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No.1112 : Jen [10/08/13(Fri)12:11] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Hey all, I’m experiencing some internal gender identity issues that’s causing me what I could only describe as “asynchronous” depression, frequently coupled with spontaneous suicidal thoughts and tendencies – I quite often contemplate this as a solution to the problem (but none of these are incurred consciously – they all manifest autonomously.) Ergo, this can often impede my ability to engage in something “productive,” and I believe it may be incurring hypersomnia – I sleep a lot (and most often less when I’m content/happy,) and most often require at least 12 hours of sleep.

The problem is the absence of a female body – I suppose I would be comfortable in being identified as a transsexual, should no harm be a consequence of it (that is, no adverse affect on social interaction, employment or other environmental orientation.) However, I would indefinitely choose to be identified as female – for a transition (should it occur) to be completely stealth. I also feel that my sexual identity is of an issue, but that’s primarily of a subjective social concern (or “stigma,” if one were to describe it.)

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No.1123 : Anonymous [10/08/13(Fri)12:20] [Report] []

I think I have hypersomnia too. slept for a good 14 hours last night. fml

No.1124 : Jen [10/08/13(Fri)12:20] [Report] []

I know this may seem a little odd to ask, but do you experience any side-effects from it? What about problems that are more prominent in your mind - are they more often close to being solved from excessive sleep? Personally, I find that it's useful for reducing the quantity of problems present consciously and for integrating instructions, but is consequent to a temporary cognitive decline.

Also, in case this thread disappears and others reply and I somehow forget about it, my email is: if anyone wishes to give advice.

No.1125 : Anonymous [10/08/13(Fri)12:21] [Report] []


>>1123 here

Personally I think it's because when I'm dreaming there are less problems to deal with. My boyfriend recently died, so I've been sleeping more and more lately... but yeah, I usually just stay in bed because I can't face the awake world.

No.1126 : Anonymous [10/08/13(Fri)12:22] [Report] []

oh, and side effects? well i get way more tired during the day. this also makes me less willing to deal with my issues and perpetuates the depression.

No.1127 : Jen [10/08/13(Fri)12:23] [Report] []

I'm deeply sorry to hear about your loss... :( if you need to talk about anything as such, feel free to email/IM me via my messenger account ( I suppose ditto for the latter part of your post - I often sleep a lot when I'm overwhelmed from various problems, sometimes even gender issues can lead me to sleep a lot. However, I've always assumed that this would only occur so that the unconscious mind could reduce the overall burden of the conscious mind, but I suppose it could also be a slight negative tendency that we develop.

I agree with you here -- excessive sleep also leaves me with excess tiredness and a lack of motivation.

Urgh, life can just be horrible at times.

No.1128 : Anonymous [10/08/13(Fri)12:26] [Report] []

a board of people that bairly know you is not going to get give you a sound answer to a choice that will change your life.

the default answers are

1) do what you think you need to do to feel safe and happy

2) find a qualified physiologist that specializes in transgendered issues to help you sort this out.

No.1129 : Jen [10/08/13(Fri)12:26] [Report] []

I was hoping to find someone who has been in a similar situation and to learn of which solutions they adopted to resolve this problem. I'll also search for a gender oriented psychologist - thanks.

For the majority of the time, I feel that I need to transition; however, there are times in which I do identify as male, and as mentioned, there are also other times when I identify as female.

However, the problem still causes depression and suicidal thoughts if I become aware of it; there is the exception that if I'm completely unaware of it, and wholly indulged in something, then I'm content with the way I am.

Likewise, I'm unsure of whether an underlying gender issue - whether the male self was superficially developed atop an underlying female self - gave rise to a near constant depressive state that had appeared shortly after I started puberty (i.e. whether I subconsciously experience discomfort, thereby resulting in depressive feelings (but there have other things that have made me feel down too, mostly oriented with the lack of know-how in getting a girlfriend).)

I greatly appreciate all advice given from both you and others in this thread, and anyone else who contributes, and wish you all great luck in whatever you choose to endeavor in life!

