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No.8 : Anonymous Stalker [09/04/24(Fri)19:56] [SNAP]

Ever since we were little, my sister Keri had this kind of crush on me.
She was always hanging around me and wanted to do whatever I did.
I didn't mind it though, we got along with each other.
But as we started growing up, I began to notice that it was more than just sibling affection.

By the time we were both young adults, Keri had started acting differently around me.
She was still friendly and all, but she was never embarrassed to change in front of me or use the bathroom when I was in there.
Sometimes she would come in without knocking, and stand there watching me pee.
Then when I was finished, she'd come over and use the toilet right in front of me.
Or if I was taking a shower, she would come in and undress to her underwear.
After I'd step out of the shower and dry off, all the while naked while she watched me in the mirror,
she'd head for the shower and quickly strip her underwear off for me to see.

I didn't mind the shows, of course.
It was kind of exciting to be naked in front of her, and she must have felt the same way.
But she never said anything about it. I fully expected things to change over time, but I was wrong.
In fact, things really started to heated up.

Keri had really grown into a beautiful girl.
She had a nice body, with all the right curves even though she was thin.
She wasn't ashamed of showing off her breasts either, which were slightly larger than normal.
In fact, I got the feeling she liked it when I saw them, because she was always giving me plenty of opportunity to see them.

One time, we were both in the bathroom, having just finished our showers.
I put a towel around my waist, but she was sitting naked on the edge of the bathtub shaving her legs.
I could watch her in the mirror while I combed my hair.
She spread her legs apart, giving me a very open view of her crotch.
Then she began to shave her pussy, right in front of me.
This was a new sight for me, even after all of the times we'd been naked in front of each other.

I found myself getting aroused. My towel felt tighter suddenly, and I looked down to see a large bulge tenting out.
I tried not to look again, but I couldn't help myself.
When I looked back into the mirror, she had finished shaving herself and I saw that she had left a thin trail of dark hair above her pussy.
I had always loved it when girls did that, and soon I had a full erection that was impossible to hide.

Keri put the razor away and came over to the sink next to me.
She glanced down at my towel, and smiled sheepishly at me in the mirror.
She didn't bother to cover herself up as she began to brush her hair.
Usually she would put a towel on by now, in case our parents came in.
And watching a naked girl brush her hair did nothing to calm me down.

Finally, she spoke up. "You know, if you need to relieve some pressure, I understand."

"What?" I said dumbfoundedly.

She pointed down with her brush, indicating my obscenely tented towel.

"Don't be embarrassed. I won't mind."

She must be playing with me. She always teased me with her body, but now it was like she was trying to see how far I'd go.
I'm sure she wasn't really expecting me to masturbate in front of her, but something in me really wanted to show her up.
I actually contemplated doing it, but not for my own pleasure. I wanted to see what she would do.

"Fine," I said finally, and removed my towel.

Keri looked stunned for a second, but didn't want me to see it.
She acted cool and didn't even move her head away from the mirror as my raging erection was freed.
She couldn't help glancing down to sneak a peek, though. I was practically throbbing with excitement from exposing myself to her.
She had seen me naked before, but never this aroused.

I stood there for a second, making her as uncomfortable as possible before moving towards the toilet.
I planned on jacking off for her but only until she submitted to my little joke.
I didn't really plan on finishing the job.

As I started to walk away from the mirror, she stopped me.

"No, do it here," she said, grabbing my arm.

She quickly let go, evidently not meaning to show her excitement.
I was a little more embarrassed about jacking off so close to her, but I didn't want to let her win.
I confidently walked back to the mirror and stood over the sink.

"Here we go," I said, and grabbed my dick.

Keri put her brush down and stared directly at my cock.
She made no attempt at hiding what she was looking at either, and I started to feel a little self-conscious.
I got the feeling that she wasn't going to stop me halfway through, and I might actually cum in front of her.
The thought only spurred me on, and I began stroking myself.

After about a minute, Keri's breathing was more intense.
She hadn't taken her eyes off my meat, and I found myself staring at her naked body.
She seemed to notice, because she was facing me completely, giving me a view of her entire body.
I knew I wasn't going to last much longer, but I played it cool.

"Where should I cum?" I asked confidently, as if I had complete control.

Keri was assuming I'd shoot off into the sink, but she seemed to be thinking about it.

