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No.41 : Anonymous Stalker [09/05/24(Sun)20:43] [SNAP]

Jake sat down, a pair of his mom's thong bikini bottoms held in his fist, he wrapped the thong around his cock and started pumping his big 8 inch shaved cock and balls, he grunted as he felt his cum rising, he massaged his balls with one hand, while jerking off with the other. Suddenly the phone rang, Jake stopped pulling off, and got up, it was his mom Ronna. Ronna and Jake had been sleeping together for a while, Ronna explained she would be home late, she was stuck at work, Jake cursed, thinking he'd have to get back to jerking off, he needed to cum, and she wasn't around to help.

Angrily Jake hung up, and returned to the lounge, a knock came from the front door, Jake opened it, and his cousin Lisa stood there. She was attractive, dark complexion, very tanned, brown long curly hair. She was a quite thin, very small breasts. She was also a crack addict.

Jake let her in, and they sat down, Lisa looked serious, she was wearing a brown skirt, down just below her knees, with a black blazer, she must have just finished work.

Lisa asked where Jake's mom was, he explained she wouldn't be home for a few hours. Looking into Jakes eyes, Lisa explained she had something difficult to ask him, she was nervous, and she didn't want him discussing this business with anyone else. Jake agreed, looking into his eyes, Lisa explained she was desperate for a hit, she was flat broke, and needed cash fast, she told him that for 100 bucks, she was his, to do with as he wished, any hole, ass, mouth what ever, she needed cash and badly.

Jakes cock sprang back to life in seconds, he looked her up and down, she had a decent body, small tits, but long tanned legs, it took him exactly 5 seconds to have his fat smooth cock out. He slowly started jerking off, and told her to dance for him.

Lisa got up, and slowly, danced, she moved in a sexual fashion, her hands ran over her tits, and her pussy, she wiggled her hips, and sucked a finger while looking in his eyes.

Jake slowly moved his fist up and down his cock, he got up, took 100 bucks from his wallet and some baby oil from his mom's room. He led Lisa over to the kitchen bench, Lisa bent over it, and her firm sweet ass, looked just right to Jake. His hands wandered over her ass, caressing her through her skirt, he slowly lifted her skirt over her waist revealing, a firm tanned, ass, no panties!

He reached around to feel her pussy, trimmed neatly leaving only a thin line above her vagina, he played with her clit as he ground his cock against her ass crack.

Jake took some baby oil, smeared it over one finger, he inserted in slowly in Lisa's ass, she winced a little, and cried out a bit, her ass muscles clenched around his finger, he left it in place for a few minutes, all the while playing with her clit. After a while, he slowly worked a second finger into her ass, baby oil ran down Lisa's thighs, and she bucked her hips forward, then after a further few minutes, a third finger went in.

He oiled up his fat smooth cock, and moved the head of his cock against her asshole, she grunted as he inched it in, and he held her hips tight until all 8 inches were in her. She told him not to move for while, he held still until, her muscles got used to his length and width.

Sweat and baby oil ran between their bodies, coating them both in a slick sheen, it felt so great, with a firm hold of her slim waist Jake began sliding in and out of her slimy asshole, Lisa moaned with each trust, Jakes finger worked over time on her clit.

While he played with her clit with one hand, he pinched her nipples with the other, and he bit and nibbled her neck also. He increased the tempo, and felt Lisa's ass muscles begin to tighten around his cock, he increased the pace of his thrusting even more, his balls banged against her pussy lips, and he knew he could hang on no more. Lisa cried out, and her ass spasms, lead to his mighty climax, he shot his cum deep into her bowels, 6, 7 shot of sperm deep in her. Lisa kept moaning over and over again, there was too much cum, some mixed with their sweat and the baby oil and ran down the back of her tanned thighs.

Together they collapsed onto the floor, his shrinking cock still in her ass, Jake fell asleep exhausted almost immediately. He slept a deep sleep, but after about 2 hours was awoken suddenly, he felt something wet around his hard cock, he looked down it was Ronna his mom, her sweet lips were wrapped around his cock, she was sucking hard. It's lucky I'm a young stud thought Jake, he looked around, Lisa was gone. He lay back and enjoyed his mom's mouth, tonight was definitely a great night he thought. And it was only going to get better.

