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No.249 : Anonymous [2019-04-24 22:45] [Report] [SNAP]
>be me
>work at children’s camp when I was in college
>90% of the children and parents there are white (thank god)
>host mother/son or father/son events where the parents spend a few days with their children at camp
>parents are genuinely the happiest people on the planet with their kids
>spend all day running around with them, playing and laughing, it was genuinely a great sight
>children all look up to their parents, would walk up to me and just start telling me about their parents
>graduate college, leave camp job
>attend EMT certification
>attend fire academy
>become fire fighter
>twice now, two fucking times in my ~8 months so far working as a firefighter have to respond to a call and cut down a corpse of a suicide victims
>both victims women
>one in her early thirties, second was definitely in her forties
>both of them had 0 (zero) family pictures in their shitty apartments, nothing but a laptop, a closet and floor full of clothes, and frozen meals

no matter how jaded or hardcore you claim you are seeing a dead body strikes a nerve, I sometimes wonder what would have happened if those two women didn’t decide to fuck around and work a cubicle job for 40k a year and decided to marry and have kids instead, I wonder how much warmer they would be instead of their stone cold faces I had to see. You’re not going to be in your 20s forever, one day these dried up corporate women will be chucking themselves from rooftops

No.254 : Anonymous [2019-07-22 01:31] [Report] []

its not white women hating white men. its white women becoming overly obese, to the point that they dont even register as female in that low-level, primal sector of a man's brain. the sector that kick starts the whole attraction-pursuit process. fat women may as well be children or men; they're completely invisible to men seeking a mate

with all the thousands and thousands of words written about the current male/female relationship problems, all these boomer and feminist commentators completely overlook the elephant in the room: female obesity. they skip over this fact with such regularity that it cant be an accident nor an oversight. its most likely denial and/or shame at their own state

but make no mistake, female obesity is killing relationships, marriage rates, family structure, and population sustainability

No.305 : Anonymous [2022-02-16 14:32] [Report] []

Women have been like this for all of history. The Greeks mocked them for it, they understood that men are the poets and philosophers of the white species, while women are sex addicts with crude manners, shallow minds, and weak willpower. The Greeks understood that a man could sit naked on a rock in the wilderness and find peace, but a woman would go mad if she was forced to do the same.

Women being intelligent and clever prudes is a Victorian meme with zero basis in reality. They're sex crazed whores who would literally rape a young boy to try and get pregnant, and always have been.


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