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No.486 : Anonymous Writer [09/07/30(Thu)22:25] [SNAP]

hey there.
so basically im pretty new to the whole tg/cd scene and im pretty interested in it.
ikinduh evn would like to try it out myself.
PROBLEM: i have a more masculine type body and im a little on the hairy side. iwas just wondering if you more experienced ladys have any tricks up your sleves plz.
and just tips for a mabye possible beginer.
much help appreciated

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No.1111 : Anonymous [10/08/12(Thu)21:05] []

You could try body hair removal products (e.g. veet) or just simple shaving products to occlude body hairs temporarily. Additionally, various creams and foundations may be suitable for disclosing surfaces that may appear masculine - search for "how to get feminine/smooth skin" on Google.

Makeup can be a must, depending on whether you're going to transition (to take hormones to develop secondary sexual characteristics of the female body - this will basically make your body look like that of a woman's with a few exceptions (depending on how masculine your skeleton is).)

However, clothing is probably the most important element for "passing" as a female - you're best options is probably trying various clothing styles and finding the one you feel most comfortable in.

Note: only take hormones if you really really want to be a female; if it gets to the point where it depresses you. If you're happy and comfortable as a male, then you're probably best at staying that way; however, if you feel discomfort, depression and thoughts of harming yourself, you're best option is to see a specialist (gender therapist) to find a means to resolve these problems.

If you wish to learn more, my email is - I hope this helps, and best of luck! :)


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