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No.509 : Kel [09/08/15(Sat)22:00] [SNAP]

Anybody got any tips on increasing the size/roundess of your butt as well as mass of your thighs/hips? Are there any special exercises or certain diets that work well or at least a little? I wanna have a slightly more feminine, curvy body, but I don't wanna have to take hormones because I never plan on getting breasts or messing up my dick/balls. I am considering surgery, but even if I choose to go for it, it won't be for several years... Anyways, any help would be appreciated. I'm thankful my body isn't too masculine and it's actually not too far of a stretch to look more feminine. Any little thing would really help!

No.1110 : Anonymous [10/08/12(Thu)20:55] []


No.1142 : jo [10/09/06(Mon)20:52] []

If sculpting is all you're looking for, then advanced pilates, daily, are all you'll need. It sounds simple, and it is. The size of your butt won't "increase," but you'll definitely get a more rounded and shapely figure in your thigh and hip area.


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