No.1130 : Anonymous [10/08/13(Fri)12:27] [Report] []

this is too frighteningly similiar to how i feel a good amount of the time, i almost (quite literally) gave hard thought to whether i posted this blackout drunk, which ive been known to do on tranchan from time to time, but with one look at the syntax and articulated, well-thought-out narration, i doubt it was me, but almost every feeling and thought you mentioned, ive been there, youve pulled the core elements of my issues and worded them in a way that i cant quite manage to verbalized in psychotherapy
my only advice: find a therapist, and like everyone else says, find your happiness, fuck everyone else.
on paper it sounds lovely, its a bit harder to enact such a quote when shit gets real, but its a great motto to hold in your mind at all times, ive been coming out slowly, and i mean slowly
I first began looking more feminine, body/shaving wise
longer hair, body-feminization exercises
i then forcibly changed my outward personality to a more comfortable bubbly persona, which when i convey myself through it, feels not only less awkward, but also liberating like an "i dont give a fuck attitude" it really controls the conversation/environment, confidence that is (think chris crocker (although now hes not a tranny, but now returned to being a gay man(but he never said he was trans, and he always identified as being effeminate gay man)))
anywho...find a supportive group of people, open-minded, accepting people

No.1131 : Anonymous [10/08/13(Fri)12:28] [Report] []

Body feminization exercises?

No.1257 : anonymous [12/07/13(Fri)23:45] [Report] []


No.991 : Wrecked [10/02/05(Fri)01:30] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

So, I've always been really overweight. I don't mean just like, a little, really fucking fat. Then I started weight-lifting for fitness, and now I'm like nearly 400 pounds, can benchpress 800 or more... depends on how many plates the gym has.

And I want to try trapping.

Should I like, just not even bother? I don't know how I could go from my body now down to the kind of petite, slender female body I'm thinking of. Best I think I can do is like, freaky body-builder lady.

I don't know my exact body fat percentage ratio, but I think it's something like 56% fat the last time I got checked at the gym, and I'm a little more toned now. So if you do the math, that's like 224 pounds of muscle...

How in the hell do I deal with that much muscle, and without killing myself? I mean, I've never even began to think about fitness in a way like this... I've tried thinking of jogging, but that would just make my legs get ultra ripped and nasty looking. Not the soft, subtle thighs I'd want, and I'd have to diet forever for that kind of muscle to waste. Toning would take forever, and I'd only really managed to get like, down to a normal man's physique, not a woman's.

I don't know, I feel like if Lou Ferrigno let himself go and then decided he wanted to trap. Completely hopeless...

So I don't know, is it like, just pessimisms or do I really even have a shot dropping down to like, a 150 pound petite trap?

No.993 : jo [10/02/07(Sun)20:09] [Report] []

Same thing I say to other crossdressers: Somewhere on the planet, there's a woman with the exact same body-type as you; start from there, and be realistic.

No.1244 : Anonymous [12/02/21(Tue)08:58] [Report] []

I preset to thy Jesslyn on Youtube:

No.1254 : Anonymous [12/06/25(Mon)06:36] [Report] []

It also depends on what you think is sexy. Personally I love bigger traps as well as small ones. Take Michelle Austin for example

tsmichelleaustin dot tumblr dot com/post/19954434031/on-http-michelle-austin-com


michelle-austin dot com/tour/galleries/75/image_32831 dot jpg

No.1250 : X [12/05/24(Thu)05:26] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Hey everyone, I was wondering if I could get some advice

The situation as it stands:
I love to cross dress and my girlfriend likes to fuck me with a strap on. But she says her enjoyment comes more from making me happy. This is great but I'm not sure if that's totally the case. Some times when she has dommed me, she's had this real fire to her. Its amazing. Its like she's totally into it and would rape me if she could. But afterwards she says its a feeling disconnected from her and says it takes too much work to get into that mood.

How do I get her to recognise the fire inside? How do you fire up your partner?

