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No.134 : Anonymous Stalker [09/01/28(Wed)17:05] 1233180312910.jpg [GIS] (64837 B, 600x393)
64837 B

hey, looking for some advice so i figured id start a thread in here... im 19, ive always really wanted to try crossdressing, but ive never really acted on it until recently. i only do it in private and nobody knows i do it. anyway, ive been wanting to get a haircut, just to make everything look nice, but i dont know exactly what i want and i cant find any pictures that id be happy bringing in as an example. i want to get something thats androgynous/feminine without actually looking like a girls' haircut, something that will look good whether im wearing men's or women's clothes and won't draw a lot of questions in either. preferably something w/ bangs of some sort, since my forehead is probably my most masculine facial feature. also, my hair's sort of wavy, and not very long, so im looking for short cuts mostly. pictures or advice or whatever would be GREATLY appreciated!!!! picture unrelated.

No.135 : Holli Fox [09/01/28(Wed)19:24] 1233188676692.jpg [GIS] (0 B, 365x512) []
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Do you have a square jaw or rounded jaw? because wavy hair will help with a square jaw. look at female hair sites there are a few that provide examples of what kind of cuts to get with what kind of face you have.
also, are you into the whole scene kid look? bcause that whole movement is filled with androgynous hairstyles...

No.136 : Anonymous Stalker [09/01/28(Wed)19:37] []

>>135 eh, i don't dress scene-y at all, and i'm not really into the whole thing tbqh. and my face is definitely more round.

No.137 : Holli Fox [09/01/28(Wed)19:45] []

for a rounded face, try layers... it makes my cheecks softer and my chin face look slimmer.

No.142 : Holli (Trap or Die) [09/01/29(Thu)22:27] []

by the way, check out my thread on /cdg/


No.143 : Holli (Trap or Die) [09/01/29(Thu)22:28] []


No.924 : Andrade [09/12/18(Fri)15:44] []

Good luck with that ! ^__^


None right now!

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