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No.493 : shadowtrap #IbVInx3YSI [09/08/11(Tue)11:44] [SNAP]

What up /cde/?
It's your girl, Shadow and I have just have a quick question for you traps and stealthy chicks......
Is any one estrodiol better than the next? I have been taking Estrofem for a long time while self medicating. When I got a script, it was for just estrodiol taken oral with water, not that under the licking thingy awsomeness.
Is it just one and the same?
Oh, and check out this dose.
300mg Spiro
6mg Estro
100mg Prog
That's some hormone popping madness!
I only ask this because my script is a fraction of what I pay Inhouse...

No.495 : Yuu [09/08/11(Tue)17:04] []

holy shit, those are high doses.

As long as the active ingredient's the same, it doesn't matter I think... I did hear some folks on premarin felt things grow real fast but heard the side effects are really bad.


None right now!

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