Also she, like everyone enjoys feeling sexy. She says she feels sexiest when she's dressed womanly. The problem is when I'm dressed womanly, she feels less special and like she's now less wanted. Like there's only room for one of each role in her show. I try to make her feel wanted but she doesn't have the best self esteem.

What should I do?

No.1251 : Anonymous [12/06/04(Mon)05:36] [Report] []

Have you tried beening the more domming partner? this could make her feel you still see her as a women and dosen't make it feel like she beeing pushed out. I had this same problem with my last gf and I found that this worked and kept her happy.

No.1252 : Anonymous [12/06/12(Tue)07:35] [Report] []

Thanks, I actually did that last time we had sex and she's actually come around a fair bit. Good advice

No.1247 : Randy [12/03/31(Sat)13:38] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Just thought I'd throw this out there for those of us who dismiss male and female gender "boxes" and just do our own thing.

preference for clothing and other accoutrements that challenge orthodox binary gender roles, but not for purposes of traditional crossdressing and performance art; genderqueer fashion expression

usage note: contrast with crossdressing and drag which imply strict adherence to classical notions of a female vs. male gender dichotomy.

No.1249 : Anonymous [12/05/22(Tue)23:14] [Report] []

Love it.

No.936 : Plenair [09/12/30(Wed)19:31] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

I need some advice... please help me out.
I'm a guy, 20 years old, who would like to start taking hormones as soon as possible but i'm also a bit unsure about this.
1: I'm hetero. I do not feel any attraction to males, neither masculine bodies, besides (and i think for the same reason) I really hate my body and I'll prefer a more feminine figure and ofcourse a different lifestyle. Is this a good reason or I have to be homo to have the transition?
2: I never have done crossdressing outside my room, ( I hope I'll have the courage to go out when I'll be passable...) my friends and my parents dont know this and i dont think they will accept my wishes.

Omitting the point 1 and 2, there is the real big doubt: "And if I'll look very very ugly? If I'll never be passable?" There is not turning back so i get a bit scared. Also, the more time i wait to start HRT the less effects it will give in the future...

I'm sorry if my english is bad, its not my native language anyway i hope you understand me and please reply some advice.
I really dont know what to do.

No.945 : Anonymous [10/01/03(Sun)21:36] [Report] []

Trans-Lesbian is very common.

No.953 : Anonymous [10/01/05(Tue)21:53] [Report] []


>Trans-lesbian is too common.
No.955 : Anonymous [10/01/09(Sat)22:03] [Report] []

well, I'm 20 and just starting my transition, pissed as hell I've waited as long as i have... To get HRT you are gonna have to see a gender therapist~ provided you don't live in the miiddle of nowheres :S Also, make sures you get insurance, which is the reason I can't have HRT for a couple of months still :(

No.964 : Anonymous [10/01/14(Thu)20:01] [Report] []


Trans-lesbian is less than 15% of the pie.

No.988 : Shadowtrap #sOSd4BQoMA [10/01/31(Sun)04:49] [Report] []

You should be 100% sure of what you are about to do. If you have doubts or anxiety, it is a really bad idea to take medical steps like that.

No.996 : Anonymous [10/02/09(Tue)15:42] [Report] []

I'm in the same boat. It's a pretty big decision, but you know you can always quit in the future. You only live once after all.

No.1248 : Randy [12/03/31(Sat)13:43] [Report] []

My advice, do not conflate gender and sexuality. Rest assured your desire to be male, female, or something else is not dependent on who you want to sleep with. Just do what you feel comfortable doing. Why be concerned with what society thinks is correct when society is oftentimes wrong?

No.1223 : Newtrap [11/04/04(Mon)12:14] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Can anyone help me convert male underwear sizes to female? This is my first time CD so I need some help.

No.1231 : t3h [11/04/13(Wed)17:09] [Report] []

what size male pants do you wear, how much do you weigh, how tall are you, and how what size shirts do you wear?

No.1233 : jo [11/04/17(Sun)20:31] [Report] []

If you want to go by numbers alone, you're never going to succeed. This is an extension of the already-chaotic women's clothing measurement system, by which every designer uses a different scale. Just eyeball-it. Try to get an understanding of the types of materials, what stretches and what doesn't, and go from there.

