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No.302 : Anonymous [2022-01-26 20:24] [Report] [SNAP]

Obvious to anyone not afflicted with a high measure of autism, any "cool wine aunt" will have earned a gnarled & gruesome snatch so scarified & prolapsed that her drooping leathered labia appear as the glistening russet or tawny or ruddy colored heads of turtles or large-lipped freshwater fish or like the strange proboscis of an eyeless subterranean mammal adapted to gulping silt or high-sand ratio marsh mud in either its search for tiny arthopod-derived calories or else burrowing some sort of nesting cavern to rest its cock-weary scabbard flaps.
Make no mistake, any cool wine aunt has been dicked-down & split apart & evidently pulverized open by long prying motions from exceptionally lengthy & pharmaceutically enhanced erections, slickly & snappily pistoning in & out of her roastie snapper the same as her dong-beaten brapper, their veiny & thick tumescences disappearing into the given cool wine aunt with the metronomic cadence born solely of great cardio-pulmonary conditioning, slap, slap, slap, pummeling cunt & cloaca with great steady vigor.
Simultaneous penetrations, public perversions, emictions & eliminations upon the sweaty faces of paying wide-mouthed clients, the cool wine aunt becomes worldly of all high & low slutty things, cruising correctional facilities public parking lots for previously incarcerated males receptive to the rippling petals of her gaping beef flower as a welcome-back-to-society gift, or else descending into chemsex-fueled benders of nut butter-aided beastiality, emptying kennels of yet-tainted pups before hurling the once unclean creatures tumbling over the sides of bridges, overpasses & anywhere with a cliff face long enough to relinquish to nature the dogs that had so scandalously tasted the cool wine aunt's vaginal victuals, lapping & schlopping the high calorie treat all the while the writhing cool wine aunt's brapper & snapper are each firing their climactic flatus like tolling bells.


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