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No.1297 : Anonymous [13/01/09(Wed)09:39]

Hey, sorry if I've posted this in the wrong area. (should probably have posted on yahoo Q's but I thought I'd get a better response here)

I masturbate over CD/trap/shemale porn. The whole thing turns me on incredibly. But, when I cum my mind suddenly flips and I think of real girls and the idea of what I did isn't appealing to me.

I should probably add that I dress up too, and the same thing happens, but this time it's worse because I'm dressed up and have to get undressed. The whole time thinking, "Maaan, why did I do that..?"

It's like I'm suffering from some kind of dissociative identity disorder.

I think what I'm asking is: What does this make me? Does anyone else have this? I don't think I'm gay because girls turn me on also. So am I bisexual?

No.1298 : Anonymous [13/01/12(Sat)08:24] []

That makes you a human with a libido!

Welcome to the club, you will either learn to appreciate the feeling or learn to control your urges, your choice!

No.1299 : Anonymous [13/02/09(Sat)20:16] []

i was like that for years and now even after i cum i think that traps are the ideal woman. its so goddamn hot. im with a cis female though and i would not want anyone different, she's perfect. I do think "damn, i wish she had a dick..." sometimes though.


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