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No.829 : rawrhat [09/11/12(Thu)23:30] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Range +50%
UTI Resistance +75%
Self Loathing +100%

Bonus Abilities::
-Meat Helicopter(Generate an impenetrable radius for a short duration)
-Stand and Pee(can pee out the car window without having to stop)

Agility +20%
Inventory Space +5
Aerodynamics +35%

Bonus Abilities::
-Bottomless Pit(can absorb attacks from penis wielding opponents)
-Mesmerizing Slurp(Conscript lesser-minded opponents to do your bidding)

No.830 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/11/13(Fri)11:51] [Report] []

My own Special Ability: Genderfuckery. Negates all genitalia-induced self-loathing.

Below-the-belt Defense: -80%
Feminization: -50%

Bonus Abilities::
-Seed (Can make babies with natural Vagina wielders. Subject to STERILE status.)
-Raep (Can begin intercourse without the other's consent.)

Stealth: +10%

Bonus Abilities::
-Legendarygasm (Mythical ability described in some testimonials.)

Attack Name: SRS.
Effect: Replaces installed penis with vagina.
Cost: over 9000.
Small random chance of triggering nerve deadening or other complications.

If you want it, you want it. You already know what to do. If you're undecided, remember Ockham's Razor. Don't make things needlessly complicated for yourself.

No.788 : Rina #o7IoaYt5UM [09/11/01(Sun)06:21] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

This isnt specifically trans or CDing related but I just wanted to share this with my fellow traps!
I find this webcomic to be very insightful and I can really relate with her. Anyways please tell me what ya thinkers! LOVE YOU ALLL <333

No.809 : Mitternatch [09/11/08(Sun)17:28] [Report] []

Damn, it takes a long time to read it all but for some reason i fell better now. awesome comic

No.827 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/11/12(Thu)15:08] [Report] []

Some of those, especially dealing with parents, apply so much to me. Good read.

But all buzz cuts must DIEE!! Girls teasing us by passing with inch-long hair, pffft...

No.821 : Anonymous Writer [09/11/09(Mon)21:57] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Didn't know where else to go but I've got this trans. who just wants casual sex, I'm still a virgin, will I lose the love of the pussy if I fuck her?

No.822 : Anonymous Writer [09/11/10(Tue)10:23] [Report] []

butt hole is more tighter than pussy

No.810 : Tammyboy [09/11/08(Sun)22:29] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

1) how to improve my oily skin (face)?
2) i have a lot of old scars on my legs and thinking about laser treatment but high price?
3) how to get some fat on my chest area?


No.811 : defensive [09/11/09(Mon)12:16] [Report] []


For the skin, a hormone switch would help. Failing that, you'll need to play with your diet. Same with the chest fat, though you could in theory manipulate exercise patterns and diet to achieve something.

Scars on the legs are largely unimportant. Everybody has them... if you really need to remove them, you're going to have trouble - scars cannot be fully erased and large ones are difficult to change.

No.203 : Anonymous Stalker [09/04/09(Thu)00:46] [Report] 1239252417566.jpg (117236 B, 480x640) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
117236 B

OK, so here's the deal. I have always regarded myself as straight, but (hesitantly) have to admit that I've been having bi-curious thoughts. All this arose from an interest in pegging and mild crossdressing.

I kind of want to take something to the next level and figure out where the hell I end up, but I'm really only attracted to the idea of sucking a dick when I'm really frustratedly horny. I don't find men to actually be attractive, just the abstract idea of fellatio or anal. Plus, as far as I can tell, I'm still a fan of pussy. I guess it's nice to have options, even if I don't quite know what those options are.

The biggest concern stopping me from diving in is the fear of STDs. I've only ever had sex with two women, both of which were virgins when we started getting down.

I have this mental image of people on craigslist as being too fugly, smelly, or disease-laden to get a date any other way, yet I see it as my only possible venue for experimentation, as nobody I know would be down for it. (Not that I'd want any of my friends to know anyway.)

What do I do? Do I post an ad on craigslist and hope for the best?

Good advice might be rewarded, depending on whether or not I can get my camera working.

Pic is not me.

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No.539 : Anonymous Writer [09/08/20(Thu)20:52] [Report] []

maybe some new pics amd a aim sn?? :)

No.540 : Anonymous Writer [09/08/20(Thu)23:28] [Report] []

Honestly you're broken enough posting ads on the internet let alone craigslist

at least you have your priorities straight and are worried about stds as you should be, since craigslist especially is a breeding ground for them. just focus on that and work your way backwards. there really isn't any better way to offer advice for just wanting to suck dick other than make sure that dick tested.

No.638 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/22(Tue)00:08] [Report] []

By luck, I met a pre-op tranny that was into pegging CD's on CL when I was vacationing in NYC. We used condoms and everything. I ended up catching an STD called Molluscum, it's a nasty rash that's a bitch to get rid of.

Condoms won't protect against everything, especially if they have stuff growing on their skin, like herpes, molluscum, or whatever. Keep that in mind before you decide to turn out the lights.

No.664 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/29(Tue)01:03] [Report] []

Yea Molluscum does suck badly, I got it pretty randomly from some skin to skin contact while giving a blowjob. But I have been careful since then and have never had a problem with most guys I've been with. I would suggest you try its handy for finding men and cd's with pics and stats on what they're interested as well as a forum to post adds without all of your town seeing. Just setup a free account, its much better than adult friend finder in my opinion.

