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No.1223 : Newtrap [11/04/04(Mon)12:14] [Report] [SNAP]

Can anyone help me convert male underwear sizes to female? This is my first time CD so I need some help.

No.1231 : t3h [11/04/13(Wed)17:09] [Report] []

what size male pants do you wear, how much do you weigh, how tall are you, and how what size shirts do you wear?

No.1233 : jo [11/04/17(Sun)20:31] [Report] []

If you want to go by numbers alone, you're never going to succeed. This is an extension of the already-chaotic women's clothing measurement system, by which every designer uses a different scale. Just eyeball-it. Try to get an understanding of the types of materials, what stretches and what doesn't, and go from there.

If you're ordering online, and are determined to order materials blindly... then I would recommend always going with Large or XL. But even then, it'll vary from brand-to-brand and store-to-store. Even within brands, sizes will fit differently based on the style of panty (as with Victoria's Secret, for example).

No.1246 : Randy [12/03/31(Sat)13:29] [Report] []

There are no hard and fast rules. But I've generally found that for pants at least 0-3 junior's and women's correlates to small men's. For shirts, a women's medium is generally a men's small. The problem is the difference in hips, buttocks, and shoulders. Always try before you buy.


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