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No.297 : Anonymous [2021-09-01 01:23] [Report] [SNAP]

Only the top 10% make enough money to keep doing it. It’s a full time job, you can’t sit back and hope your followers keep paying you. You have to make new content every day. You have to do different things to satisfy all the various fetishes. You have to stick plugs and other objects in your ass because that’s what they want to see. You can’t get cheek implants and Botox and look like one of the bogs because that’s a major turn off. And you can’t fucking whine and bitch and moan about your content being freely available like bunny ayumi. You also have to keep up with trends and manage your money like it’s not going. To be there forever because this is not a career path, it has a shelf life. If you can pull of the milf thing you can extend it but that fetish involved putting stuff in your ass 24/7 and fucking groups of niggers


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