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No.1312 : NJ Tranny [14/01/03(Fri)12:40]

I'm a MILF Tranny and would like to know where I can place a personal ad. Any chan boards? Craigslist is awful.

No.1313 : Mjkatc [14/01/06(Mon)04:54] []

Hey im in bucks county Pa id love to meet you sometime just let me know kik

No.1314 : alexa [2014-05-24 18:42] []

hey I am also in bucks county pa, right outside of the doylestown area. Id love the chance to meet other "like minded people" in the area


No.1320 : Vancouver BC [2015-05-12 14:07] []

Wouldn't write off CL too fast, you just have to filter the 500+ chaser replies somewhere in there will be some interested people. You also have to make it clear what you're looking for the LTR ads are usually in 'Misc Romance' though plenty of LTRs result from casual hookups. You end up in all night cuddle fest and those feels linger around especially if you get a long well there will be a round 2, then 3, then come live with me and be my gf.

Other sites OkCupid, Badoo, myladyboydate (yes, awful name). Or just work blendr or tinder app and see what happens.

No.1324 : Anonymous [2015-11-17 11:46] []

>>1314 ZBucks too


None right now!

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