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No.234 : Anonymous [2017-11-08 21:35] [Report] [SNAP]
> Bill holds up an Erlenmeyer flask. The audience ooohs.
> "Now this might look like water, but it's actually an aqueous solution."
> Audience starts clapping
> Electronic dance music starts playing
> Adam from the mythbusters comes out on a scooter with colorful beakers and a lab coat.
> Bill and Adam start dancing with beakers, audience cheers
> Record scratch, music abruptly stops
> Zoom into Bill's face, "Now let's get serious folks."
> "Can you believe there are still people who believe in God, and not climate change?"
> Audience erupts in laughter, more applause
> "... and do you believe there are people who still think there are only two genders?"
> Audience is now dying of laughter...
> "Folks we have a very special guest here today to tell you why space is WOKE!"
> Neil DeGrasse Tyson comes out in a space suit
> Audience furiously clapping now, can barely contain themselves
> Tyson: "The potential for life is everywhere in the universe, Star Trek and Star Wars could be real!"
> Audience hands are now bleeding from all the clapping.
> Bill: "Well that's all the time we have today, join us next week when we tell you more about why science rocks!"
> Electric guitar solo, audience starts chanting aggressively "Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!" Their claps are now full repetitive nazi salutes.
No.235 : Anonymous [2017-11-08 21:36] [Report] []
> Bill rides onto stage on a tandem bicycle alone
> Crowd laughs
> Crowd says "YAAAAAASSSSS"
> Adam Savage from Mythbusters is in the background throwing vinegar into a paper machine volcano with a disco ball spinning above him
> Bill cracks a glowstick
> Audience begins clapping and says ooooohhh
> Adams volcano stops erupting, his smile disappears and he looks worried
> Audience in unison goes "awwwwww" in disappointment
> Bill looks furious with Adam. This isnt the first time this has happened.
> Adam looks scared, has bruises on him.
> Bill walks over and starts beating the shit out of Adam Savage from Mythbusters
> "Folks there is only one thing I hate more than CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS" he says in between open hand slaps
> Crowd is nodding their head in agreement
> "I fucking HATE bad scientists!"
> Adam Savage is uncontrollably sobbing under his desk.
> Bill Nye lights a snake firework on the stage and the audience claps furiously while chanting "BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL"
No.236 : Anonymous [2017-11-08 21:36] [Report] []
> Sneaky music comes on
> Bill tip toes out from behind the curtains around the stage.
> The audience says "Huhhhh??" in a collective gasp, not knowing where Bill is.
> Bill is in his Nyddler outfit, what could he be up to?
> Tip toes behind little 8 year old girl in the crowd.
> Bill taps her on the shoulder and she turns around
> "ITS SCIEEEEENCE TIMEEEEEEE!", Bill says as he punches the little girl right in the nose, breaking it
> The audience gasps as the girl screams, blood splurting from her nose
> Music suddenly changes, whats happening? Bill is transforming
> Bill rips off the Nyddler outfit and reveals his classic Bow Tie outfit
> "Ooops! Looks like my body was merely identifying as the evil twin, The Nyddler! Science folks, science!"
> Bill begins to laugh and the audience laughs with him and begins applauding
> Electronic dance music comes on, and Bill dances his way back to the stage
> Record scratch, cut music, zoom in to Bill's face
> "Lets get serious!", Bill says as he turns his head sharply towards the camera
> Bill pulls out out a torch and lights a flame
> "This may look like a fire, but its actually a result of a chemical reaction!"
> Biiiiiig ooooooohhhh from the audience
> Electronic dance music comes back on
> Bill freezes, then throws the torch to the side
> Bill begins dancing, as the torch lights part of the set on fire
> The crowd gives standing ovation as they chant "BILL! BILL! BILL!" (The little girl still bleeding)
> Members of the audience begin to catch fire and die as Bill is dancing away in the back
> The audience, despite being on fire, continues to clap and chant Bill!
No.237 : Anonymous [2017-12-13 17:23] [Report] []



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