If you're ordering online, and are determined to order materials blindly... then I would recommend always going with Large or XL. But even then, it'll vary from brand-to-brand and store-to-store. Even within brands, sizes will fit differently based on the style of panty (as with Victoria's Secret, for example).

No.1246 : Randy [12/03/31(Sat)13:29] [Report] []

There are no hard and fast rules. But I've generally found that for pants at least 0-3 junior's and women's correlates to small men's. For shirts, a women's medium is generally a men's small. The problem is the difference in hips, buttocks, and shoulders. Always try before you buy.

No.1192 : l [11/01/17(Mon)10:42] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Okay. So, first, some background. I'm turning 17 in a few months. About two years ago I decided that I'm a girl inside, but I always felt like I couldn't do anything about it, so I kinda rolled with it and told myself that if I turn 18 and I still feel the same way then I'd take some sort of serious action. When I was 15 I came out to my mum, and she decided to send me to a psyche. He was awesome, and basically told me that I'm definitely transgendered (which I already knew). One session, he said that he could get me some anti androgens, or estrogen if I wanted them. I go to a very conformist, conservative school full of homophobes so I decided that estrogen was too risky, and told him I'd really like to start t-blockers. So he sent me off to talk to my mum about it. I did. And she stopped sending me. We've barely even talked about the topic since. In any case, I'm getting a debit card soon so I'll be able to buy medication (im looking at spironolactone) off the net. I live in Australia, and I have a few questions about anti-androgens

  1. Where's the best site to buy them from? Safety and value, and the ability to buy without a prescription are on the top of my list. I don't have a regular income (I do pay-per-job work, creative stuff) so I need to be able to buy enough. My income is probably around $100 a month.
  2. How do I dose myself? I'm almost 17, male, around 60kg and of average height. I have no health problems or allergies that I am aware of.
  3. What are the full results + side effects? All I can tell is that they stimulate female fat distribution, skin, and stop masculine growth such as hair, voice, etc.

I also have a few more general questions. Sorry about this, I'm just really lost at the moment.
4. I feel like I need to tell a close male friend about my identity. How should I go about doing this? He's quite introverted and cynical, and that makes it hard to know how he'll react.
5. Any tips on making myself more feminine without medication? I have dirty blonde hair and pale skin, if it matters.

Thanks for reading, I hope you can find time to help me out here. Really, it means a lot :)

No.1196 : Anonymous [11/01/23(Sun)20:50] [Report] []

You are very lucky. verry verry lucky. Just know that first.

I can't talk with a ton of authority, but essentially taking hormones will put you through a female puberty.

You will become infertile after 6 months of hormones, permanently (so spermbank or something). You will (slowly, painfully so) grow breasts that will not go away without surgery. Your voice will not change. You will have mood swings, and your libido will change/decrease.

If you are already growing a beard, it will not stop. If you aren't already growing a beard, it will not start.

Fat will redistribute (marginal hip and buttocks growth) but bone mass will not, so overall your physical stature will not change much. It will be much harder to lose weight and easier to gain it (ergo: diet now so you're at your desired weight when you start)

You will lose muscle mass. Due to this, you will lose strength. It will become more difficult to get and maintain an erection.

Thats all I can think of. Despite all the cons, its probably worth it. Your so lucky you can start so young.

No.1198 : Anonymous [11/01/23(Sun)20:58] [Report] []

If you want to be more feminine, transition now.

No.1213 : Anonymous [11/02/28(Mon)08:24] [Report] []


Thanks for your reply

Do these refer to t-blockers or oestrogen? I'm a little bit confused about your message :)

I'm probably not ready to get on oestrogen just yet. (still sorting my life out after some serious break downs)

No.1218 : Annamal [11/03/27(Sun)02:43] [Report] []

I'd be hesitant to start estrogen and the supplements without a Doctor's look over, it's better to err on safety (and compared to the hormones themselves, its really not THAT expensive, only a couple hundred dollars (if out of pocket), it's not so bad considering how long you'll be on them). Definitely do it soon but only when youre ready ^_^ They'll do all that irreversible female puberty stuff, so you NEED to be sure. Just flashback to sex ed, female puberty, that's what you'll be getting (minus the period, obviously).