"How about..." she trailed off. "Forget it, you'd never do it."

"Oh yeah? Do what?" I asked, trying to sound tough while not missing a stroke.

Keri got this gleam in her eye, and I knew she was up to something.
She hopped up onto the counter and sat in front of the sink.

"I bet you wouldn't have the balls to cum on me."

I couldn't believe she said that.
I had to admit, even in my aroused state, that shooting off on my sister would be going too far.
But I didn't want her to win, otherwise she'd no doubt use this awkward moment to tease me forever.

"Fine," I said. "Get ready to be soaked."

Keri's eyes widened, and she couldn't help but smile in anticipation.
I had thought she'd be shocked that I would actually cum on her, but she seemed excited by the notion.

Knowing this, it didn't take me long to build myself to an orgasm.
I felt my balls tighten, and I took a step closer to Keri.
We were only about a foot apart, and she tensed up when I drew closer to her.
I didn't want to back out now, and it looked like she wasn't going to either.
I suppose I had expected one of us to chicken out by this time, but it was too late now.

I grimaced as my whole body tensed up, and I leaned even closer to Keri as I felt the cum rise up my shaft.
She looked up at me for a split second, as if she wanted to say something, but she didn't want to miss the show and quickly looked back down.

I held my dick firmly as I began to fire off long ropes of cum onto Keri's skin.
The first jet was really thick, as it sailed across the air and landed on Keri's chest and neck.
She looked totally surprised as it struck her, but was not able to recover before the second jet shot onto her stomach.
I shot the rest of my load onto her stomach and thighs, finally emptying myself onto the floor.

I looked Keri all over, and seeing her covered in my cum really turned me on.
She was frozen for a moment, feeling my cum running down her soft skin.
Then she looked down at herself, and began running her finger through my cum trails.

"It's so thick," she said, quietly as if embarrassed to say.

"God, I never came so much," I sighed, my dick still in hand.

Keri brought her finger to her lips and hesitantly tasted my cum.
I couldn't believe she did that, so blatantly in front of me.
She paused for a moment, and then smiled at me.

"It's not so bad. I can see how girls can swallow this stuff."

Hearing her say that took me by surprise. Is that what she fantasized about doing?

Keri hopped down from the sink and began wiping my cum from her skin with a towel.

"Um...thanks," she said, acting almost shy. "I didn't think you'd really do it."

"Me neither," I admitted, still standing there with my dick in my hand.

She saw me and smiled. "How often do that?"

I let go of my cock and was suddenly embarrassed, even after all that.

"Well...everyday." It felt kind of good to talk to her about this.

She nodded. "I wish I could do it that much. It's harder for me to cum."

Right after she said it, she realized what she said and turned red with embarrassment.

"Wow," I said to myself.

"Will" She seemed to want to say something, but was having a hard time. "Will you do that for me again sometime?"

I couldn't believe she asked me that. "Uh, sure. I guess."

She wrapped a towel around herself finally and started to leave.
She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before she opened the bathroom door and left, closing it behind her.

I stood in front of the mirror just looking at myself. What just happened? What did I just say I'd do? This was going to be interesting...


That night I had a hard time falling asleep. I kept thinking about what happened and whether it would happen again, and how soon.
I started to get hard thinking about it, and absent-mindedly began stroking myself to a full erection.
As I masturbated, I remembered what Keri had said to me before, and I wondered if tonight would be too soon to satisfy her request.

I glanced down the hallway before I ventured out naked towards Keri's room.
It was late and our bedrooms were a floor above our parents, so I quietly crept to her door, my dick bobbing in front of me.
I raised my hand to knock, but instead I just opened the door and stepped into her room.

She was sleeping soundly, and for a moment I pondered leaving her as she was and returning to my room.
But I was alredy horny, so I figured maybe I could leave her with a surprise.

I stood a few feet away from her and started jacking off. I was careful not to make any noise as I stroked myself while staring at her sleeping body.
Even under the covers, she looked sexy. But I wanted to see more of her, so I carefully pulled the sheet back, making sure she was still asleep.

I exposed her from the waist up and realized she was naked. I could see her chest rise and fall as she was breathing.
Her tits looked so perfect, I couldn't help touching myself as I continued to draw the sheet back.
I exposed her thighs and stopped, staring at her curves in the moonlight.
She was so damn sexy, I knew I would have no problem coming, but where would I do it?

