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No.98 : Anonymous [10/11/18(Thu)22:27] [SNAP]

A lot of it has to do with the entertainment industry wanting to show niggers in a good light but you are so right. Nothing ever good comes from a white person having anything to do with a Negro and, as far as having sex with them, I wish they would bring back the laws dealing with beastiality.

I knew someone once whose white daughter identified with niggers, watching MTV, BET and having nigger friends over to her house constantly.

This bothered my friend (actually a co-worker) a lot but being racist was not PC and he would never teach his daughter the evils of racism.

Her senior year in high school she gets knocked up by, you guessed it, a nigger buck.

Buck takes off for another part of the country and this stupid white girl decided 1)not to get an abortion and 2)keep the niglet!

It gets worse. Much worse.

Young girl shits out a nigglet but keeps cavorting with niggers. One night the pack-o-niggers talked her into crossing a state line driving one of the bros niggermobiles. Of course, the bro asking never bothered to tell her about the drugs he had hidden in the trunk and, by the way, he forgot to mention the car was stolen to boot.

She gets caught after crossing a state line (federal rap here too) and all of her nigger friends (every single one of them) swore they didn't even know her.

The niglet was put in foster care while she was put in prison. Minimum of six years and she will be 26 when she gets out.

God Damn It! Tell your children that NOTHING good can ever come from associating with niggers! Tell them now and tell them often!

No.130 : Anonymous [12/07/05(Thu)16:18] []

Sounds like your daughter is dumb as fuck.

No.132 : Anonymous [12/07/24(Tue)00:37] []

>>130 It sounds like you're retarded.


None right now!

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