T-blockers are a little different, they will only minimize/eliminate the "damage" testosterone does to your body, and once you go off them your body will go right back to producing hormones if you change your mind, so the "risk" is less so start those if you can. Testosterone is the big culprit because it causes masculine "damage" to your body as you age. Things like facial and bone structure changes (like pronounced brow, the "neanderthal" effect that men have, or pronounced, kevin-sorbo-chin syndrome XD) and, perhaps most importantly, hair loss (if your hairline is indicating anything about loss, mine was already receding in high school, so you might check.) Stopping these things is MUCH more important to passing than having breasts is.

If you make the blockers your priority, you can start the estrogen at your leisure and get near-optimal results, be it in a year or 15 years from now. At 17 you're set to be indistinguishable from a cis-girl if you get on the blockers soon ^_^

As for feminine without the hormones, there are vitamins that will help, like Vitamin A is very good for skin regeneration (and helps with acne to keep you smooth!). And, stick to bladed razors if you're shaving, the scraping promotes collagen production (get what you can out of it while you're stuck with it!).

If you want to focus on pics, learn some things about photography (like, upward facing angles make you look more feminine, by making your eyes seem bigger and chin smaller). When you put on make up (and unless your beard is blonde, you WILL need it, at least a little) avoid dark lipstick, use pinks and MAYBE peach tones, purples and blues and blacks will make you more manly. I don't know WHY but they just DO XD Also, depending on your hair, you might consider investing in a wig, there are some VERY good ones for cheap online (I use wowwigs myself), something cheap if dressing up is going to be scarce for you (as you are still living at home i take it in a non-supportive environment) a 30 dollar one might be a good investment. If you want a more "full time" one those run about 2-300 dollars, with the REAL fancy human hair ones up at around 1,000 (or more). Again, this all depends what your hair looks like =P Mine has been thinning for a while, and personally once the pressure was OFF to try and cope with it, to keep checking it in the mirror, I felt a lot better, like I could concentrate more on other things, and having fun XD At least until I can get it restored.

There are also "ghetto" sources, such as, bottled water, which due to reactions between water and plastic introduces tiny (TINY, mind you) doses of chemicals that mimic estrogen. There are also herbal supplements that claim they help breast growth but I've never tried them.

Comment too long. Click here for full text.

No.1226 : Anonymous [11/04/06(Wed)09:12] [Report] []


Wow, thank you so much for that post. A lot of that information is really helpful (though I'd already figured out the feminine camera angle haha, hours in my room with my phone taught me a lot). I'm 17 now, and as to my body, I have a bit of facial hair on my upper lip but it's easily managable with shaving every few days. I'm about 60 kilograms, and I'm just below average height. To me it sounds like the best way to go is with blockers. Are there any non-prescription sites i can get these from? I live in Australia.

Thanks again for your reply, you're wonderful :)

No.1242 : Anonymous [11/12/20(Tue)01:49] [Report] []

Inhouse pharmacy.

No.1002 : Anonymous [10/02/18(Thu)13:19] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

I know what is most recommended for a close shave on the face is like a mach 3 or something but I don't have the money to be wasting $20 on razor blades anymore so does anyone have any good recommendations for disposables, plz no hate

No.1019 : Anonymous [10/03/15(Mon)20:07] [Report] []

try plucking

No.1034 : Anonymous [10/04/12(Mon)11:51] [Report] []

i have a good recommendation
i used to use mach3 or mach4 whatevers, too expensive
hit up target or wallmart, target is best
buy 12 pack 3 blade disposables, target brand
started using them, they get the job done, and from what i can tell (when sharp) they dont irritate too much

No.1036 : Anonymous [10/04/15(Thu)02:09] [Report] []

you could try learning how to use a safety razor

No.1238 : Anonymous [11/04/22(Fri)14:53] [Report] []

Any electric razors come close?