I thought about coming on her chest again, but I had already done that. I could cum on her legs, but she would probably rub it off in the sheet.
The only part of her that she wouldn't be covering was her face.
But would that be going too far? What if she had changed her mind about the whole thing by now?
Even if she hadn't, would she be mad that I came on her face?

All of the mental images of my cum on her body were taking their toll, and I felt myself begin to peak.
I had a split second to decide, and I was already standing near her head, so I decided to go for it.

I grasped my dick harder as I felt my orgasm begin.
I aimed carefully, making sure that most of my cum would make it on her face.
I began shooting and I clenched my teeth as I tried to concentrate despite my intense pleasure.
The first spurt was too powerful and sailed across her face and past her pillow. The second was shorter and landed square on her forehead.

I tried not to groan out loud as I shifted my position in mid-orgasm.
I managed to land the next shot onto her cheek, barely missing her eye.
The remaining spurts were easy to control, and I milked myself all over her beautiful features.
I let out a long breath as my orgasm passed and I had finished depositing my load all over my sister.

Keri hadn't budged an inch, she was still soundly asleep.
I couldn't help but admire my work, as I had successfully glazed her entire face.
But when my senses returned, I realized that it would probably dry up before she would wake the next morning.
She would be sticky, but she wouldn't know how wonderful she looked right now.

I had an idea. I would wake her up, but leave so she would still be surprised.
I was still pretty hard, so I guided my dick to her lips and gently pushed them apart.
Her mouth opened instinctively, and I slid the head of my cock into her mouth.
She didn't wake up, but she did respond to the feeling of something soft and firm entering her mouth.
To my delight, she began to suck ever so lightly.

When I felt her tongue graze me, I quickly withdrew myself from her lovely mouth and hurried out of her room.
I hoped that she would wake up and feel my cum on her face, and hopefully look at herself in a mirror before wiping it off.
I listened through my door a few minutes later, and I heard footsteps come down the hall towards the bathroom.
The light came on, and I didn't hear anything for a few minutes.
Finally, the light went off and the footsteps returned to Keri's room.

I smiled to myself. It worked! The best part was, I didn't hear the faucet.
So she didn't wash any of it off! A few minutes later, I went into the bathroom to see if she had used a towel to clean herself.
I couldn't find anything that was soiled with my semen, so I assumed that my plan had been an entire success.
My sister actually liked my cum on her face. I couldn't believe it, and I didn't get any sleep that night.


The next morning I slept in, since it was Saturday. I was awakened by something large sitting on top of me.
I opened my eyes to see Keri's face inches from mine.

"Hey," she said, smiling.

I blinked and stirred, but she didn't move. She was straddling me, though with the covers and her clothes between us it didn't feel abnormally sexual.

"Hey," I replied. "What are you doing here?"

"Mom and Dad are gone," she said. "They won't be back until tonight."

"Oh," I said, still half-asleep.

"Thanks for the present last night," she said, her smile widening.

I felt kind of embarrassed, but proud too. "Oh, you noticed?"

She giggled. "Well, it's not everyday I wake up in the middle of the night covered in cum."

She sat up and suddenly pulled her shirt off.

"What are you doing?" I asked, admiring her breasts.

"I told you, Mom and Dad are gone. I thought I'd give you a surprise to. Today we're going to walk around the house naked."

She hopped off me and peeled her shorts off, revealing to me that she was not wearing panties.
She stood before me completely naked for a second, and then jumped back into the bed.
She straddled me again, and this time it felt very sexual.

"I'm willing to bet you're not wearing anything under there," Keri said with that sexy glint in her eye.

"And how would you know that?" I asked, playing along while taking in her gorgeous body.

Suddenly I felt her move on top of me, and even through the covers I could feel her grind herself on top of me.
My dick was right underneath her hips, and I immediately grew hard.

"You like that?" she asked in a whispery voice I had never heard from her before.

"Keri, I..." Truth be told, I was a little uncomfortable.
This was more intense than our previous activity, even with me ejaculating onto her.

"I can tell you do," she said, referring to the rock-hard meat between her legs. "I loved what you did last night."

"I...thought you might," I managed, enjoying our dry hump.

