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No.234 : shadowtrap #IbVInx3YSI [09/04/22(Wed)00:43] [Report] 1240375400881.jpg (26067 B, 350x350) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
26067 B

Post ending in 20 tells me how I win the game.

No.235 : Anonymous Stalker [09/04/22(Wed)02:39] [Report] []

Of course not.

No.238 : Anonymous Stalker [09/04/22(Wed)21:24] [Report] []

Yes, 20 get

No.243 : Anonymous Stalker [09/04/23(Thu)12:26] [Report] []

You cant win the game sorry bro

No.305 : uloagi [09/05/13(Wed)20:20] [Report] []

turns out, you can

the game exists in the mind of the players, but

Rule 34 of the internet states that "if it exists, there is porn of it, NO EXCEPTIONS"

there is no "the game" porn, ergo the game does not exist.

enjoy your freedom

No.306 : Anonymous Stalker [09/05/15(Fri)16:10] [Report] 1242418233210.jpg (112335 B, 625x627) [YIS] [GIS] []
112335 B

I'm sorry Dave, it does exist.


None right now!

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