Good luck

No.683 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/06(Tue)22:04] [Report] []

i am an mtf transsexual, and a big fan of giving dome, it is one of my favorite forms of intercourse, however, and call me a moralfag all you want, but any form of sex without a relationship is in my opinion no good.i suggest that you go to an lgbtq support meeting, talk to some guys there, form a relationship, then try giving dome, but for a first experience i highly recommend against doing it with someone you have no attraction towards

No.732 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/20(Tue)02:16] [Report] []

find a girl that likes threesomes. i've dated 9 girls and 5 of them wanted me to fuck them with another guy because they had a queer dude fantasy. then you go to a gay bar with her and pick up another guy.

or just walk into a gay bar.

No.753 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/24(Sat)23:25] [Report] []

ima trap, looking for a trap. and it seems my quest to have a very sexy night may never happen.

No.789 : foaf [09/11/01(Sun)08:52] [Report] []

this is a free dating site that allows you to select your sexuality and intentions, this would be an idea to pass a few doors and see if u like it

No.799 : Anonymous Writer [09/11/03(Tue)01:34] [Report] []


Yeah, pretty much same here... Though I just cross-dress, I can't be trappin' anyone...

Seriously though, it is very hard to find traps/cds in my town. Apparently the problem is that, none of the traps/cds in town like to top--at all. I've hooked up with a couple and 69'd and what not, but when it come right down to it, finding some hot girl come over and do more than that is kind of difficult since we both want the thing the other doesn't want to give.

Anyway, I just wanted to spill my angst too...

As for whether you want to suck a dick or not and want to go on to CL or not... I've been both ways really. I've flat out asked a friend to nail me, told him I'd give it up completely... I was right that he would be cool not to act differently about it, but he didn't want it, and that's still as bad in some ways. Better just leave that route alone.

Then I met a few guys off of CL. The first one was kind of a weird experience, beacuse thinking like anyone else I went, "Well, I'll talk to this guy first." Wound up doing some webcamming for him, and the next thing I knew I was at his house with his flaccid cock in my mouth listening to him say, "I don't know why..." I think he was some kind of closet-case who thought he was gay and didn't like it when it came down to it or something.

The other time, I just thought, "Okay, I'll just meet someone on a random whim, meet them, and if I don't like them bail."

Well, I really liked this guy, and... It was totally worth getting over the apprehension. It was a lot different than I expected, but very enjoyable in a weird sort of vicarious way. Anal sex on the other hand is just downright awesome. Go ahead and give that a go asap.

As far as the people on CL go, none of them were very creepy or anything like that, and I didn't get any STDs. So far I've only hooked up with three people though, so I don't know, take that as you want it.

Personally I'm in the dilemma of just wishing there were more cds around. I've actually considered moving into the nearest major city just to increase my chances.

No.800 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/11/03(Tue)19:48] [Report] []


>Though I just cross-dress, I can't be trappin' anyone...

It's all a matter of how badly you want it.

No.772 : Oh, sheesh. [09/10/29(Thu)22:21] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Dear Jentrap,

Devoted reader here.
Requesting assistance from you, but not on the boards. Any possible way I can get a hold of you?

No.773 : Oh, sheesh. [09/10/29(Thu)22:24] [Report] []

I apologize for the double post. But, to increase my likelihood of a response... It'd be glorious if I could manage a way to get a hold of Jentrap and Shadowtrap. I promise, I'm not a horny guy who wants to talk dirty to you or anything like that, I'd just like some opinions and help. Anywho; thanks in advance.

No.774 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/10/29(Thu)22:42] [Report] []

What, I'm "famous" but I haven't even posted any pics? .__.

(Set coming soon BTW if I don't deem it to be overwhelmingly beginner.)

So while I'm sure you have the best of intentions, I really can't give away important personal information on an anonymous imageboard, especially since I'm still closeted for the most part.

I'll see tomorrow if I can set up a throwaway email address. I also might as well throw this out there: Are you in / anywhere close to eastern Ontario?

No.776 : Oh, sheesh. [09/10/29(Thu)22:57] [Report] []

I could care a lot less about your pictures; honestly. I just like your attitude, miss. And while I understand the privacy issue (I'm in the same boat), I'd like to thank you in advance if you take the time to set up an account. If not, it's all gravy.

If you call central Ohio near Ontario.. Sure, I'm close, but otherwise I'd say no, not at all, and I've never been to Canada.

No.794 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/11/01(Sun)20:28] [Report] []

I might also add you on my guy facebook if you're really trustworthy.

No.616 : Unholy.Secrets [09/09/17(Thu)17:24] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Anyone know where I can get Spiro legally or...-cough- by other means?

4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.624 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/18(Fri)16:17] [Report] []

Just spiro can make you grow boobs, but taking it for too long can also kill you if you aren't also taking estrogen.

No.625 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/18(Fri)17:21] [Report] []

Try That's what I've been using for the last year or so.

No.626 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/09/18(Fri)18:35] [Report] []

Wow, didn't know they did that kind of SRS. Good luck! ^^

Is this legal? o__0; I'll keep this in mind in case the doctors decide to be douches about my hormones. Smuggling them past my parents could be a trick.

No.630 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/19(Sat)13:24] [Report] []

I was told by a friend that spyro only 'blocks' your natural testosterone, so you dont grow more manly. Obviously only usefull as a young/med teen.

No.631 : Unholy.Secrets [09/09/20(Sun)09:00] [Report] []

>>624 Oh. So It does! But estrogen is needed too. Alright thanks hun!
>>625 Your freaking awesome!! Thanks a million.
>>626 Heh! Its not legal procedure yet. Heh! But who said that it has to be legal. :D
>>630 Lol its worth a shot

No.724 : genderqueer [09/10/20(Tue)00:54] [Report] []


wow! I'm really shocked to see another person who wants to transition to hermaphrodite here. I have, like, a thousand questions to ask you, but first off is this doctor friend of yours seriously doing research on this type of surgery? And also what do you identify your gender as?

