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No.1260 : Anonymous [12/08/06(Mon)20:00] [Report] [SNAP]

Hey anons. There's a specific, sticky situation here and I need advice.

I'll try to keep storytime short. I've crossdressed for a long time, eventually came out to parents. To make a long story short, they disapprove. They are paying for my college fund, and have made it clear they will revoke that fund if I go full transgender on them. Not wanting to alienate them, I closeted myself. Fast-forward some years and I am going to college as an adult. That college fund is still being paid for by them and I am still in the closet (They don't suspect anything, I think).

I will finally have some control over my life, and I need a strategy for how to utilize it.

For the first two years of college I will be living in the dorms. Additionally, my funds will be choked. I will not be able to afford gender therapy ($100 an hour is ridiculous) and hormones from a legal seller. On top of that, I'm not confident I'd be able to get them without my parents knowing.

I am totally alright with illegal means of getting hormones, but don't know how. I know I can order them from inhouse pharmacy, but don't know if a PO box would be available and how I would hide it from my parents. Some advice on how to obtain hormones would be greatly appreciated. Also, the cost of these things.

Additionally, I don't know how life would be like in the college as a transitioning male. I obviously get a random roomate in a cramped dorm, making crossdress time undependable. I'm alright with taking hormones without transition but I want to do girl things. Do most colleges have groups of transgender students that are ok with some anonymity? Also, if you live in close quarters with someone who may or may not approve of your crossdressing habits, where do you go or what do you do to get time to yourself for these things.

How to get hormones secretly? How much does that cost? How to crossdress with a roommate who doesn't approve? How to meet fellow crossdressers with anonymity?

No.1276 : Anonymous [12/09/23(Sun)11:05] [Report] []

I would try to find a roommate that approves. My college turned my apartment into the "these people are kinda difficult and weird to live with" apartment which wasn't so bad, we had a mix of characters. I ended up sharing rooms with the other trans girl in school. She was kinda weird though but w/e.

No.1291 : newFL20 [12/11/11(Sun)23:46] [Report] []

I has to agree that you should live with people who are accepting. HOWEVER There are many sites that sell medicines that would require a RX if you went to your local pharmacy. Also, have you looked into general delivery?


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