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No.1176 : Anonymous [10/12/04(Sat)15:11] [Report] [SNAP]

Can you do HRT to just look a TAD bit more feminine and not go all the way with it?
18 years old, and im fairly feminine already but i dont want to go all the way. i just want to do it when i want, and not when i dont. you know?
thanks for the info.

No.1178 : Anonymous [10/12/22(Wed)17:24] [Report] []


As much as everyone's going to say "oh no, don't do it, you need to go to a therapist, hormones are only for full transsexuals, etc etc" I'm going to say right now you can totally do it. However, you will end up with a bit of breast growth if you stay on them long enough to get any useful effects, so I leave that up to you to decide if you're ok with it or not.

Also, once you stop taking them your body will somewhat revert to a more masculine appearance, so expect that as well. And switching your body back and forth between estrogen and testosterone repeatedly is a stressful thing to do, so I recommend staying on them for a longer time just once if you do it.

Be SURE to research the HELL out of the topic before you even try, because you want to know what you're doing. I would recommend oral estrogens (estrofem or progynova) but you need to look into it to find out more. Also if you have any questions just ask me :)

No.1183 : Anonymous [11/01/03(Mon)21:31] [Report] []

Same here OP. I'm 19 and really want to look more feminine without fully transforming all the way, basically to be complete androgynous. If I take mild doses of HRT long term, would I only slightly transform, etc?

No.1187 : Anonymous [11/01/06(Thu)17:15] [Report] []


Depending on your body's natural hormone levels (which are different for everyone), you'll gradually transform into being more feminine as you take it. Some of these things will go away when/if you stop taking estrogen, some of them will not (like breast growth). Keep in mind taking hormones can be dangerous, and although in low doses there's a VERY low chance you'll end up with any medical problems, you can still end up with fun like mood swings and emotional issues. Also it can take a while after you stop for your body to get its natural balance back so the boobs might grow a little more than you want, for example...

If all those things are ok for you, I say try it out, but do some more research first! Just google the hell out of it until you know everything there is to know about it!

No.1189 : Anonymous [11/01/13(Thu)18:49] [Report] []

Hey, I exactly wanna do the same thing you just described, except I'm 22, haha.

I've been recommended Ainterol:

They're herbal, and supposedly will make you more androgynous (not necessarily more feminine). You might get some boob growth too, but I'm not sure.... but it will make your skin look really nice.
I will be ordering this myself soon since I also don't wanna go all the way, so I'd say try this out as well.

No.1194 : Anonymous [11/01/23(Sun)18:04] [Report] []

Herbal isn't worth it. You end up having to take a LOT more of it to get any effect whatsoever, and just because it's "natural" doesn't mean it's safer. Many poisons are all natural, and that wouldn't be good for you either!

Not to mention the goal is the same, regardless of what you're taking -- to increase your body's natural estrogen levels in order to be more feminine. May as well do it directly using bio-identical estrogen of some form (pills, patches, etc.) since you skip the BS and get right to what you want. If you're concerned about the effects showing up too rapidly, just take less of it, and if you decide you don't want to do it anymore, stop.

Also, screw this stupid Pueraria Mirifica stuff, I've been seeing WAY too many spammers trying to push this crap lately. Sure it might do something, but filling your body with random plant roots to get what you want is just such a roundabout, convoluted, overly expensive way of doing it I don't see the point. Just stick to the real deal and use common sense. There's more safety information out there on actual estrogen anyways.

No.1197 : Anonymous [11/01/23(Sun)20:55] [Report] []

Despite what they say, most "full" transsexuals are elitist bastards who think they are completely normal and if you aren't them you're a freak. Being freaks themselves, its really just history repeating itself.

Honestly, do what makes you comfortable. Gender therapists will usually get the decision as to whether you get hormones or not, and how many. Honestly, they will probably give you what you want, be it a partial to full transition. As long as you make sure they know that its what makes you comfortable. They are subject to you, so be you and get what you need. Good luck

No.1200 : Anonymous [11/01/23(Sun)23:53] [Report] []


SO true. There is a whole "community" of transsexuals out there (mostly the older ones I've noticed, although I've encountered some of the younger folks acting this way too) who think hormones and other feminizing things are only for them and that anyone who doesn't view themselves as a full-on woman-in-the-wrong-body somehow doesn't deserve to be feminine at all. Which is just retarded, because there are people all over the gender spectrum whose interests and desires are just as valid as anyone else's. We need to get rid of this exclusive arrogant attitude before we can really move on to transsexual acceptance in this society, and luckily it looks like people are becoming more open minded and understanding as time goes on. So screw those closed minded douchebags and do what you like to, just do it safely and research until you can't find anything you haven't already read out there on the internet, and just ignore the scary BS anecdotes the self-centered douches out there try to scare you with. If you know the science, their scare-stories suddenly become entirely ineffective. :)

No.1202 : Anonymous [11/01/25(Tue)20:15] [Report] []

Whatever you do, don't go to "Big Forum" sites like "Laura's Playground" or "Susan's Place"

These places are bad. very very bad. They are filled by the people


Mentioned, and they will ban/quiet/eliminate anyone who broadcasts sentiments that do not coincide with theirs.

A good place to start.... here.... and there's a good forum from "Trans-Girl Diaries" (look up the webcomic and find the link from that site)


None right now!

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