"You've already had two orgasms, and I haven't had one yet."

Before I could answer, she cupped one of her breasts and began squeezing it.
She increased the speeds of her thrusts, and even with the covers between us it felt better than anything I had experienced before.

She rode me just like we were having sex. She began moaning and twisting around on top of me.
I sorely wished that blankets didn't exist at that point, but we were both too caught up in our activities to stop.
Keri began to really pound into me, just like she was riding my dick.
She suddenly dropped down and lay on top of me, still grinding her pussy into the covers.
She looked me in the eye and crushed her breasts against my chest, her nipples poking me.

I felt myself start to tingle, and knew I would blow my load if this kept up.

"Cum with me?" she said just then. "I want you to pretend you're coming in my pussy."

I couldn't believe I heard her say that. There was no stopping what was going to happen now, and I only hoped that she would be able to follow me.

TO my delight, she beat me to it. She suddenly tenses up and crushed herself against me, holding onto me tight as her orgasm began.
She whimpered and breathed a series of quick sharp breaths, and then her jaw dropped and she silently cried out.
Her eyes were closed and her legs were locked around me, and she gripped my pillow as she began to circle her pussy around on top of me.
The pressure on my dick was finally too much, and I let out a grunt as my own orgasm began.

"You almost needed a condom," she laughed, patting me on the chest. "Come on, I'll make you breakfast."

That morning, we both continued naked as Keri had suggested.
She made me bacon and eggs, and we talked a little bit about what we were doing.
It was clear to both of us that we didn't view any of it as wrong.
In fact, I was surprised not only at how happy Keri seemed to be about it, but also at how I didn't feel any regret or guilt.
A good part of our conversation involved how we could keep things from our parents.
We didn't even touch the subject of whether we would actually have sex.

And truthfully, I was happy with things the way they were.
Any sexual activity with Keri was better than sex with my hand, so I was grateful to have her attention in any way I could.

But then again, sex wasn't completely out of the question.
We just hadn't brought it up. After breakfast, we just sat there for a moment, until Keri got that gleam in her eye again.

"We should have some more fun," she smiled. "You know, last night after you left your deposit on my face..."

I smiled as she giggled softly.

"...I left it on until this morning when it dried. But I tasted more of it, and I think I want to taste it again."

I raised an eyebrow. "Oh yeah? What do you have in mind?"

"Well, I've never sucked a penis before," she said devilishly.

Actually, she had. She was just sleeping at the time, but I didn't want to spoil the moment.

"Well, where would you like your first taste?"

She thought for a moment. "Let's go to Mom and Dad's bed. They'd freak if they knew what we were doing."

Yes, yes they would.

We hurried to our parents' room, and I got a nice show of Keri's ass on our way there.
We both got on the bed and sat there for a moment. I wasn't sure what she wanted me to do.

"Just lay back and enjoy," she said, pushing me onto my back. "This is all for your pleasure, so relax."

God, I loved my sister. She was such a giving person. I did as she said, and stretched out on our parents' comforter.
My dick sprang straight up, and Keri crawled up the bed towards it.
Her hand slowly wrapped around it, and I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the sensation of her soft skin as she rubbed against my legs.
She was very skilled at pleasuring the male organ. I wondered then if Keri was a virgin.
Everything she did felt wonderful. Just before she leaned closer to my crotch, I stopped her.

"Are you a virgin?"

She just looked at me for a second. "Ask me afterwards."

Then she lowered her mouth onto my dick.
My body was on fire as she began to slide her lips and tongue around my shaft and gently suck on the head of my dick.
I forgot what I was thinking about as she pleasured me with her mouth.
It was all I could do not to thrust my hips up into her face. She was so gentle and loving, it was the most blissful feeling ever.

And she really enjoyed doing it to. She was running her fingers up and down my body while she sucked me off.
She lightly caressed my balls while she took my shaft in her hand and jacked me while she licked at the head.
I started moaning, and that seemed to really get her going.

I stroked her face and ran my fingers through her long hair while she continued blowing me. Finally, she looked up at me and let my dick slide from her wet lips.

"Cum in my mouth," she said in a sensuous but commanding tone.

She grabbed my thighs and began bobbing her head up and down on my cock. I held onto her head and began thrusting up to meet her. I was fucking her face at a good rhythm when I felt the familiar tingling that would mark the fourth orgasm my sister had assisted me with.

