice it. There’s no reason to not concede this is an attention seeking piece of wardrobe. Doing so is a cop out. I don’t give a shit what you say about it. It’s an excuse to do whatever the fuck it is you want without anyone being able to say otherwise.

I get that teenagers think they know everything, but we’re talking about kids who are combatting responsible adults as being pedophiles, and perpetuating rape culture. You don’t go to school to make the rules and do whatever you want to do. You go there to learn. If your wardrobe is considered a distraction, then you go home and change it. The ability for others to learn should not be impeded just because you think you have a set of special clothing rights in high school.

Try going to your non-Hooters, non-porn job wearing a crop top and short shorts, and see how fast they send you home. Go ahead and cry that sexualizing cop out to your employer in response. See how fast you lose your job because you think you’re owed some right to dress how you want to, and people just have to deal with it.

Your attitude sucks, and you have zero class. I don’t expect teenagers to have good amounts of either one - but I also did not expect to actually see any outlets taking this garbage seriously and turning it into a legitimate talking point.


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