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No.261 : Anonymous [2020-08-02 15:13] [Report] [SNAP]
>rose tinted glasses

The leftists have been hammering away this argument for decades — mass public homosexualism, child transgenderism, sixfold increases in crime rates, a culture of fornication, leftism, and lust, enormous verifiable quantitative increases in the divorce rate, abortion rate, obesity, pre-marital sex rate, and fatherlessness, and enormous verifiable decrease in male grip strength coupled with a proliferation of mental disorders, and the intense erosion of various liberties guaranteed by the Constitution in favor of promoting the 'rights' of sodomites and welfare leeches objectively prove we are living in a shittier reality except for material standards of living. Our society is gutted out and decayed when you look at anything other than economic metrics.

It's no surprise that those who stole our inheritance attempt to fudge the accounting.


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