I thrust just far enough in her mouth until she gagged a bit, and began to pull out when I felt the first jet of cum shoot out. But Keri mashed her face down into my lap as far as she could take me, and held me tightly there while I shot my cum down her throat. I pumped my dick into her with more force than I intended as my sexual instincts took over, and some of my cum began to dribble out of Keri's mouth.

After I finished ejaculating my load, I let go of Keri's head and she coughed up a bit of cum. But she eagerly swallowed the rest, and looked up at me with an approving smile.

"How was it?" she asked, out of breath.

"Amazing," I answered.

"Yes, I'm a virgin," she blurted out. "I know you are too, so we need to get something straight."

I was worried that she was mad at me for asking her that. I sat up on my elbows.

"What's that?"

"Whether or not we fuck."

And here it comes. I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. I hoped that it wouldn't turn out to be a mistake. But I had to admit, hearing Keri say "fuck" made me really want to.

"I think we both know that we will eventually," she continued. "But we have to make sure it doesn't change things between us."

"I know. I don't want things to change."

"They don't have to. If we do fuck and things don't work out, we just have to forget about it and go back to being brother and sister."

"I don't know if I can do that."

"We have to. But we won't worry about that unless it comes to that. For now, let's just enjoy what we have."

"Okay. But, are you saying that you really want to have sex with me?"

"Of course." Keri began to stroke my dick again. "What did you think we were leading up to?"

"But...why? What made you want to?"

Keri thought for a moment, smiling to herself as if thinking back to another time.

"I've always wanted to. Ever since we were little, I knew that I felt different about you than other girls did about their brothers. But I never had the guts to say anything. So when we played our little game the other night, I figured it was a good way to test the waters."

I didn't know what to say to that. I always knew Keri had an odd kind of crush on me, but I never knew it was like this.

She looked up at and her eyes looked almost sad. "I love you, and I've wanted to fuck you for so long."

I moved closer to her and kissed her. I felt a tear run down her cheek as our tongues met. I leaned her back on the bed and held onto her tightly.

She nodded and looked down at our naked bodies nervously. She watched as I positioned my dick at her cunt and gently pushed. The head of my dick slid into her pussy lips and made it's way further into her body. Keri gasped at the feeling, especially as I reached her hymen.

I watched her closely as I began to push past it, and she was tensed up and waiting for the pain. Once I had finally broken through, she seemed surprised that it didn't hurt more. When I was completely inside of her, I just lay there on top of her, letting her get used the feeling.

"That feels so good," she said, squeezing her cunt around me. "How is it for you?"

"It's the best thing I've ever felt."

I started moving, sliding in and out very gently at first. When Keri began to increase her rhythm, I sped up too. Soon we were fucking at a good pace. I watched Keri's face as I pounded into her. I loved the feeling of her tits against my chest and the expression on her face. She looked like she was going to cum any minute.

"Will you cum with me?" she said. "Cum inside my pussy."

I couldn't say no to that, so I started to really let her have it. She began moaning as I humped into her harder and harder. She clenched onto my shoulders and pulled her legs back so that her knees were in the air. She let out a deep groan and her eyes rolled back into her head.

Then I felt her body quiver and her hips twitch, and then her stomach tensed up and her legs wrapped around me. She began convulsing underneath me, writhing about while I kept fucking her. She made these delightful sexual sounds, and finally put her arms around my neck and lay limp for a moment while her climax surged through her body.

Then she seemed to regain her senses, and she started crying.

"Cum in me," she sobbed.

I didn't want to disappoint, so I didn't hold back as I pistoned in and out of her. When I finally began to cum, I slowed down and just barely moved back and forth as I felt my cock begin spewing semen into my sister.

I groaned and clenched my eyes shut as the intense spike of pleasure began. Keri held onto my head and kept her legs wrapped around me as I spasmed into her. I buried myself deep into her cunt and just let it all out. She gently stroked my back as I emptied the last of my load, and then kissed me deeply.

We kissed for a long time, though we couldn't stay that way because our parents would be home soon. Fortunately we hadn't soiled our parents' comforter, although Keri did have to be careful getting up so that my cum didn't leak out of her. We laughed as I helped her get to her feet while she kept her hand over her cunt. She kissed me one more time and hurried off to the shower.

