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No.1002 : Anonymous [10/02/18(Thu)13:19] [SNAP]

I know what is most recommended for a close shave on the face is like a mach 3 or something but I don't have the money to be wasting $20 on razor blades anymore so does anyone have any good recommendations for disposables, plz no hate

No.1019 : Anonymous [10/03/15(Mon)20:07] []

try plucking

No.1034 : Anonymous [10/04/12(Mon)11:51] []

i have a good recommendation
i used to use mach3 or mach4 whatevers, too expensive
hit up target or wallmart, target is best
buy 12 pack 3 blade disposables, target brand
started using them, they get the job done, and from what i can tell (when sharp) they dont irritate too much

No.1036 : Anonymous [10/04/15(Thu)02:09] []

you could try learning how to use a safety razor

No.1238 : Anonymous [11/04/22(Fri)14:53] []

Any electric razors come close?


None right now!

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