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No.260 : Anonymous [2020-07-21 15:46] [Report] [SNAP]

Veganism at its core is a selfish ideology. It only exists to try and wipe away the manufactured guilt of overly empathetic urbanites.

  1. Plants have been proven to feel pain pain and respond to stress, so veganism cant be about ending the suffering of lesser life forms, as they cause plants to suffer.

2.Vegans require supplements to to live on their diet. The majority of these supplements are manufactured in factories that contribute to chemical polution of the air, land, and water. Some how this is morally better than eating meat.
3.The generation of electricity kills animals and harms the environment. Hydro electric dams destroy habitats and kill fish, solar panel production causes polution, windmills kill birds, etc. Yet thete is no disavowing of electricity.
Millions of animals are killed every year in the cultivation of crops.
Just because you dont eat the flesh of animals doesnt mean that your meals are not stained with their blood. You live an unnatural lifestyle that harms the environment so you may feel better. Go live on a farm, grow your own veggies, and raise your own beef, and you will have less of a foot print, be self sufficient, and be a more effective advocate for animals in general. You must understand that for life to continue, life must be taken. Until we're post scarcity, this will not change. To ignore this is to ignore reality.


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