No.725 : genderqueer [09/10/20(Tue)00:58] [Report] []


also, I've heard its safer to take just estrogen rather than testosterone blockers. Not sure if this will also shrink a penis, or at what dosage~ anyone know?

No.733 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/10/20(Tue)11:07] [Report] []

I still don't quite follow how there's enough material to work with. They're trying to fashion a vagina out of just your scrotum?

What I had heard was that estrogens alone aren't highly effective without androgen blockers.

Again, we seriously need a hormone expert here.

No.746 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/23(Fri)03:02] [Report] []

Take both. You wont get that decent of results if you don't.

No.762 : shadowtrap #IbVInx3YSI [09/10/28(Wed)02:47] [Report] []

Estrodiol will do nothing if you don't take an anti-androgen.
Taking an anti-androgen alone can HURT YOU.
Your body uses what estrogen it needs and the rest is just wasted away.

Estrodiol- An estrogen supplement used primarily for adult women during menopause.
Used in a SRP (sexual reassignment program) by a certified doctor, can be used to promote a healthy transition. The patient can expect to have mental changes as well as physical, bringing them closer to a comfortable gender state.
In most cases, the estrodiol is a generic 2mg pill and is taken three times a day in typical pre-op programs.

Used to suppress %free testosterone levels.
200mg ensures a dramatic drop to around 15-20% free in order for the body to cycle natural estrogen as well as estrogen supplements.

Used to simulate a menstrual cycle. Promotes fat distribution and breast growth. It is used for maximum results in feminizing a patient under a SRP.

Secrets, please go to a doctor prior to self medicating. I did it and it did not do a fucking thing. It was not until I was under the care of a doctor and placed on specific medications at specific dosages that I began to transition correctly.

No.743 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/21(Wed)19:43] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Background: I'm a male, but I'm a bit genderqueer. I may not look particularly androgynous, though I would like to. It really is that mentally I feel much more feminine. As such, I tend to be very 'girly' at times. I'm in my early 20's and and just really starting to deal with this. I've crossdressed in private for a couple of years now, finding I like the feeling of letting go and feeling feminine. Recently I have become more and more obvious when it come to those interests with my friends and girlfriend (though she also knows about the corssdressing where my friends do not). Though I have been open to one of my female friends on the subject of clothing, lamenting the fact that women have the option of unisex, which is just socially acceptable crossdressing, and that there is no such socially acceptable option for guys. I've flt out told her that I should be able to wear a skirt and makeup if I so please and that I would. Also me and her and another female friend went makeup shopping together, since me and her had been looking at makeup on line constantly. That made me happy, even though I felt a bit out of place (mostly because of the way the cashiers treated me, probably thought I was her boyfriend being dragged along). I still looked around and had a great time etc. Also one time hanging out I used some of her clear coat nail polish, and then a week or so later I used a color nail polish. I even went into work one day with it on. No one said anything and if anyone did I'd probably try to play it off and be like 'oh my gf attacked me with nail polish, herp derp.'

Anyways, because I have been much more open, with this one friend and in general, I am feeling all the more vulnerable and paranoid. I'm now hyper sensitive to being rejected. The female friend mentioned earlier is shopping for a dress because she is a bridesmaid. She has been showing me dresses and getting my opinion and such. Tonight she apparently IMed my gf with some dress options but I got no such message. This has tripped my probably overactive paranoia alarm. I mean typing it out now makes me see that it is probably silly, that she is not rejecting me, thinking I'm a freak etc. I mean she was totally on board with me on the whole crappyness of no 'unisex' option for men thing.

But now I still have a question. I know I may be being a bit too paranoid in this instance but I have a larger concern. How do I get to be 'just be one of the girls'? I want to become more open about my genderqueer-ness-ocity but how do I ease it into my social circle. I mean we have no hyper-Christians or anything and we're all socially very liberal/libertarian. I still feel very awkward and somewhat panicky at the thought of it. So how do I get more comfortable with myself and with being more open? I'm sure there are more experienced people out there that can give tips and share their own stories.

I was not sure if I should post this especially given the detail (any one of the people mentioned reading this would know who I am but then they would be on tranchan so...) but hopefully someone may have some insight and if not its cathartic to just write it out anyways.

No.744 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/10/21(Wed)20:39] [Report] []

Haven't really been in that spot since I am quite secretive.

We all like to think the sky is falling whenever one of our deeply personal secrets, especially one so stigmatized, gets out, but the truth is, it's not such a big deal. You might lose one crazy friend at worst, and the information isn't going to spread nearly as far as you think it is.

If your girlfriend would leave you over something like this, you deserve better.

No.745 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/22(Thu)12:59] [Report] []

OP you basically described me, minus the paranoid part. I just wish I could find SOMEONE I could open up to about it, preferably a female friend that could, 'teach' me, I guess, how to be a proper girl.

No.708 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/15(Thu)15:34] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

hi /cdE/ im a 20 yo crossdresser
and i need adv, in where to buy clothes anonymousely, im scared that some1 would know im into this. any ideas?

