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No.215 : Anonymous [2016-12-28 12:06]

I would like to share my holiday story with you. Two years ago, I became violently ill and was diagnosed with heart failure. I was informed that I would require a heart transplant from a compatible donor or I would slowly die. After a long wait on the donor list, I was notified just a few days before Christmas that a donor was found and that it was my time to receive a transplant that would save my life. You can only imagine my joy, that I could live on as a result of this surgery. I met with the doctors to discuss the transplant and was excited to receive a new heart.
However, my joy quickly turned to sorrow as I learned the details of the transplant and the donor. On moral grounds, I could not accept the heart, and I had to decline while thanking the doctors for their time. It is unlikely that I will get another opportunity to receive a transplant, but it was the right decision to make. I am a black man, and I learned that the donor was white. Accepting the transplant would put a white heart, white DNA, and part of a white man inside of me. This would contaminate my blackness and make me partially white, something I could not accept.
My ancestors were forced into slave boats in Africa by white men. Those white men sold them to the highest bidder, another white man. Those white men beat and tortured my ancestors, treating them as less than inferior. Even after the slaves were freed, white men sought to continue the oppression. White people are clearly less than human, otherwise they could not treat other human beings in that manner. As a matter of principle, in preserving my racial purity and humanity, I could not accept a donation from a white man. It would contaminate me with subhuman DNA and make part of me much less than human, something I could not live with. Faced with destroying my racial purity or facing death, I proudly chose to decline the transplant. It is sad knowing that my chance at a heart transplant is gone, but I am grateful to have preserved my racial purity.
Thank you for reading. I trust that all of you will know and understand that I made the right decision. At least I have the joy, this holiday season, of knowing that I will die with my racial purity intact.


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