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No.218 : Anonymous [2017-04-24 23:08]
>Children's Lemonade Stand Robbed
>has to be niggers
>check article
>it's a nigger
>google 'lemonade stand robbery'
>find numerous different instances of lemonade stands being robbed
>find stories about girl scouts being robbed while selling cookies
No.219 : Anonymous [2017-04-24 23:11] []
>uses "muh dick" because he has literally nothing else
>no accomplishments, no history, no geniuses, just "muh dick"
>because people who brag about the size of their dicks on the internet surely aren't insecure
>oh wait, actual medical data shows that blacks in Africa have dicks that average around 4.5"
>blacks in America have the biggest dicks of all blacks... and an average of 20% white ancestry
>American blacks average 6.2"
>American whites average 6.0"
>niggers claim "muh dick" while having less than a quarter inch more on average
>meanwhile, data from dating sites shows that whites, asians, arabs, hispanics, and EVEN OTHER BLACKS all rate blacks at the very bottom for attractiveness
>every group selects either their own race or whites as the most attractive... except for blacks, who rate whites most attractive and their own race as least attractive
>Average black-on-white rapes per year: 30,000
>Average white-on-black rapes per year: 0


None right now!

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