No.710 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/15(Thu)17:38] [Report] []

I've only started CDing recently...but... Yeah, the best way to do it? Around halloween nobody will look twice(Since it is this time of year) if they ask, say you're going as a girl. Online is always good... And you can find a female friend to go with you! :)

No.728 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/20(Tue)01:51] [Report] []

wow total fail. put some money on an anonymous visa gift card at a bank and mail order whatever you want.

if you're a fag who still lives with his parents tell them to card everything sent to you for pickup so it doesn't arrive at your house.

also guys buy their girls panties and shit all the time. nobody is gonna care

No.742 : jo [09/10/21(Wed)19:41] [Report] []

Unless you run into some really ignorant people, most store clerks or retail attendants will raise an eyebrow at the most... but will otherwise process your purchase once you're at the counter. If you go to a respected retail outlet and shop in the women's section, you may be questions "if you need help", but you have every right to reply "No, I'm fine."

People in retail are concerned with sales, not whether or not young men are donning bras and panties in their locked bedrooms.

But if you want to purchase items anonymously, online shopping is the best way to go.

No.735 : Anonymous Writer #A4CqZ3nc/g [09/10/20(Tue)13:10] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Hello everyone :)

I wonder how it is possible to achieve a more female voice (having a deep male voice is kinda wierd for crossdressing/trapping/etc.). Do you have some hints or advice for me how I can turn my voice into a female voice? It would be nice of anyone who can give me an answer to this :3

Also I'm turning 21 y/o in about a week if you want to know my age.

Bye ladies~ :)

No.737 : btc #rjvkqReu7Y [09/10/20(Tue)15:06] [Report] []

Youtube has a handful of instructional videos
Look for the 'transgender voice' ones by this user:

No.738 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/10/20(Tue)19:02] [Report] []

Right now I'm going through Andrea James' 'Finding Your Female Voice'. (Put it into a torrent search engine.)

I haven't made it through all the tables of syllables because they're very long, but I already have a basic technique, albeit rough around the edges.

Make sure you have an audio recorder (PC is fine) and a ton of time when you can chant loudly in embarrassing voices without drawing attention set aside.

Practice is the most important thing. Only time will help you get a natural pitch inflection and good-sounding vowels.

No.741 : Anonymous Writer #A4CqZ3nc/g [09/10/21(Wed)16:09] [Report] []

Thank you both :3 I will definitely check both out.

No.684 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/07(Wed)04:16] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Alright I'm posting here for some advice (Which I'm not exactly sure if I'm allowed to >.>)

Please please please know that I'm not a troll and what I'm about to say, I mean every word of it.

Ok, here goes, I'm transgendered. I was born a male but feel very deeply that I should be female, and even when I was a kid that's been the only thing I've ever wanted.

However, I'm not doing anything about it right now (aka taking therapy so I can get hormones, or trying to find a way to get hormones another way.) because of two reasons.

1) I know deeply in my heart my whole family will not accept me if I do, which isn't that bad really, I mean if they can't accept me for who I am then they really aren't much of a family. But I'm rooming with my sister and well, I kinda need her as a roommate right now. (Rent is expensive >.>)

2) I'm a devout Christian and I don't know if what I would be doing is against God's will.

Seriously I don't want to turn this into a "bible fight" and please please please understand that I'm not trolling here and that I really need some advice if I should continue down this path of self loathing and believing that it's God's will to stay the way I'm made, or if I should seek to change myself to how I feel I should be.

Any feedback from anyone would be helpful, but what I'm really looking for is feed back from another transgendered person who's going through/been through what I'm feeling right now.

8 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.700 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/13(Tue)19:09] [Report] []

The way I see it, God is all about compassion and forgiveness. Crossdressing or transitioning does no harm to anybody, so why would He hate or condemn people for it? I think people should be judged by their character and virtues, rather than such a relatively minor thing as gender identity. Being against transgenderism isn't Christianity, it's just bigotry.

No.701 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/13(Tue)21:37] [Report] []

I have never actually posted before, lurked a lot. This one actually kind of hit home for me though.

I was born and raised christian. I knew I was bi since I was 11 and since I was 12 I knew I was supposed to be a woman. I hated myself for years, I was always taught homosexuality was a sin, I didn't feel like I was in the right body, my feelings for other men only made me hate myself even more.

Recently I came to terms with it. I had outted myself to s few close friends but a few months ago I finally outted myself to my family and to the world.

I came to this conclusion. God gave us 10 commandments and not one of them said thou shalt not be gay. I read the passages about homosexuality and I still was not convinced that they meant that gay men and women will go to hell. Teachings are that God loves us as his (or her) children and like any parent just wants us to be happy and respect them.

I know for sure that homosexuality, bi-sexuality, gender issues, all of that is not a choice and to even suggest it is is idiotic at best. I never lived or dressed as a woman (except when I could get away with it), I don't have the money, I'm uninsured, and even though I'm out to my family I still am worried about how they would react if they were brought face to face with it. I am working barely above minimum wage in a state with a 13% unemployment rate in some areas, I'm lucky to have a job at all. I have to pay my own way through college and chances are even if I am lucky enough to find someone understanding enough to spend my life with that I will never be able to go through the MTF process because it will be too late in life to be able to afford it.

Right now I am more worried about how to even go about finding someone to be with. There are little to no dating sites to meet transgendered in the state I live in, and the ones there are have been inactive for months or years.

What I am saying is that (no bible bashing please) God loves all of us like children and wants us to be happy. If you know you were born with an XY body and an XX mind then it is nothing more than a birth defect that can be cosmetically fixed at least. God will always love you, so concentrate on the important things in life like living a happy one. Find someone who understands and cares and share that life.

No.703 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/10/13(Tue)22:16] [Report] []

Being anything is never a sin. Whoever says so is a bigoted moron who makes the rest of Christiandom look like idiots.

