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No.204 : Anonymous [2015-07-31 15:35]
>/b/ would fuck a furry feminist
>/b/ would fuck a fat feminist
>/b/ would fuck your sister
>/b/ would fuck your mom
>/b/ would fuck your grandmother
>/b/ would fuck you
>/b/ would fuck your grandpa
>/b/ would fuck your grandpa using lemons as a condom
>/b/ would fuck your aunt Jessie with the squint
>/b/ would dig up the corpse of your dead uncle and fuck that
>/b/ would fuck your ex-girlfriend
>/b/ would fuck your current girlfriend
>/b/ would fuck you up the ass with a strap-on the size of your ego
>/b/ wants to know why the fuck you keep asking it if it would fuck something when you already know the fucking answer
>/b/ would fuck your dog
>/b/ would fuck your house
>/b/ would fuck a donkey
>/b/ would fuck a squirrel
>/b/ would fuck the hole in a tree trunk
>/b/ would fuck a horse, a midget, a goat, twin lesbian sisters, and Joan Rivers without her makeup on a liferaft while playing Moon River on a badly tuned ukulele
>/b/ would fuck the sidewalk
>/b/ would fuck an electric eel on its period
>/b/ would fuck a dead kitten
>/b/ would fuck a lactating shark
>/b/ would fuck an octopus
>/b/ would fuck mud if it thought it would wiggle
>/b/ would fuck anything it can see, think, or imagine
>/b/ would fuck you, rip out your eyeballs and nose, then skull-fuck you while reciting Exodus while eating chocolate-covered deep-fried bacon to the tune of Rebecca Black's Friday
>/b/ would fuck anything
>/b/ is tired of hearing you wonder if its standards have somehow magically improved in the last five minutes, five hours, five days, five weeks, or five years
>/b/ s most of all tired of you using an excuse to dump pictures of some chick that you like in order to get communal approval of your horndogginess

She is substantially less objectionable to half the shit /b/ would fuck given the chance.

Are you happy now, OP?
/b/ would fuck a drunk camel if it pushed back



None right now!

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