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No.1302 : Anonymous [13/03/25(Mon)04:18]

You are my only hope.

I've been searching off and on for a few years for a certain trap. She was posted a few time on the 4th channel a few years ago (2007-ish), but no nudes that I'm aware of. I foolishly never saved any photos or remembered her name. What I do remember is her appearance:

>black hair worn straight or in ponytails
>olive skin (may be Hispanic)
>very passable

Other shit:

>photos were taken in front of a mirror or by her webcam
>had some sort of anime posters on her bedroom wall
>her name was something Japanese starting with a "k"
>took photos of herself and another (biologically) girl
>as of 2008-09, was only one of few results on YouTube if you searched "mtf transition hrt"

Thanks in advance dudes.

No.1325 : Anonymous [2015-12-28 09:26] []

Krissy4you maybe


None right now!

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