No.1237 : Anonymous [11/04/21(Thu)12:30] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Now that puretna is gone, where does everyone get their tran porn?

No.1224 : Momijilover [11/04/05(Tue)23:09] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

On my estrofem packet it says to stop taking estrofem if you notice yellowing of the skin. Well above my right breast is a yellowish kind black bruis spot no larger then a dime. I can not go to a doctor and don't wanna stop my transition. . I was hit on this tit like a couple of days ago. Any insight?

No.1225 : Citrus #.bQQKr6pzM [11/04/06(Wed)09:10] [Report] []

Sounds like a bruise to me.

No.1227 : Momijilover [11/04/06(Wed)22:05] [Report] []

That is what iv been thinking but I'm so scared. I second guess if it's getting bigger and it does but doesn't look like a bruise. Iv only noticed it for 2 days. I'd die if I had to stop hormones.

No.1236 : Anonymous [11/04/21(Thu)10:27] [Report] []

The waring actually means jaundice, which is very noticable all over your body.

No.1228 : Anonymous [11/04/07(Thu)01:41] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

So I'm 19, in college still living with the parents and have recently been able to be more comfortable with dressing up and going out for being as shy as I am. I've been able to come out to all of my friends about it and am comfortable with being asked about it and have been met with a majority of acceptance. Here's where I need, I can not bring myself to come out to my parents, and every attempt I've made I back out at the last minute because I get to nervous and anxious. My mom sorta knows from finding cloths and a general hinting twoards it but I've never flat out told her. My dad is the problem being that he was in the military for 26 years and tends to be quiet homophobic. I would like to come out to them before I move I'm just clueless on how to go about this. Please any tips, suggestions, advise, anything is appreciated.

No.1229 : Anonymous [11/04/07(Thu)01:43] [Report] []

need help* dunno how I missed that

No.1234 : jo [11/04/17(Sun)20:34] [Report] []

The best way to tell them is, well, to just tell them. If you really want to put it out in the open for an adult discussion, then you should probably take it formal. Call a "family meeting" so that everyone's present, and let the know ahead of time that you'd like to state your case before any real chatter begins. If you approach it like an adult, my hope would then be that they treat you like an adult.

No.1215 : Anonymous [11/03/19(Sat)16:39] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Hello internet. I recently decided to do polyphasic sleep. I was getting tired of feeling like crap and worrying about my health. The thing I'm worried about is that I think all that sleep deprivation slowed my growth. I've always felt good(somewhat) about my slender frame. I'm worried that once I start sleeping well(lol) I'll start growing again and get man-hands. What should I do? I'm just a would-be crossdresser and I have no interest in taking hormones.

No.1216 : Anonymous [11/03/25(Fri)21:07] [Report] []

Well, a little more information would probably help us give you more useful advice. How old are you, when did you start sleeping poorly, what is the extent of your deprivation, what other health factors are in the balance, do you have an indicator in your family history that you're supposed to develop large hands...

No.1219 : Anonymous [11/03/27(Sun)22:59] [Report] []

I'm 18(or I will be). I slept poorly for about 2 years. It wasn't that bad. I slept for like 5-6 hours but I think I was supposed to sleep 9 hours. I was depressed for 2 years(not related or maybe it is?) and I'm taking medication for it. My dad has man-hands and so does my grandfather but my appearance is more closer to my mom(yay!). I have the same facial structure as her.

No.1232 : Anonymous [11/04/14(Thu)19:34] [Report] []


No.1222 : Anonymous [11/04/02(Sat)10:58] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]
Sorry, cat stepped on keyboard.

No.1186 : Anonymous [11/01/06(Thu)10:55] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Is there a good guide anywhere for cross dressing size guide?

I'm about 6'4" 170lbs skinny, 32" waist and I was wondering generally what womens sizes I would need

No.1188 : Anonymous [11/01/07(Fri)11:27] [Report] []


No.1190 : jo [11/01/16(Sun)16:49] [Report] []

There are a few crossdressing books that tackle this, because it largely depends on the brand you're buying. Women's clothing sizes are notoriously inconsistent.