From then on, Keri and I continued our sexual relationship. At least for now, we were content with each other and didn't have an interest in dating other people. We successfully kept our secret from our parents, but we did fuck every chance we got. Usually it was late at night, or on the weekend. I always expected to feel guilty about it at some point, but I never did.

No.9 : Anonymous Stalker [09/04/24(Fri)19:56] []

Jake sat down, a pair of his mom's thong bikini bottoms held in his fist, he wrapped the thong around his cock and started pumping his big 8 inch shaved cock and balls, he grunted as he felt his cum rising, he massaged his balls with one hand, while jerking off with the other. Suddenly the phone rang, Jake stopped pulling off, and got up, it was his mom Ronna. Ronna and Jake had been sleeping together for a while, Ronna explained she would be home late, she was stuck at work, Jake cursed, thinking he'd have to get back to jerking off, he needed to cum, and she wasn't around to help.

Angrily Jake hung up, and returned to the lounge, a knock came from the front door, Jake opened it, and his cousin Lisa stood there. She was attractive, dark complexion, very tanned, brown long curly hair. She was a quite thin, very small breasts. She was also a crack addict.

Jake let her in, and they sat down, Lisa looked serious, she was wearing a brown skirt, down just below her knees, with a black blazer, she must have just finished work.

Lisa asked where Jake's mom was, he explained she wouldn't be home for a few hours. Looking into Jakes eyes, Lisa explained she had something difficult to ask him, she was nervous, and she didn't want him discussing this business with anyone else. Jake agreed, looking into his eyes, Lisa explained she was desperate for a hit, she was flat broke, and needed cash fast, she told him that for 100 bucks, she was his, to do with as he wished, any hole, ass, mouth what ever, she needed cash and badly.

Jakes cock sprang back to life in seconds, he looked her up and down, she had a decent body, small tits, but long tanned legs, it took him exactly 5 seconds to have his fat smooth cock out. He slowly started jerking off, and told her to dance for him.

Lisa got up, and slowly, danced, she moved in a sexual fashion, her hands ran over her tits, and her pussy, she wiggled her hips, and sucked a finger while looking in his eyes.

Jake slowly moved his fist up and down his cock, he got up, took 100 bucks from his wallet and some baby oil from his mom's room. He led Lisa over to the kitchen bench, Lisa bent over it, and her firm sweet ass, looked just right to Jake. His hands wandered over her ass, caressing her through her skirt, he slowly lifted her skirt over her waist revealing, a firm tanned, ass, no panties!

He reached around to feel her pussy, trimmed neatly leaving only a thin line above her vagina, he played with her clit as he ground his cock against her ass crack.

Jake took some baby oil, smeared it over one finger, he inserted in slowly in Lisa's ass, she winced a little, and cried out a bit, her ass muscles clenched around his finger, he left it in place for a few minutes, all the while playing with her clit. After a while, he slowly worked a second finger into her ass, baby oil ran down Lisa's thighs, and she bucked her hips forward, then after a further few minutes, a third finger went in.

He oiled up his fat smooth cock, and moved the head of his cock against her asshole, she grunted as he inched it in, and he held her hips tight until all 8 inches were in her. She told him not to move for while, he held still until, her muscles got used to his length and width.

Sweat and baby oil ran between their bodies, coating them both in a slick sheen, it felt so great, with a firm hold of her slim waist Jake began sliding in and out of her slimy asshole, Lisa moaned with each trust, Jakes finger worked over time on her clit.

While he played with her clit with one hand, he pinched her nipples with the other, and he bit and nibbled her neck also. He increased the tempo, and felt Lisa's ass muscles begin to tighten around his cock, he increased the pace of his thrusting even more, his balls banged against her pussy lips, and he knew he could hang on no more. Lisa cried out, and her ass spasms, lead to his mighty climax, he shot his cum deep into her bowels, 6, 7 shot of sperm deep in her. Lisa kept moaning over and over again, there was too much cum, some mixed with their sweat and the baby oil and ran down the back of her tanned thighs.

