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No.390 : Texas Stalker [09/06/05(Fri)12:21] [Report] 1244229674272.jpg (36104 B, 369x548) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
36104 B

Here's a dumb question I'm sure you get ALL the time in here.
How do I get a trap girlfriend? This is a rather legitimate request. You see...I've been looking for a trap gf since I was sixteen or maybe younger. I'm 20 now, and I've had no success. I just don't know where to look, I think. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong? So I'm looking for advice.

Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

Pics me, felt like being vain

No.392 : maxie #oblAO6/sUQ [09/06/05(Fri)16:33] [Report] []

As far as I'm aware the majority of traps are actually straight, that may be the problem. I go for both anyway, but each to their own.

No.393 : jo [09/06/05(Fri)18:29] [Report] []

I mentioned this in another topic, but I can't remember where it was... In any case, crossdressing support groups are veritable hotbeds for dating activity (convenient whether you're lazy and desperate, or just looking for someone different and interesting).

Also, I hope your shoulder heals... looks like a nasty scratch.

No.394 : Texas Stalker [09/06/06(Sat)02:09] [Report] []

>>393 Where do I find these support groups? I'm not desperate...I don't think? Well maybe, but only if it means that I'm desperate to really meet someone to potentially share a relationship with.

Is it picky or shallow that I'm looking for more of a passable trap? I like to go out alot and I want to meet a cute girl comfortable with going out alot too.

Yeah that healed into a badass scar, it's from falling onto a fence. I never take pics of myself so that one was an excuse.

No.399 : jo [09/06/08(Mon)19:27] [Report] []

Here are a couple of resources that might be of some help in your search... there are support groups in more medium-sized cities in the U.S. than most people think. Happy hunting!


No.424 : Texas Stalker [09/06/21(Sun)03:50] [Report] []


How do I attend a support group for trapping if I don't trap myself? I'm a straight guy looking for a girlfriend. Wouldn't that be prowling/stalking? ( yes I see the irony in my name, but I'm not an actual stalker )

No.434 : jo [09/06/25(Thu)16:47] [Report] []

I hadn't really thought of that... but try contacting the group moderator first. Any support group worth its salt will interview you first, before allowing you access, anyways... the best way to find out, I could imagine, is ask. Of course, you'd be better off saying you're interested in teh transgender culture and in meeting new people, than saying your online handle includes the word "stalker," haha.


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