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No.315 : Anonymous [2023-02-12 15:41] [Report] [SNAP]

jerking off is gross. its touching yourself for the purpose of releasing endorphins to block stress and make you feel good. meditation does the same except you dont inapprorpiately touch yourself. you cant convince me otherwise

No.316 : Anonymous [2023-02-27 07:53] [Report] []

How is it gross? You don't touch yourself when you clean your genitals? Nothing wrong with jacking off. Hell, I jack off 5 times a day. Only takes me a few minutes every couple of hours instead of smoking cigarettes.

No.317 : Anonymous [2023-02-27 10:00] [Report] []


No.318 : Anonymous [2023-03-10 06:51] [Report] []

Are you mad? Are you upset that your microdick is too small to properly jerk off? I was just jerking off a few minutes ago to a bitch with a prolapsed anus leaking shit while she uncontrollably was pissing everywhere. They forced her to drink a fuck ton of alcohol and she was fucked up. I wish I could have been there in person. I probably would have slurped up a drink of that fine hot piss and licked her colorful red rose anus flower.


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