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No.239 : Anonymous [2018-01-28 23:36] [Report] [SNAP]

yup. I took a Greyhound-type bus in Switzerland once. It was great. It was all White people, so it ran on time and everyone was quiet, smelled nice, and professionally dressed.

Last time I took public transit in the US, a dark-skinned crackhead hassled me for money while he visibly shook.
A time before that, two melanin-enriched gentlemen on opposite ends of the train car shouted at each other about the white women they planned to fuck.
A time before that, a mentally unstable man took off his shirt and pounded his ab muscles while yelling about how he had been to prison for stabbing people and was ready to go back (he was mulatto).
A time before that, a drug-addled mestizo man on the subway ranted about how he had sex with only fifteen women in his life.
A time before that, a group of urban youths practiced their raps, loudly, while standing in a circle blocking the train car exit.

I no longer take public transit

But the last time I took an uber, it was an Arab youth who ranted about how the neighborhood I live in is too rich, white and privileged.

I have to waste money and effort on a car to escape racial harassment.

Don't move to California if you're white.


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