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No.475 : Anonymous Writer [09/07/23(Thu)18:05]

Hello /cde/ I humbly come to you for your expert advice. I need a help filling out my diet, with like...real food. I need a low carb diet that goes well with this list of harbs and other foods. I am going out to get the items after this and will eat anything at any time intervals that would be good. The reason for the seeminly odd list I have compiled is because I am a trap and would rather do minor HRT (hormone replacment therapy) by a diet as opposed to just pills.Anyways, heres the list I have.

Braggs Liquid Aminos
Chinese Green Tea
di-indolylmethane, ingredient compound (catalyst)
Rice (not white)
Black licorice
tempeh (tofu replacement?)
red clover isoflavones and soy Isoflavones

Thank you very much in advaced :D

No.476 : jo [09/07/24(Fri)19:09] []

I didn't know black licorice helped toggle human hormones...

No.491 : Anonymous Writer [09/08/03(Mon)10:14] []

minor hrt and diet = eating a shitload of this to maintain any sort of hormonal difference

last i remember flax is really the only potent thing so hope you really like flax


None right now!

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