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No.1010 : Krystal [10/03/07(Sun)18:13] [Report] [SNAP]

I am a 20 year old male and i really want to become a trap, or as close as i can get. i haven't crossdressed outside of my room and my main concern is that not matter what i do ill just end up looking ugly. my gf has been alot of help but i want to know if anyone can help me out. i have an average build but ive been trying to slim down. i just want to know is there anyway i can look good without using hormones. idk if i want to go that far yet.

No.1012 : Shadowtrap #qLKFCHyXGo [10/03/11(Thu)08:18] [Report] []

You don't transition to be pretty.

No.1014 : Anonymous [10/03/13(Sat)08:46] [Report] []

Uh yeah, you do. Otherwise you are just a man with makeup on.

No.1015 : Anonymous [10/03/13(Sat)12:15] [Report] []

to quote the Spy from TF2: "I think not."

The process of transitioning is a serious choice to make and isn't something that you can decide on a whim. Anyone who's gone through the process and/or is considering this knows it.


No.1018 : Anonymous [10/03/14(Sun)06:45] [Report] []

You shouldn't do most things just for appearances, but there's nothing wrong with asking for tips if you want to look good.
let's exercise like running, swimming. if you use weight machines, you can tailor a routine to strength and toning w/ o bulking. concentrate on toning legs, ass, abs. cut out some excess fat and carbs from your diet. continue to get tips from gf on makeup, clothes, whatev

No.1020 : Anonymous [10/03/18(Thu)14:53] [Report] []

>>1015 it's a good thing no one cares about your retarded opinion.

No.1044 : Anonymous [10/04/23(Fri)19:42] [Report] []

I'm with Krystal. I'm a closet CDer, haven't thought of going public yet. Right now I just have a few basic pieces of clothing, shave everything (well, almost everything), and sometimes play with makeup. What's the next step? Is there a tutorial or something for starting off?

No.1050 : Anonymous [10/04/29(Thu)17:36] [Report] []

I think the thing about being pretty is somewhat hard to understand. There's male beauty and female beauty. Im assuming what OP mean was that he wants to have more feminine beauty. Im a pretty decent looking guy, but thats because i have manly features. a cut jaw and shit, but i want to look more feminine.


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