Together they collapsed onto the floor, his shrinking cock still in her ass, Jake fell asleep exhausted almost immediately. He slept a deep sleep, but after about 2 hours was awoken suddenly, he felt something wet around his hard cock, he looked down it was Ronna his mom, her sweet lips were wrapped around his cock, she was sucking hard. It's lucky I'm a young stud thought Jake, he looked around, Lisa was gone. He lay back and enjoyed his mom's mouth, tonight was definitely a great night he thought. And it was only going to get better.

No.11 : Anonymous Stalker [09/04/24(Fri)19:57] []

Ever since I was 16 I had had the hots for my cousin. We had gotten in touch with each other over emails and MSN and of course shared a lot of pictures of each other and the family. It even got to the extent of us staying up nights on end just having cam conversations with each other. She once said that when she looked good, other men telling her she looked hot didn’t mean as much to her as much as me saying it meant. I clearly watched her blossom into this gorgeous 19 year old woman with the perfect c-cup tits and an ass to die for.
She would share stories of her boyfriends with me and I would tell her about my girlfriends clearly noticing that she would get very protective and ask me lots of questions about the women I was dating.Anyway, since childhood I"ve been interested in the military and my career choice was to be enlisted in the army. Now we all know what"s going on in the middle east and the Canadian military being a big part of the Afghanistan mission, we were to be sent down there for a period of 6 months. Before our deployment, 700 military personnel including me were sent to Australia for "Special Tactics Combat Training Camp" to train alongside Australian military for 2 months. This camp just so happened to be just outside of Melbourne. Upon learning this, when I came home that night, I passed on this news to Kavita. Without a doubt, she was jubilant and was very much prepared to see me after 12 years. There was a sense of excitement going through me as well but I tried my best to contain it.The time finally came, so I bid farewell to my family and headed for Australia. First 3 weeks were brutal and we had a lot of harsh exercises to go through. But finally, after 3 weeks, we got a break for 4 days and I called up Kavita to make some plans with her. I made plans to visit her home and it was amazing to see everyone and it was the usual, "OH WOW U"VE GROWN SO MUCH" stuff from her parents and elder sisters. It had been a good 15 mins since I had been in the house but I couldn’t see her anywhere. Then, when I was starting to believe she must not be home right now, she came down the stairs in a green low-cut top and a black capris, just smiling and waving at me. Once again I tried to contain my excitement and just politely said a brotherly Hello. My heart was racing like a fuckin horse at this moment and my eyes kept slipping down to her cleavage which was so perfectly visible.Kavita, her younger brother, and I stayed up chatting up a bit more and just catching up on stuff. Me and her didn’t miss any chances of touching or playfully teasing each other the whole night. Finally we had to go to our respective beds. Lying there I couldn"t stop thinking about her and all I wanted to do was be alone with her. Next morning, we had a good breakfast and I had to go back to camp to check out all the updates. I purposely took Kavita with me as an excuse of good company and also informed the rest of them that I wanted to see the town so after showing Kavita around the base, she could take me for a round of the town. It all seemed like the perfect logical explanation so no-one around the house really hesitated to agree to it.So we headed out, first to the base, and it only took about 10 minutes to deal with the stuff there since all I had to do was sign a piece of paper. On my way there, I got asked a thousand times who Kavita was and I also noticed most men eyeing her up and down. We were out of there soon and got back in the car and headed for town. I ended up saying that since the weather was gorgeous; we should just go to a park and hang out there. She agreed. So we get to a park and were walking up the trail just casually talking and our hands kept touching each others. I finally reached over and grabbed her hand but kept walking like nothing had happened. I did notice her looking down at my hand first and then up at my face. We both knew it was inevitable, so I looked down at her, brought my head down and placed my lips onto hers. Within 5 seconds, we were lip locked and she was holding on to me tightly.I told her how I’ve waited for this moment since the day I started talking to her and she gave me a smile that made me kiss her one more time. We decided we needed to be alone so we headed for a particularly shaded area of the park where there were a lot of trees. The month was November so in Australia it was summer and everyone was hanging around the fountains and sprinklers in the centre of the park. We had the area all to ourselves and as soon as we got there, I pushed her up against a tree and once again began kissing her, this time a little harder than the last. My hands were on her perfect ass and I started to move them up slipping into her top. Soon I was squeezing her breasts from top of her bra. I felt her start to breathe heavily and also some moaning sounds began to escape her lips. She began to undo my shirt at this time and I guess she was nervous because she was having a hard time undoing the buttons. I wanted to help her but I was in no position to let go of her tits. Years of dreaming were finally coming true and I wasn’t going to let it slip.She finally got my shirt undone and slid it off my shoulders. All this time, we were lip locked and didn’t have a care in the world. I finally broke the kiss but went on to nibble her ears and kiss her neck. Her pink shirt had snap-on buttons so all I really had to do was hold the top and rip it open all the way to the bottom. That"s exactly what I did and within seconds it was on the ground. I got back to kissing her luscious lips while feeling her bra covered breasts against my chest. Her hands was caressing my back so I took my left hand down to her waist and opened the button of her tight jeans and then came down the zipper. While still kissing, I lowered her jeans down to her knees and played with her ass cheeks outside her thong panties. It seemed like she was melting into me because her knees started to get weak and she was bending down.I laid her on the soft grass and continued kissing her since I was on top. I moved my hands down to panties once again and slid them aside to feel that heavenly hole I only dreamt about all these years. I rubbed her cunt continuously making her moan out loud and yet her sounds being muffled by my lips. I inserted two of my fingers in her pussy and ferociously started to finger
fuck her making her arch her back and moan in ecstasy. This was the perfect time for me to slip my hands under her back and undo the hooks of her bra. I threw it aside where her shirt was and broke our kiss to let my tongue play with her left nipple while my hand fondled with her right one. Next was the turn of her panties. They came off in a flash right after she wriggled out of her jeans still around her ankles and joined the pile of clothes on the side of the tree. She reached down and undid my belt and I gladly helped her slide myself out of everything.My friends, the feeling of my dick touching her bare thighs and feeling her warmth is something I can’t describe so I’m not going to try. I continued to fondle her tits while her hands were playing with my penis and stroking it gently. I was getting restless so I moved between her open legs and touched her warm wet pussy lips with the tip of my cock. I felt her legs tighten trying to close off her entrance…

