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No.229 : Anonymous [2017-09-20 15:24] [Report] [SNAP]
>anal with some skank
>Go on road trip to Canada
>Be my buddy
>Pick up some pink haired liberal arts sloot
>Tells him she's not on the pill
>Tells him to stick it up her ass
>He does
>Tells him to donkey punch her
>He does
>Pulls her rectum out
>She starts screaming
>He starts screaming
>He realizes it's still wrapped around his cock
>Yanks it off and throws it against the wall
>It explodes
>He puts clothes on as fast as he can
>Books it out the door with her bent over the kitchen table bleeding out
>He wakes me up and we head back to the US.

Anal never.


None right now!

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