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No.243 : Anonymous [2018-08-03 09:14]

So, I'm a social worker and I get to deal with a lot of child abuse cases. A lot. When we suspect that there is a case of child abuse in the family of a very small child, such as a toddler for example, as well as examining the child(ren)s underwear, we will sometimes go through old nappies (i love my job) looking for signs of vaginal or anal bleeding.

If the child has been groomed over the course of a couple of years by a careful abuser then there is not that much damage actually. This is when the abuser has for example used toys and mild penetration over a couple of years to gradually make the child more open (in both senses to the word) to sex.

There is a big debate regarding the psychological damage caused but I have found on the whole children who have been subjected to several years of abuse have also had the threat or implied threat of violence, ostracisation, seperation etc hanging over them.

One guy we had have seemed genuinley surprised to hear that they have been damaging their daughter, saying that they loved the child and would never do anything to hurt them. That the anal bleeding was just an unfortunate sideeffect of their love making and he hoped that it would eventually stop happening and that he kept promising himself that he would be gentler the next time etc etc.

To be fair though, I have more sympathy for the pedos than I do witht he violent ones. We sometimes get people who are physically kicking the shit out of their kids or are just neglecting them. The very worst cases is when there is violence, neglect and sexual abuse. Those are the cases I masturbate to the most.

No.244 : Anonymous [2018-09-12 12:17] []

being a social worker would be a good job. Always getting to visit the children's homes, I'd be going thru the undie/panty drawers all the time, probably swiping some for my own pleasure. Maybe in the next life!


None right now!

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