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No.21 : Anonymous Stalker [09/05/10(Sun)07:43] [SNAP]

Hey losers

My name is Skyler, but everyone calls me Alphabet because i'm the ALPHA male and you can BET on it. My boys sent me the link to this messageboard. They told me it was full of fat pale basement dwelling neckbeards OCD Asians and pathetic gay virgins. Wow they weren't kidding. I haven't seen this level of homosexuality since my broseph Vince got totally zonked on X and mouthkissed Zane. Of course you fags do this shit ON PURPOSE You chumps make me sick hanging out on your nerd website all day jerking off to fat chicks making your gay little posts and dressing up like faggots and ejaculating to tranny porn.

Dude you guys would probably cut your own dicks off to be able to observe my life for one day much less live it. I am buff tuff and ruff broski! My body is tanned and chiseled because I use PROTEIN and go to the GYM. You worthless excuses for men don't know how that works. Try not to suck your protein supplements out of a dude's cock. Even if the dude's name is Mark.

Lets face it the chicks can't resist my bangin guns. When I walk up into the club the bitches can't wait for the Alphabet to wrap his pimp mitts around their titties. I have a .312 batting average not that you fags even know what that means and can drink all of your children under the table.You losers need to get a fucking life.


None right now!

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