The only rule in Canon Law dealing with sex is symmetric between straight and gay pairings.

(Marriage is a tangled mess which I don't even want to deal with right now. To summarize, the church's definition of gender is obsolete.)

Don't be hating on yourself for stuff that isn't wrong. Read the thread to understand why being who you are is OK. It's all about what you do with it.

It sucks being broke. I was there not so recently. I actually got an incredibly lucky break when a well-paying job in my field was basically handed to me ... from someone at my church, of all places, given the topic. I'm still going to feel the money pinch upon moving out, which I'll need to do in order to transition. (Those in my family who do know think pursuing it is foolish, and those who don't know ... don't know for a reason.)

So point being you never know when opportunity might come knocking. Your situation could change in an instant.

And you can transition at any age. The completeness of hormone feminization does go down with age, but you can offset this with determination & skill. There are MTFs who transitioned in their 40s and still pass consistently.

No.705 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/13(Tue)22:49] [Report] []


Same poster from 701. I don't hate myself anymore. I used to and I realized finally that I was made how I was made and if I was made this way there was a reason and God doesn't hate me for the way he made me. It took a long time, but I am happier.

Oddly I somehow thought coming out would be a much bigger life changing event. I didn't expect balloons to fall from the ceiling or anything, but still... I just expected something more. Being bi has it's own troubles not the least of which are that you receive hate from both the straight and gay community, but that was to be expected. I didn't expect more women to hit on me simply because I was bi, I always assumed the 2 women thing was a male only fantasy, never knew 2 guys was a woman fantasy.

Back to the thread though. I was a devout christian for years, I still am a Christian, I pray and talk to God, I just don't believe in church anymore. From personal experience, never let something like this stand in the way of being happy. You don't have to abandon your faith just because you were born male when you should have been female. To some of us a penis is just a birth defect, like a cleft palette it can be fixed.

Another reason I have for not going through with it though is that I would give anything to be a woman, but I want ovaries and all. To have children. To be a real woman. Gender reassignment would leave me unable to have kids as a male or female. That is something I want and freezing sperm and so on is just another added expense for something that I can't afford anyway.

For now I intend to learn how to put on make-up. Start by dressing the part. When I have the money to move maybe years down the road I can start living the part.

No.706 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/14(Wed)01:01] [Report] []

Op again,

>>701 >>705 I almost cried reading your story, because from what you said it sounds almost exactly like me, I mean right now even my state is pretty bad, I live in Michigan so I know all about the unemployment problems too, and the job I have, I'm making just above minimum wage on a part time and that's hardly making rent.

But I'm so glad for you and Jentrap, who seem to know what I'm going through and can offer some advice and comfort. Also thank you to anyone posting in this thread it makes me so happy getting this level of support.

No.707 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/14(Wed)20:57] [Report] []


Same one as 701 and 705, I really should make a name. Oh well.

I am also from Michigan, so you know how bad it is. Luckily I'm from the Grand Rapids, K-Zoo side, I hear Detroit is up to 14% unemployment.

I stumbled across this chan from other chans and fell in love with half the TS/TGs so haven't left.

Oddly I found the help and support I needed most not from offline friends or family, but from a facebook group. You have to be careful, most groups are just straight guys or girls looking for threesomes or webcam or cyber, lying about being bi just to get some. I got lucky though, I met a few people who had been out for a while. They showed me dating sites and talked to me about everything I could think of.

Being bi, especially when you know you should have been born a woman is difficult to say the least. You get crap from the gay community telling you that bis are just confused and are really gay, straights who say the same with a different twist, religious nutjobs who think you will burn in hell because your hair touched your shoulders, hate mongers, and all round general douchebags to make your life hell. Add in a gender identity issue and you're left alone in the cold by pretty much anyone who hasn't been there.

I wish I could give you good news, but it only is going to get harder. If you can find someone who loves you and supports you for who you are, grab on and don't let go. Never give up though, I know what it's like not feeling right in the body you were born with so you're not alone.

Halloween is coming up so it gives me an excuse to express myself. I suggest you do the same. Luckily I have a sister who used to be my size and she has a very cute long skirt, thinking black stockings underneath. Hair is short right now though, but hopefully I can do something with it to be passable at least.

Oh and by the way, if you ever heard of a town called Allegan, maybe you could look me up sometime ;)

No.727 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/20(Tue)01:45] [Report] []

the bible is merely a collection of primitive yet honorable stories and parables written by bronzed-aged nomads wandering the desert.

as for god(s), if one exist such a god is clearly an absentee hands-off entity that probably doesn't give a shit about our tiny 4 dimensional world of time and space. i think you're in the clear.

as for 'staying the way you're made' that's a ludicrous argument. everything from tattoos to dentists change our core so-called divinely created human image. ppl have plastic surgery and dye their hair all the time. what's the difference.

if anybody says its against god's will simply tell them god came to you in a dream and said to change into a woman. pretty much all religion is based on a guy who talked to god in a 'vision' so you will have pitted their superstitious ridiculous paganism against them for which they can have no argument.

however if you argue logically that it is pretty fucking obvious the bible is man made and mystical beings don't give a flying fuck about earth or it's inhabitants (last time I checked, no divine intervention in genocides or cancer) then they'll just claim you don't understand and while they will still accept you, they'll assume you'll just revert back and get married and have 2.5 kids because it's just a fad or evil temptation or some bullshit.

after 20 or so years they'll finally accept you and stop giving a shit. at least my psycho religious family did when my sis came out of the closet.

if all else fails, there's always SFO and NYC, or Canada.