Kavita: No Anonymous, not that. Please. Just finger me!!
Me: I can’t anymore. I need to feel you inside.
Kavita: No, I don’t think I’m ready. But let me return the favour in another way.

I didn’t wanna scare her off so I said Ok and moved to her side. I sat up with my back against the tree trunk. She laid down in front of my between my legs and grabbed my cock and started to stroke me again. She brought her lips down and kissed the tip of it and I took a deep sigh of relief. She continued on to deep throat me and give me the most amazing blowjob. As soon as I knew I was getting close, I pulled her off my cock because I didn’t wanna cum yet.Once again I laid her slim body down and got on top of her to kiss her nipples and fondle with her pussy. She responded to every one of my moves by spreading her legs further apart. I once again got in the middle of her legs and started to push the tip of my cock inside her. She continued to moan as I played with her tits and responded again by spreading her legs further. I pushed in deeper and deeper until I was all the way in…

Kavita: ahhhh…fuck me!!
Me: Are u sure you want it now?
Kavita: you’re already inside. But please, do it slowly.

I started my to and fro motion slowly at first and increasing my speed as we went on. Her moans got louder and louder and I had to once again muffle her sounds with my lips. Since I was already pretty warmed up from that awesome blowjob earlier, it didn’t take too long for me to reach the edge again…Kavita: ahhhhh …ahhhh…fuckkkkkkk yessssss !!!
Me: kavitaaa…I’m gonna cummmm…
Kavita: do ittttt ..
Me: butttt….shouldn’ttt….I …..pull….outtt..
Kavita: nooooooo I don’t care anymore. I want to feel u filling me up.
That was all I needed to hear and within the next couple of seconds, I blowed off so much come inside her pussy that I never thought was possible. We laid there for the next 5 mins just exhausted with me on top of her and my cock still buried deep inside her well fucked, no longer virgin pussy. As we stood up, I could see my cum mixed with her cum and blood running down her thighs. She had a look of satisfaction on her face. We didn’t have anything to clean ourselves up so we just used a couple of grass blades too wipe off the excess cum.

We got dressed and went around the park for a walk.

Kavita: I can feel your cum leaking out of me and still wetting my panties.
Me: I can always lick you clean if you want. I have no objections. Hahaha
Kavita: ok deal, let’s save that for tonight when everyone goes to bed.


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