No.46 : Anonymous Stalker [09/05/24(Sun)20:47] []

I had seen her playing in the park now and then. A young and pretty girl of maybe nine. I never thought too much about her though except her sharp and beautiful eyes.
I always went to the park on my lunch hour when the weather permitted.
Office work can make you crazy if you don't go outside and remember the real world. It gave me perspective. Sun, trees, and children playing.
I guess I remembered that one girl because of how unique her eyes were, and when I watched, she always seemed to know and turn and smile. I, of course, would turn away. I wasn't any kind of pervert, and children were just children to me.
It was when that particular girl dragged an older boy into the trees by the hand that I became curious. Innocently, I followed thinking I was going to catch them at their first kiss. I didn't get too close and I stayed quiet as
I wasn't prepared for what I saw. The pretty child with the great eyes was on her knees and blowing the older boy. I mean really blowing like a pro, head bobbing and all!
I should have stayed quiet but I said, "What the...?" before I could get a grip. Both kids turned and saw me then ran like hell the other direction. I should have tried to stop them and explain why what they were doing was wrong, but my only real thought was, why didn't I get a blow job when I was in school?
Kids were growing up quicker nowadays I guessed.
I didn't see the boy ever again but the next day, I did see her. She kept looking at me like she was working herself up the courage to talk to me. I guess she had it because she did walk over after many minutes of our watching each other.
"Hi." she said.
"Hello." I replied. "So, what is your name?"
"It depends." she answered.
"Are you going to tell on me?"
There it was. She was probably embarrassed and afraid of getting into trouble, or at least teased. "Tell me why I shouldn't."
Her bright eyes flashed. They were very beautiful. Full of confidence and a little mischief. She said, "Because It's none of your business. I wasn't hurting you or anyone else. And I know what I was doing."
"Are you telling me that it was your idea?" I asked.
"Yes. That's exactly what I'm telling you. I knew what I was doing and so did he."
Now, I didn't have a lot of experience with children, but something about the way she was talking wasn't anything like I was expecting. I don't know, maybe I was expecting baby talk. This child seemed smart to me. "You do make a
fair argument, I'll give you that. Still, you could be in serious trouble for what you two were doing."
"I know." she said. "And probably go to see psychologists who will tell me that I am a victim. And then they'll look for somebody to blame, and people will get hurt, like my parents. They don't know about who I am. They'll end up being hurt badly." The eyes flashed again. "Nobody wins."
I sat back, a little stunned. This girl could be a lawyer. I opened my mouth to tell her the flaw in her reasoning, but I didn't find one. I sighed.
"Okay. You win. I won't tell anyone."
She smiled and her face lit up like a Las Vegas casino. She put out her hand to shake mine and said, "You may call me Becky." We shook hands.
"I'm Mike." I smiled back. "How do you do?"
That was the start of our friendship.
Becky sat then and we talked until I had to go back to work. She was very clever and only now and then could I tell that she was still a kid. But she was honest and a great conversationalist. It was a pleasure to talk with her.
We met many times at that park. I would sometimes bring cards or a checkers game and she taught me how to play Othello. We became fast friends. We could talk about many things that even my coworkers couldn't understand.
But now and then, we had awkward moments and one night during a dream, I woke up realizing that the awkwardness was just like the kind you get when two people feel much more than friendship for each other.
I was falling in love with Becky!
I avoided the park for a week after that, but felt guilty for not explaining. Becky was very sharp. I should have told her why I stopped coming.
So I made a special trip one day to see her.
Becky was sitting at our bench and jumped up when she saw me, then sat down and pretended everything was normal. When I got closer, her eyes told me everything. Becky was very hurt by my absence but was being strong.
I felt like a heel.
I wanted to explain. I wanted to say I was sorry. I couldn't even talk.
Becky grabbed me in a bear hug and whispered into my ear, "I love you."
I melted into her arms and hugged her back with all my heart. Yes, folks. I was in love with a nine year old girl and she loved me the same way. Life has a way of throwing you funny tricks now and then.
I couldn't ditch her then if I tried and I didn't want to.
Another few weeks meeting each other and Becky said that it was time to be intimate. I protested and she shut me up with a look. Becky had my number and I had imagined kissing her more than a few times lately anyway.
I lived alone in an apartment and we both decided that I could be in trouble with a child going to a grown man's home at any time.
But a motor hotel at an out of the way place seemed the best way.
Third floor, number 327. One king sized bed for the day. Becky would skip school, she knew how without getting caught, and I would call in sick.
I was shaking as I shut the door. What I was doing was wrong and I was going to be a criminal then. But my heart told me it was right. Becky was nervous as well and we sat on the bed next to each other. She made the first
move. I don't think I could have at that point.
