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No.227 : Anonymous [2017-06-29 11:06] [Report] [SNAP]

By age,
Up to 22: None.
From 22-26: Upper bound is two.
26+: Upper bound is four.
After that, I wouldn't trust a woman who had engaged in sex acts with more than a small handful of partners. This implies poor future planning and impulse control, as well as a willingness to establish an intimate relationship through sex acts first instead of affirmation of mutualistic perspectives on the big topics, i.e. sex, marriage, children, religion, politics, future aspirations, etc.
Though, what’s more important than partner count (though the smaller, the better, with ZERO partners being ideal) are the circumstances which preluded her sexual encounters.

  1. If she has engaged in ANY one-night stands, that's a huge red flag. This is especially true if the one-night stands were actions of vindication (rebelling against the perceived prudery of her parents) or were self-medicating attempts to drown out trauma/rejection.
  2. If she has engaged in casual sex with what she calls her "friends" and not her romantic partners, that's another big red flag--sex is best reserved for a level of social intimacy superior to that of platonic friendship.
  3. Any public or voyeuristic acts of sex are a definite NO. A girl that willingly agrees to create pornography will probably view her sexuality as a means of garnering attention, and unlike prostitution, the voyeurism implies apathy towards the preservation of her PUBLIC image. If true desperation drives a girl to prostitution, she can still attempt to preserve an image of modesty by keeping her sexual exchanges as private as possible. A woman can't be a porn actress “in private”, since the very purpose of engaging in pornography is to profit from the accompanying exhibition of her sexuality.
No.240 : Anonymous [2018-02-11 20:48] [Report] []

you, redpill neckbeard, are what is wrong with modern dating


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