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No.1243 : Question [12/01/01(Sun)18:08] [Report] [SNAP]

I just wanted to ask this question here,as this community seems pretty familiar with this sort of thing. About a year ago i started dressing up in panties and stuff,putting stuff up my ass and all that. I really felt that i envy girls and wanted to look more feminine. After informing myself of various options i decided full on-trap wasnt for me. i didnt have the guts for that. So i started taking small doses of this herbal stuff called phytosoya,i had my hands on some real estrogen a while ago but couldnt go through with that. I was wondering if anyone here has had experience with this Phytosoya stuff and if it actually works. I have seen some small results but nothing drastic. Should i change to something else or use higher doses?

No.1259 : Anonymous [12/08/06(Mon)19:06] [Report] []

The herbal crap doesn't ever work. If it does work, it does at the cost of your internal integrity. You will have kidney failure from that stuff. I suggest not taking it.

The estrogen on the other hand is much safer. Still not perfectly safe, but safer.

However, you won't get any real results without taking testosterone blockers. But you might not want to take those.

Taking estrogen without t-blockers will give you muted feminizing effects, which is what you seem to want. I suggest that. Get off the herbal stuff. It will kill you. :D


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