A quick search for an online chart reveals Susan's Place has an interesting help:

No.1217 : Anonymous [11/03/25(Fri)21:09] [Report] []

Size 12 should be your sweet spot, but everything is going to be too short.

No.1209 : Chelsea [11/02/23(Wed)16:47] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Is trapchan down for anyone else?

getting 404 error responses...sad

No.1210 : Anonymous [11/02/26(Sat)12:01] [Report] []

Yes, getting the same error since 1 Week. I wonder what's wrong there. Has somebody more information?

No.1214 : Anonymous [11/03/04(Fri)20:05] [Report] []

somebody posted something that displeased the web hosts, causing them to shut down the website, traptalk is down for me atm but the same people run that site so go there if you can get on it :) <3

No.1176 : Anonymous [10/12/04(Sat)15:11] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Can you do HRT to just look a TAD bit more feminine and not go all the way with it?
18 years old, and im fairly feminine already but i dont want to go all the way. i just want to do it when i want, and not when i dont. you know?
thanks for the info.

No.1178 : Anonymous [10/12/22(Wed)17:24] [Report] []


As much as everyone's going to say "oh no, don't do it, you need to go to a therapist, hormones are only for full transsexuals, etc etc" I'm going to say right now you can totally do it. However, you will end up with a bit of breast growth if you stay on them long enough to get any useful effects, so I leave that up to you to decide if you're ok with it or not.

Also, once you stop taking them your body will somewhat revert to a more masculine appearance, so expect that as well. And switching your body back and forth between estrogen and testosterone repeatedly is a stressful thing to do, so I recommend staying on them for a longer time just once if you do it.

Be SURE to research the HELL out of the topic before you even try, because you want to know what you're doing. I would recommend oral estrogens (estrofem or progynova) but you need to look into it to find out more. Also if you have any questions just ask me :)

No.1183 : Anonymous [11/01/03(Mon)21:31] [Report] []

Same here OP. I'm 19 and really want to look more feminine without fully transforming all the way, basically to be complete androgynous. If I take mild doses of HRT long term, would I only slightly transform, etc?

No.1187 : Anonymous [11/01/06(Thu)17:15] [Report] []


Depending on your body's natural hormone levels (which are different for everyone), you'll gradually transform into being more feminine as you take it. Some of these things will go away when/if you stop taking estrogen, some of them will not (like breast growth). Keep in mind taking hormones can be dangerous, and although in low doses there's a VERY low chance you'll end up with any medical problems, you can still end up with fun like mood swings and emotional issues. Also it can take a while after you stop for your body to get its natural balance back so the boobs might grow a little more than you want, for example...

If all those things are ok for you, I say try it out, but do some more research first! Just google the hell out of it until you know everything there is to know about it!

No.1189 : Anonymous [11/01/13(Thu)18:49] [Report] []

Hey, I exactly wanna do the same thing you just described, except I'm 22, haha.

I've been recommended Ainterol:

They're herbal, and supposedly will make you more androgynous (not necessarily more feminine). You might get some boob growth too, but I'm not sure.... but it will make your skin look really nice.
I will be ordering this myself soon since I also don't wanna go all the way, so I'd say try this out as well.

No.1194 : Anonymous [11/01/23(Sun)18:04] [Report] []

Herbal isn't worth it. You end up having to take a LOT more of it to get any effect whatsoever, and just because it's "natural" doesn't mean it's safer. Many poisons are all natural, and that wouldn't be good for you either!

Not to mention the goal is the same, regardless of what you're taking -- to increase your body's natural estrogen levels in order to be more feminine. May as well do it directly using bio-identical estrogen of some form (pills, patches, etc.) since you skip the BS and get right to what you want. If you're concerned about the effects showing up too rapidly, just take less of it, and if you decide you don't want to do it anymore, stop.