She held my hand.
So there we sat, me with slacks and a tie, and Becky in a denim skirt with a red tank top. Her lovely long hair falling to the sides of her slender shoulders.
She dressed like a child, but I knew her as something more then that.
"Do you think I'm a pretty girl?" she asked.
"Oh, yes. Your are stunning." I told her.
Becky smiled. "I'm YOUR pretty little girl." She stood in front of me then and held my neck as she slid her little body between my legs. "Kiss me, Mikey."
We kissed all right. It was the most fantastic kiss I had ever had. Her mouth was small but had more passion then everyone I had ever dated put together. I held her close and felt up and down her small back.
God! She was still a child! But we were moving like adults and the room almost was spinning for me. I had it bad for her.
Those eyes mesmerized me and the smile when she pulled away left me breathless. Then Becky slid herself down and started to unzip my pants. I was putty everywhere but the right place. She had me expertly in her small hands and then with her little mouth. I put my hands on her head and I almost exploded into her face right there.
Becky giggled and caught some of it. I heard her mumble "Wow", and she cleaned me up with her tongue. It was almost like she was humming a tune and I realized that she was in her own heaven as well.
I was still hard and Becky came back up to tell me what she wanted me to do for her. Her lower face was wet with both of us on it. I would have done anything for her!
"I want to feel you inside me." she said. Her sexy eyes wide and sucking me in deeper. "I want you inside me, but only up my bottom. Okay?"
She was still a virgin! People would notice if she wasn't. I was worried about our size difference, but Becky led me to the counter.
She placed herself flush against the counter facing the mirror, her belly just above the lip, pulled up her skirt and pulled down her panties just enough for me to have her bottom. They were the most beautiful little butt
cheeks I had ever seen.
I didn't think to bring any lubricant but I realized that my dick was still wet from cum and her spit. I was still spinning in my head and I tried not to rush into her. I tried to be very gentle and slid myself between her cheeks.
They were soft and didn't resist.
I little up and down and I found the entrance. Becky gasped, "Yes".
I placed my hands on her waist and started to push into her. I was too big.
"Harder!" she said. I pushed harder. Still, I wasn't going anywhere.
"You can push as hard as you want. I need you in me now!" Becky sounded frantic. I felt frantic too. I needed to be in her right then as well. I pushed with all my might.
Suddenly, I felt her sphincter relax and I found myself sliding all the way into her. I bottomed out with two thirds of me inside her small body. Becky was panting hard. She wiggled a little and I felt her bend me around inside of her. She was extremely tight!
Becky wasn't a child to me right then and I wasn't at all surprised when she told me to fuck her. "Fuck me. In and out. I want all of you in me. Fuck me deeper!" I started to fuck her. "Yes! Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh!" It was a child's
voice with an adult's desire.
She collapsed onto her elbows and dropped her head. Her little shoulder blades sticking out the top of her tank top. I lost myself into my pretty little girl lover and fucked her like an adult. I banged into her pretty hard.
I had forgot that she was still a child and Becky was cumming for me with every thrust into her. I was making my way deeper into her until my pubic bone was knocking against her flesh.
It was more then fucking! It was pure bliss! This was my dream come true.
The woman, I mean girl, who I could spend the rest of my life fucking.
I was about to cum myself. HARD!!
I reached down for her clit as my sperm began to build. Becky said a weak, "No" while she was still cumming hard and tried to stop me with a weak hand.
My hand went into her panties and my world turned on it's head.
There wasn't a clit! It was a hairless little penis and balls!
I WAS FUCKING A LITTLE BOY!!! I freaked out but it was too late to stop myself and I came in her... I mean him! I came HARD!
She... I mean he, started crying, and I rode out the orgasm until I could get a hold of myself and pull out of her... I mean HIM!
I fell on my ass, dazed. Becky, if that was his real name, turned and tried to hold me while still crying. I pushed him away.
"Get away from me! Your a boy! You lied to me! YOUR A BOY!!" I was disgusted with him, as well as myself.
He tried to talk while crying. Clearly he was upset too but I couldn't get over the shock of having just fucked a little boy up the ass. My bile started to rise. He said, "I'm a girl. Not a boy." He pointed between his legs. "This
isn't supposed to be there. I'm really a girl. Please, Please. I love you." He then became unintelligible from the tears.
I shook my head. The room was still spinning, but in a different way then.
I pulled up my pants and ran out of there.
That was the last I saw of Becky!
At least in real life. I still see her in my dreams. Those eyes. The soft skin....
NO! It's a HE! Becky's a boy, damn it!
Damn it! Damn it! DAMN IT!! I still can't stop thinking about her... I mean HIM! A boy. A God Damn BOY!
I stay holed up in my apartment. I stay away from the park. I quit my job.
It's been a long year! I still see those eyes in my dreams.
Those beautiful eyes....
God help me, I'm still in love with her... him....
I don't know anything anymore!!!


None right now!

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