No.734 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/10/20(Tue)11:10] [Report] []

No need to troll. The CHRISTIAN OPINION here is already that transgenderism is okay.

No.736 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/20(Tue)13:29] [Report] []

of course the opinion here is that it's ok.

good luck trying to tell that to the vatican, the billy graham institute of oppression which has the president's ear and wacky baptists who bring guns to gay marriage town hall debates.

religion is a joke, in 2,000yrs when we become a type II civilization nobody is gonna care about some cult leader named jesus aka david koresh and his martydom complex.

No.739 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/10/20(Tue)19:21] [Report] []

Gleefully ignoring Rule 14 but wtf. I like debates.

It's human nature to grasp at what we can't fathom. (CS Lewis forwarded a strong argument for the existence of God using this fact.) Nothing in the collective human knowledge precludes the existence of a creator. This creator might be disinterested, but might also want us to be autonomous so we can develop in our own right. We aren't really alive if our every action is decided by some omnipotent being.

I follow the Vatican, btw, and am happily transitioning. I couldn't care less if they still consider me a guy, and that's the only controversial thing they said on this front.

Baptists don't follow Rome. And last I checked, they don't wield guns at public meetings. You're thinking of skinheads and other nutjobs who make the rest of us look bad.

2000 years is not enough time to figure out how to bend the laws of physics enough to harness the total energy output of the sun. Maybe a million. And yes, the people then will still be grasping at the unknown.

A lot of this coming out trouble is caused by you no longer being "the person they thought you were." Whether total BS or not, in their minds, you sort of die to them and are replaced with someone else. They don't like this so they suffer emotionally, but eventually come to grips. Religion rarely plays a role, aside from possibly being the misconstrued source of your own denial.

No.247 : Anonymous Stalker [09/04/24(Fri)09:52] [Report] 1240581160523.jpg (55236 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
55236 B


What's the real difference between trapping and crossdressing, at least in regards to these forums?

Pic so vaguely related, its linetrap.

15 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.375 : Anonymous Stalker [09/05/31(Sun)16:47] [Report] []

Traps are the best. Anyone can crossdress. Only a few are good enough to become traps.

No.380 : Autumn L [09/05/31(Sun)20:11] [Report] []


Anyways, I believe that any guy can be a good trap. They just have to put the time and effort into being good. Just look at Poly. Fine example right there.

No.385 : maxie #oblAO6/sUQ [09/06/03(Wed)15:18] [Report] []

I always took trap to be more of a negative term (read: whore), that could just be the way 4chan uses it though.

Interestingly enough I have never been officially labelled as a trap..if this is a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen.

No.387 : Anonymous Stalker [09/06/04(Thu)03:56] [Report] []

>>385 that's a bad thing. you're obviously ugly.

No.388 : maxie #oblAO6/sUQ [09/06/04(Thu)15:41] [Report] []

Sorry, couldn't hear you over the sound of "I've never been to /cdg/".

I'll admit, I'm not hot stuff..but I'm passable.

No.409 : Texas Stalker [09/06/12(Fri)18:21] [Report] []


4chan doesn't produce positive terms lol

No.607 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/13(Sun)23:14] [Report] []

>>288 your an idiot.

No.608 : Jen [09/09/14(Mon)16:41] [Report] []

Linetrap is my role model. ^o^

I think the key difference here is intention. Traps want to pass as women (and not ugly ones), whereas crossdressers do it for their own pleasure.

I think anyone can pass if they set their mind to it. Hormones should only be necessary if you're trying to pass with little to no clothes.

As far as /tg/ goes, you kind of have to make it in /cdg/ or /tsg/ before being invited there.

Her Youtube:
You could also try lurking around /b/ (4chan) and wait for a trap thread to show up.

No.729 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/20(Tue)02:05] [Report] []

cross dressing means you are one gender but dress as another. hence the term, XDRESS. usually privately in bed, or on webcam.

trapping is when you go out dressed as a girl and fool drunken men in nightclubs into going home with you. Admiral Ackbar your wingman shouts OMG ITS A TRAP as you get in the cab to go back to her place but you already know and are looking forward to eating tranny pussy.

TS/TG generally means you ID as another gender and live F/T as that gender.

No.731 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/20(Tue)02:09] [Report] []
there should just be /cdg/ and /tg/.
/cdg/ being those who don't do it full time and /tg/ for those that do.
the whole gay OMG ur not hot enuff to qualify for /tg/ is myspace highschool bullshit.

No.567 : Anonymous Writer [09/08/31(Mon)15:50] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

ITT: Tips for getting a close shave without having to deal with raxzor burn.

just shaving for us poorfags.

No.568 : jo [09/09/01(Tue)19:57] [Report] []

Start with a warm, damp hand towel, and make sure that the surface area to be shaved is reasonably damp. Apply a shaving cream you're comfortable moisturizes and gives you a clean and close shave... may take some experimenting or asking around... different skins react to different creams differently.

The same can be said about lotion, I think, but make sure you use adequate lotion after you've finished shaving (and rinsing).

Or, if you have the funds, you can purchase an electrical razor that is specially designed for below-the-neck areas -- like the Norelco Bodygroom.

No.711 : Skittles-Kun [09/10/15(Thu)18:04] [Report] []

I have the Norelco body-groom electric razor...It works REALLY well. However I still end up getting razor burn after shaving and lotioning. Tip with electric razors though...cant using shaving cream unless you wanna jack up the razor :(

No.726 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/20(Tue)01:16] [Report] []

get your ass waxed by a pro. ppl do it all the time it costs around $20+tip. yes they're used to dudes coming in and getting it done.

as for shaving balls/cock or whatever after awhile your skin gets used to it and razor burn goes away. take a ton of omega3 fish oil supplements (they reduce inflammation) and scrub the shaved area to get rid of dead skin.


