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No.319 : Anonymous [2023-04-09 13:03] [Report] [SNAP]

I’m SO glad you made a thread! Because….heh yeah, I was just thinking the same thing. Why are Russians like that, bros? You know I was thinking about it again, and they are, unironically, less superior in nearly every one of, if not literally ALL of my thoughts lately.

Like in my mind, the Russians can’t stop losing and taking dicks from every direction. We should start a hashtag campaign here on this forum that goes something like

>Bussians chase #Banan for #Buttin

It would be HILARIOUS. THINK ABOUT IT, Am I right? Like a boys anus and rectum, like a figure of speech melding the word pussy which is a vagina with butthole; bussy boy #bussians

Omg my sides Im thinking this is going to be SO epic.

Day in and day out #Buttin Putler can’t get his banana and all the while yo ung white #Bussians are getting systematically raped by their superiors trapped in a compulsory military structure while our cock-by-proxy operation is effectively an automatic mass ethnic cleansing! To The Last #Bussian™; it’s part and parcel, shalom, my sacrificial oinkrainians.

What lowly shlubs these stupid #bussians are. Did you know they are homosexual at home too? It just crossed my mind, they’re all so inept, in every way I can think of, it’s mind blowing.


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