Also, screw this stupid Pueraria Mirifica stuff, I've been seeing WAY too many spammers trying to push this crap lately. Sure it might do something, but filling your body with random plant roots to get what you want is just such a roundabout, convoluted, overly expensive way of doing it I don't see the point. Just stick to the real deal and use common sense. There's more safety information out there on actual estrogen anyways.

No.1197 : Anonymous [11/01/23(Sun)20:55] [Report] []

Despite what they say, most "full" transsexuals are elitist bastards who think they are completely normal and if you aren't them you're a freak. Being freaks themselves, its really just history repeating itself.

Honestly, do what makes you comfortable. Gender therapists will usually get the decision as to whether you get hormones or not, and how many. Honestly, they will probably give you what you want, be it a partial to full transition. As long as you make sure they know that its what makes you comfortable. They are subject to you, so be you and get what you need. Good luck

No.1200 : Anonymous [11/01/23(Sun)23:53] [Report] []


SO true. There is a whole "community" of transsexuals out there (mostly the older ones I've noticed, although I've encountered some of the younger folks acting this way too) who think hormones and other feminizing things are only for them and that anyone who doesn't view themselves as a full-on woman-in-the-wrong-body somehow doesn't deserve to be feminine at all. Which is just retarded, because there are people all over the gender spectrum whose interests and desires are just as valid as anyone else's. We need to get rid of this exclusive arrogant attitude before we can really move on to transsexual acceptance in this society, and luckily it looks like people are becoming more open minded and understanding as time goes on. So screw those closed minded douchebags and do what you like to, just do it safely and research until you can't find anything you haven't already read out there on the internet, and just ignore the scary BS anecdotes the self-centered douches out there try to scare you with. If you know the science, their scare-stories suddenly become entirely ineffective. :)

No.1202 : Anonymous [11/01/25(Tue)20:15] [Report] []

Whatever you do, don't go to "Big Forum" sites like "Laura's Playground" or "Susan's Place"

These places are bad. very very bad. They are filled by the people


Mentioned, and they will ban/quiet/eliminate anyone who broadcasts sentiments that do not coincide with theirs.

A good place to start.... here.... and there's a good forum from "Trans-Girl Diaries" (look up the webcomic and find the link from that site)

No.1137 : Pigeonmaster [10/08/29(Sun)20:11] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Well, so far precisely 1 guy has seen me en-femme, and he wanted to fuck me. Is this a good sign or bad?

No.1201 : Anonymous [11/01/23(Sun)23:54] [Report] []

Good I suppose, but you really need a bigger sample size to get an accurate judgement.

No.1199 : Anonymous [11/01/23(Sun)21:04] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

How does everyone here tuck and tape?

Whats the best/most realistic looking,most functional, most comfortable method out there?

I use the traditional method, but its always fun to try something new. I also haven't tucked in a while, so I need to refresh my memory.

Also, are there any methods of being tucked where you can fap at the same time?

No.1193 : Anonymous [11/01/22(Sat)06:07] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

I'm a semi-regular crossdresser, living in a smallsih seaside town. I've collected bits and bobs over a few years, and now am the proud owner of several different female outfits. Having long hair, a quick restyle, makeup, glasses, and ensuring that I go out properly dressed, I make a convincing female.

I've been going out mainly in the early morning in sportswear for a jog as her, and sometimes in the evening for a walk. It's a safe enough town so that even if I were recognised, it'd probably be accepted, but that hasn't happened yet. So far it's been not a second glance from the people who are around and about, and I think that it's going quite well. My only real question is, where from here?

No.1195 : Anonymous [11/01/23(Sun)20:43] [Report] []

Are you transsexual, or just a crossdresser?

This question seems simple, but it is more complex than that.

To give a short explanation, crossdressers don't want to be female all the time and transsexuals do. Which one are you?

No.1177 : Anonymous [10/12/15(Wed)01:28] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Hey need to find a nice natural type of wig without breaking the bank, don't neccesarily need something to go out on the town with but want something better than the typical costume wig. looking for sub $50 or so

I'm poor :(

No.1191 : jo [11/01/16(Sun)17:13] [Report] []

A few online resources to check out:


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