No.712 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/15(Thu)21:23] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

I have a confession. I've always liked putting on womens' clothes--when I was four asn wore my mom's nightgown to when I was twelve and stole my sister's panties--but now...
I want a trap girlfreind. I want to fool around with someone and wear girl clothes. But how do I find the right trap for me?

No.719 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/10/16(Fri)17:29] [Report] []

Are you sure you've worked out all your issues?

I used to think this way until I realized I'd rather be the trap than be with the trap.

Of course, being with a trap would also be nice, if she's right for me.

No.721 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/17(Sat)18:35] [Report] []

No, I've thought about it a lot. I definitely don't much care about CDing IRL, I just want teh naughty sexy thrill of a super cute girl with a dick.
know where I can find one?

No.702 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/13(Tue)21:50] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

i'm a 21 yr old guy that started wearing panties at age 10, then wearing other things at age 15. this stuff was not mine and was 'borrowed' from other people, is this creepy to anyone that i use things from people who i care about for crossdressing?

No.704 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/10/13(Tue)22:18] [Report] []

I think that's a common way to get your start. I started out "borrowing" my sister's panties, etc.

Improvising is not creepy.

No.709 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/15(Thu)16:44] [Report] []

In my mind borrowing them to wear is less creepy than say, borrowing them to chew out the crotch while fapping to raep porn.

No.659 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/28(Mon)07:39] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

I think it's time to admit to myself that I want to start crossdressing.

Unfortunately, I'm absolutely terrified of anyone finding out (I live in a small town, in a house with several roommates) so buying clothes in a shop or online is something that is going to take a lot of balls to do. No pun intended.

Any tips for someone just starting out? I'm very masculine in appearance so I'll just be doing this in my own private space, but still.

No.663 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/09/28(Mon)20:57] [Report] []

Unless you live in KKKville or something, I wouldn't worry too much about being found out. No one outside your house cares if they even know you, and roommates might tease at the very worst.

Hell, if you do a good enough job (passing, etc.), they might even start to like you for it! (Always remember Rule 43.)

I'm still at the beginning of my journey, so I can't give very much expert advice on what works well. Just dress the way the girls around you are dressing, I guess.

If it's just for your own enjoyment, you should already know what kinds of stuff you want just by looking at them.

And it's moreso your own fear that's holding you back than any real danger.

No.666 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/29(Tue)07:58] [Report] []

You're probably right. One of the things that scares me is that I live in a small college town, so most of the people who work at the stores where I could buy female clothes would be my friends...

I may end up just ordering online and seeing where things go from there; easily concealable items such as panties or hosiery. Unless I make some very drastic changes in my lifestyle I'll never pass -- and I'm not intending on passing, as I will mostly do this for my own enjoyment, in private.

Ultimately though, yes. I just need to get over my fear.

No.672 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/09/30(Wed)20:40] [Report] []

I just bought a crapload of makeup from the Wal-mart, plus some breast forms to top it off. The cashier didn't even flinch.

I think I'm getting brazen.

No.674 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/02(Fri)17:34] [Report] []

I'm jealous! I'm in the UK so we don't even have a Wal-mart. I'm contemplating making a day-trip to the nearest big city to buy things anonymously.

No.675 : jo [09/10/03(Sat)11:48] [Report] []

I would recommend starting small, like you imply, with panties or hosiery.

Jeans are also a good place to start; just be cognizant of how difficult it can be to find the right size.

Having hidden clothing since junior high on through college; I've come to find that no matter where you hide something, the hiding place will always be discovered in one way or another. Human curiosity and the sheer serendipity are too strong for common secrecy.... but with that said, panties are easier to hide than, say, a strapless dress.

No.676 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/10/04(Sun)14:39] [Report] []
>Jeans are also a good place to start; just be cognizant of how difficult it can be to find the right size.

Jeans were easy for me. I just used my guy size and they worked perfectly.

No.686 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/07(Wed)10:13] [Report] []


Oddly enough I'm not so much worried about hiding them, but just going out and buying them. It seems to be a big psychological block for me and I'm not sure why.

I did go online and browse a few online shops the other day, I even filled out a basket and was almost going to proceed to the checkout before chickening out. :(

No.697 : jo [09/10/10(Sat)18:57] [Report] []

Interesting. Certainly understandable though, especially if you live in a small town, as you said.

I know of some who coordinate simple excuses when in-store -- saying it's for the girlfriend, referring to an anonymous shopping list, shopping in an adjacent town. Personally, I've always been comfortable shopping in the early hours of the morning; early as in getting to the store at 8:30am on a Sunday, after it opens at 8:00. I struck up a conversation with a clerk in the women's department at Target not too long ago, and I was completely relaxed.

No.585 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/07(Mon)11:31] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Anyone know any good site for personals that cater to crossdressers/traps/those interested in them?

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.590 : PrincessFoosi #1E0MZU2HrM [09/09/09(Wed)16:29] [Report] []


No.591 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/09(Wed)19:56] [Report] []


No.639 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/23(Wed)01:27] [Report] []

No.644 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/24(Thu)00:15] [Report] []

No.650 : defensive [09/09/27(Sun)02:57] [Report] []

The more questions I hear like this, the more I think I should finish my OKCupid derivative.

