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No.74 : Anonymous [10/08/16(Mon)22:06]

Slink around, shuffling your feet and bobbing your neck like the lazy retard you are.
Walk down the middle of the street because you don't know what a sidewalk is for.
Hang out at carwashes and mini-marts because everybody knows these are the best places to be a dope, I mean dope.
If you're a nigger bitch, shit three nigger babies into the world before 17 years of age. This assures that welfare money will support you, so your nigger men have more time to commit crimes.
And give REAL honest black people a bad name.
Oh yes, make sure each nigger baby has a different father.
Bastardize the English language in the name of nigger culture.
Make sure that several terms have multiple meanings and others have ambiguous meanings and that only 50% of nigger words are even complete words. Real niggers will know what you're trying to say.
As a culture, make sure there are always more blacks in prison than in college at any given time.
Hang out in packs of 10 to 15 and make sure everyone acts as annoyingly as possible. This helps to promote nigger individuality.
Always talk loud enough so everyone in the 'hood can fucking hear you, and if they are niggers, they will know what your saying, bro.
Wear clothes that are 10 sizes too big, making sure the pants hang off your ass.
Park at least 5 junk cars in your yard while being careful not to use the driveway. It's OK to abandon them in the street as long as it's in front of someone else's crib.
Exaggerate every motion, every tonal inflection and grab your dick a lot.
Do drugs, sell drugs, make drugs. Okay, don't REALLY do this, but it IS what niggers do.
Turn your backyard into a junk yard. If you don't have a backyard, turn your mother's into a junk yard.
Travel around leaching off relatives, friends, salvation armies.
Drink cheap wine and malt liquor every day, forgetting that "malt liquor" is just fortified cheap beer.
If you're a nigger buck: fuck anything that moves, no matter how ugly she is. After two 40oz, even the ugliest, fattest nigger bitch will look good.
Be charitable and covet fat, ugly white chicks. After all, they're niggers too. They can't help being so undesirable to white men that they have to fraternize with black dudes on a 20/20 trip. And white ho's are a special trophy too, especially the not so ugly ones.
Spray paint everything in sight with scribbles that mean nothing to white people but mean things to fellow niggers (except niggers from another hood who will probably go after you for tresspassing on their turf).
Use the term "motherfucker" in every sentence. It's one of the most versatile words in the nigger language, being a noun, verb, adjective and complete mini-sentence in event you run out of thoughts.
Stop in the middle of the street, blocking all traffic to converse with fellow niggers and have complete disregard for everyone else.
Overcharge customers at Taco Bell and pocket the difference.
Drive your car while slouched so low that you can barely see over the wheel (gangsta drivin').
Get a job under affirmative action. Then sit around all day pretending that you earned the position and that the other co-workers respect you. Whenever you fuck up, scream "racism!" & hope you get enough Generation X liberals in the jury.
Never, I mean NEVER, take any responsibility for your actions. Always blame others including Asians, Latinos, Mexicans, and especially Whites for your sorry ass stupid lives.
Be sure to get a dog, tie it up in the cold and mud and neglect it until it dies. Then start all over again. Cash must be used because you long ago fucked up your credit and checking account.
Cram 5 generations into a two room government apartment and still be able to neglect your kids.
Then you too can be a true nigger, and anyone who finds any fault with anything you do is automatically a racist. They don't dislike what you do and wish you would do something better with your life, nor do they wish you would realize that other people exist and should be treated with respect. No, they're just racists who hate you because of the color of your skin, and everything bad in your life is their fault. You nigger.


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