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No.1228 : Anonymous [11/04/07(Thu)01:41] [SNAP]

So I'm 19, in college still living with the parents and have recently been able to be more comfortable with dressing up and going out for being as shy as I am. I've been able to come out to all of my friends about it and am comfortable with being asked about it and have been met with a majority of acceptance. Here's where I need, I can not bring myself to come out to my parents, and every attempt I've made I back out at the last minute because I get to nervous and anxious. My mom sorta knows from finding cloths and a general hinting twoards it but I've never flat out told her. My dad is the problem being that he was in the military for 26 years and tends to be quiet homophobic. I would like to come out to them before I move I'm just clueless on how to go about this. Please any tips, suggestions, advise, anything is appreciated.

No.1229 : Anonymous [11/04/07(Thu)01:43] []

need help* dunno how I missed that

No.1234 : jo [11/04/17(Sun)20:34] []

The best way to tell them is, well, to just tell them. If you really want to put it out in the open for an adult discussion, then you should probably take it formal. Call a "family meeting" so that everyone's present, and let the know ahead of time that you'd like to state your case before any real chatter begins. If you approach it like an adult, my hope would then be that they treat you like an adult.


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