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No.1052 : Anonymous [10/05/02(Sun)17:34] [Report] [SNAP]

so i just came out as trans to my family. theyve all been hella cool about it, but i want to know what steps can i take to know that i really am trans. ive done a bit of crossdressing and it feels more comfortable to me. but what are some next steps?

im young and plz?

No.1066 : jo [10/05/30(Sun)20:11] [Report] []

Talk to people. Not just online, I mean in person. Seek out support groups and councilors who specialize in gender issues... this will help you get into the correct frame of mind as yo pursue engaging a new social context.

No.1068 : Anonymous [10/06/04(Fri)08:12] [Report] []

young like 14 or 24?
some teenagers have a lot of question about theire sexuality and not sure about it.
with time and maybe with a partner you sould be able to tell what you do prefer:
a masculine chest with a bit of bodyhair
or a nice feminine curve.
to be crossdresser is not like being a woman. if you're not attracted to men don't make a big problem about it. crossdress the way you like and try to lay hand on a nice girlfriend who shares the same interests

No.1091 : PrincessPongo #/5uZgV8tao [10/06/30(Wed)23:21] [Report] []

I'm trans, and I like women.
Who you're sexually attracted to has got NOTHING to do with it, and give this kid a break, if they took the a step as huge as coming out to friends and family I'm sure they have some idea of the difference between a transsexual and a crossdresser.

No.1150 : Anonymous [10/10/05(Tue)02:00] [Report] []


i want to smack that ignorance right out of you.


None right now!

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