No.651 : Snow #Yo.CICr1RE [09/09/27(Sun)19:18] [Report] []

>>650 OKCupid for transies? That'd be awesome! <3

No.658 : defensive [09/09/28(Mon)03:07] [Report] []


More like OKCupid for a wider, more stratified population, including trans, but yes.

No.688 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/07(Wed)17:52] [Report] []

so something just as objectifying, that's cool, that' scool

No.691 : defensive [09/10/08(Thu)16:13] [Report] []


Well, that really depends upon how one uses the tools provided. You can paint yourself as an object or as a subject if you wish. I merely want to provide a more complex system which may help those who don't identify merely as A, B looking for E.

This system provides for the elective application of labels to the self. You could just go stealth if you wish, but those who want to be upfront can use a more descriptive system for the matchmaking and quiver.

You're only an object if you let other people turn you into an object. Terms and associations themselves do not objectify you. Only people can use them to do so, and only you can permit said people the social latitude to simply your character.

No.693 : Anonymous Writer [09/10/09(Fri)10:55] [Report] []



No.640 : FA☆BU☆LO☆U☆S [09/09/23(Wed)17:37] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

What kind of pretty/feminine stuff could a man wear (and get away with), if he's not making any attempt to pass as a woman? I understand if you folks don't think it quite fits this board since I'm not trying to pass, but it's still a sort of covert crossdressing, so hopefully it fits.

Specifically I'm asking about tall flat-heeled boots like these, but I'm curious about other stuff too, like various kinds of hats, maybe necklaces or other jewlery, etc. And in what settings could these things be gotten away with? I never see them on men at the office (not even the sloppy-dressing ones on casual friday) so I'm guessing not in a business setting.

No.641 : FA☆BU☆LO☆U☆S [09/09/23(Wed)17:38] [Report] []

(In case it's not clear, "these" boots are in the link at -- not used to text-based imageboards, I guess).

No.642 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/09/23(Wed)22:33] [Report] []

That depends on your definition of normal.

If you don't want to get noticed, you should stay away from things like this if you don't pass. (I'd stay faar away from those boots even once I do pass! =P)

If you don't mind getting noticed then it really doesn't matter. No one's going to say/do anything.

No.655 : jo [09/09/27(Sun)19:54] [Report] []

There are a lot of so-called gender neutral clothing items you can option: sweaters, layered camisoles or tanks, slim jeans, button-up shirts, even capris. I have them all in my closet, and wear them all with relative frequency.

Shoes are more difficult, mostly because mens' feet are usually two or two and a half sizes larger than womens' shoes. But if you want boots, personally, I love boots with a block heel... I have a black, leather, lace-up pair that are the perfect blend of cute/sexy/functional. If you know where to search, try searching by heel height; it may work better than sifting through pages of online stores where all of their sexy boots have five-inch heels.

No.677 : FA☆BU☆LO☆U☆S [09/10/04(Sun)21:37] [Report] []

Yeah, the shiny gold part is way too gaudy, I was actually thinking more of a brown. :P

But without getting into it too much, it would definitely be pretty out of the norm for me I guess, so maybe I'll just skip it. Meh, I'd probably be wracked with anxiety just owning it, haha.

No.645 : Cally =3 [09/09/24(Thu)20:57] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

I finally decided im going to go on hormones from inhouse pharmacy.

I remember i was going to take spiro, and estrofem. But i don't remember the dosages! Please help. =3

No.646 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/09/25(Fri)10:33] [Report] []

This is relevant to my interests.

This link was posted in an earlier thread:

(My own problem is I want to hang onto my fertility so I worry that these dosages would be too strong.)

Dosages also depend on your body size/type, and your natural hormone levels. I'd suggest seeing a doctor anyway, even if you don't think you'd be given a prescription.

It's worth a try and it'll get you there more safely if they do help. They might even be more willing to help if they know you'd just self-medicate anyway, and you'll still have this option if they don't help.

Also, help on hiding mail-ordered prescription medications from your parents? Especially when you're likely to be off at work when the packages arrive?

No.647 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/25(Fri)23:48] [Report] []

>>646 I don't know your locale, but perhaps a P.O. box? Even if you're a minor, you can get a P.O. box as long as your parents don't tell them not to. They're not too expensive.

No.649 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/09/26(Sat)19:19] [Report] []

Thanks. I'm not a minor, I have a job, but I'm still financially dependent on them.

I have a good job, but there's no way I could move out and still make living costs, tuition, and hormone costs unless I quit university and went back to my job fulltime.

No.578 : EmilyJ [09/09/04(Fri)13:11] [Report] [SNAP] [Reply]

Alright. I'm an mtF transgender, but I haven't begun transitioning/hormones or anything like that. I'm very muchly in the closet right now until I have the money to start my journey. I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with herbal pills with hormonal/anti-androgenic properties. I plan on starting hormones once I move out of my parents house (inb4 underage, I'm 18 but I'm taking a year off before I leave). Ideally, I want to take something herbal that will get me started, and then once on my own switch to synthetic hormones. I was just wondering how effective herbal pills are they? Are they worth the time/money? Will I make any noticeable changes in 12-13 months? Or should I just tough it out for another year? Thanks in advance !

No.579 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/04(Fri)18:29] [Report] []

Lol, saw this on 4chon.

No.580 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/05(Sat)20:37] [Report] []

Heh, saw this on 4chan's /b/ as well. Conclusion of that thread: Herbals suck.

No.648 : Anonymous Writer [09/09/26(Sat)05:49] [Report] []

Seriously, save up, goto and order the real thing.


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